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SAS Digital Marketing 5.4_M1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
42100 Display of broadcasts in SASŪ Digital Marketing 5.3 Web Studio is slow or has stopped E12001
42550 The HTML content editor in SASŪ Digital Marketing does not correctly display the page when you insert a tracked link with a variable E12001
42811 You might receive duplicate e-mail message in SASŪ Digital Marketing E12001
42817 In SASŪ Digital Marketing, variables that start with the letter "S" are not tracked for Campaign Management broadcasts E12001
43427 Duplicate e-mails are broadcast even when the "prevent duplicates" directive has been set E12001
43428 "The broadcast has already been executed" is returned when you edit the content of a new broadcast message in SASŪ Digital Marketing E12001
43604 SASŪ Digital Marketing Web Studio might stop responding, produce out-of-memory errors, or take a long time to display broadcasts E12001
43762 The SASŪ Digital Marketing response table is vulnerable to malicious corruption E12002
43869 The database user name and password in the SASŪ Digital Marketing web.xml file are in plaintext E12002
44100 Click events are not recorded in the SASŪ Digital Marketing response tables E12002
44663 SASŪ Digital Marketing fails to write e-mail opt out requests to the opt-out table E12002
44665 SASŪ Digital Marketing does not render dynamic broadcast content correctly when the underlying field contains HTML scripting E12002
44199 An ASP broadcast fails to deliver if you view the properties of the broadcast in SASŪ Digital Marketing E12003
45041 SASŪ Digital Marketing does not increment the ID number when you add entries to an existing category in the Reply Manager E12003
45247 SASŪ Digital Marketing e-mail content might not be delivered to the recipients when you use a style in the body tag of your html E12003
45248 SASŪ Digital Marketing broadcasts of text only e-mails return the error "java.rmi.RemoteException... (The system cannot find the file specified)" E12003
45287 Editing a previously created SASŪ Digital Marketing broadcast in TinyMCE causes all links in the broadcast HTML to be tracked E12003
45433 The SASŪ Digital Marketing ebtool interface causes a NullPointerException in SASŪ Digital Marketing broadcasts that do not contain a tracked link E12003
45464 SASŪ Digital Marketing truncates the CI_RESPONSE_HISTORY Subject ID in the SASŪ Customer Intelligence Reporting Common Data Model to 32 characters E12003
45467 SASŪ Digital Marketing Web Studio does not enable you to return to a previous folder when you are browsing folders E12003
45472 The folder view in SASŪ Digital Marketing Web Studio incorrectly shows broadcasts within the folder rather than showing the properties of the folder E12003
45473 SASŪ Digital Marketing broadcasts might not send e-mails to all intended recipients E12003
45505 The values of included variables might be missing in the Web View version of e-mails that are generated by SASŪ Digital Marketing E12003
45550 SASŪ Digital Marketing e-mail content might be displayed incorrectly E12003
45774 ALERT - When SASŪ Digital Marketing uses RMI CustomSocketFactory port connectivity, the SASŪ Digital Marketing client and server cannot connect to each other E12003
46051 SASŪ Digital Marketing might perform slowly when rendering e-mail as a web page E12004
46259 SASŪ Digital Marketing might fail to update the SASŪ Customer Intelligence Response and Contact History when broadcast properties are amended E12004
46451 SASŪ Digital Marketing ignores the -Djava.rmi.server.hostname parameter during start-up E12004
46716 E-mail recipients might receive a "bad link" error message when they click the Web link in a broadcast e-mail from SASŪ Digital Marketing. E12004
46718 In SASŪ Digital Marketing, the ASPRequest column in the SDMAudit file does not hold the complete ASP request information E12004
46720 The ASPRequest field in the SDMAudit file does not hold any information to allow re-sending of messages E12004
46918 Throttled SASŪ Digital Marketing messages are processed very slowly E12004
46657 "No statements may be issued when any streaming result sets are open ..." occurs when using SASŪ Digital Marketing JDBC Table Viewer to add a row E12005
46970 An XSL error occurs when you save a SASŪ Digital Marketing Studio broadcast E12005
46977 E-mail broadcasts imported into SASŪ Digital Marketing do not render correctly E12005
47003 SASŪ Digital Marketing might stop processing replies E12005
47015 SASŪ Digital Marketing click events might not be recorded in the Digital Marketing response table E12005
47138 In SASŪ Digital Marketing, tracked links with a variable might fail to resolve correctly if they are generated using XSL E12005
47832 The use of the SMS column in the SASŪ Digital Marketing ASP recipient and phone number variables are not allowed E12006
47934 Security improvements for SASŪ Digital Marketing E12006
48204 Using the EBTOOL command in SASŪ Digital Marketing to duplicate or replicate an ASP type broadcast fails to generate correct XML and XSL files E12006
48637 ALERT - An SMS message that contains Arabic type text cannot be sent from SASŪ Digital Marketing E12007
47241 The SASŪ Digital Marketing response table or opt-out table might lose information E12008
48680 Hard bounces are not always recorded as a failed contact in the contact history E12008
48771 E-mail replies in the SASŪ Digital Marketing Reply Manager lose the correct content when the replies are sorted E12008
49036 Enabling an additional debugging option when you have problems sending e-mails or SMS messages in SASŪ Digital Marketing E12008
49079 The SASŪ Digital Marketing Server stops responding and might close with a "no such object in table" error message E12008
49265 Entries for hard bounces in the SASŪ Digital Marketing replies table might appear multiple times and other types of replies might be missing E12009
49742 HTML code that is imported into a SASŪ Digital Marketing broadcast might become corrupted E12009
49892 SASŪ Digital Marketing preview broadcasts fail to resolve links E12009
49946 SASŪ Digital Marketing replies that are held in a Teradata database fail to update the Common Data Model Response and Contact History tables E12009
50020 SASŪ Digital Marketing e-mails received with tracked variables might not be able to resolve the link if there is a port reference in the URL E12009
50410 Poor performance might occur with SASŪ Digital Marketing when using the web view version of the e-mail E12009
50424 SASŪ Digital Marketing might fail to render e-mail content as a web page E12009
50444 SASŪ Digital Marketing broadcasts fail to complete, resulting in the system becoming unresponsive and a server reboot being necessary E12010
45751 SASŪ Digital Marketing continues to check for responses to broadcasts after the maximum number of days set in the CIModelPeriod is exceeded E12010
50612 The SASŪ Digital Marketing opt-out table is vulnerable to malicious corruption E12010
51451 A parsing error occurs in the SASŪ Digital Marketing Broadcast Creation Wizard when you use a text page with a link that contains a sub-link E12010
51452 In an e-mail that is received from SASŪ Digital Marketing, the first character of the content after a link might be missing E12010
Windows Released: December 20, 2013     Documentation: E12010wn.html D       Download: E12010wn.exe  
Windows for x64 Released: December 20, 2013     Documentation: E12010x6.html D       Download: E12010x6.exe  
64-bit Enabled HP-UX Released: December 20, 2013     Documentation: E12010h6.html D       Download: E12010h6.bin  
64-bit Enabled Solaris Released: December 20, 2013     Documentation: E12010s6.html D       Download: E12010s6.bin  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: December 20, 2013     Documentation: E12010r6.html D       Download: E12010r6.bin  
HP-UX IPF Released: December 20, 2013     Documentation: E12010hx.html D       Download: E12010hx.bin  
Linux for x64 Released: December 20, 2013     Documentation: E12010la.html D       Download: E12010la.bin  
Solaris for x64 Released: December 20, 2013     Documentation: E12010sx.html D       Download: E12010sx.bin  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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