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SAS Marketing Automation 5.3_M3
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
34331 Historical contents for user-defined fields are overwritten in the SASŪ Customer Intelligence Common Data Model when a campaign is published manually C18001
40093 A Split node returns zero counts when you use values from a data item that is either of type DATE or of type TIMESTAMP C18001
40406 An endless-loop condition and a stack-overflow error occur when you open link-looped diagrams in SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio C18001
40411 Performance problems occur when you open a campaign that uses treatments in SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio 5.3 C18001
40412 A custom node cannot be connected to more than one downstream node in SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio 5.3 C18001
41626 User-interface problems occur in SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio when you use JRE Version 1.6.0_x C18001
40945 Performance issues occur when you use the NUMERIC(20,0) format for MATables and you upload the tables to the Netezza database C18001
41608 ALERT - Errors occur when you manipulate SASŪ Customer Intelligence objects on the Folders tab in SASŪ Management Console C18002
42048 ALERT - History data in the Common Data Model is lost when you upgrade from SASŪ Customer Intelligence 5.3 (TS2M0) to the third maintenance release (TS2M3) C18002
21015 An XML Jobflow definition file is automatically created in SASŪ Web Report Studio 3.1 C18003
41627 An unapproved campaign can be executed inadvertently by the sasmalauncher command C18003
41829 A SASŪ Marketing Optimization validation might fail with the error "Duplicate combination detected" C18003
41980 The DELETED_FLG column in the CI_CAMPAIGN table is set to a value of "Y" for all campaigns that have the same values for the column CAMPAIGN_CD C18003
42090 The display order of data items in SASŪ Campaign Studio is incorrectly presented alphabetically C18003
42534 The SASŪ Customer Intelligence common data model might not be updated with SASŪ Digital Marketing response data C18003
42536 The SASŪ Customer Intelligence response tracking code in an export definition is not created C18003
43023 ALERT - In SASŪ Campaign Studio, using a NOT LIKE operator might cause incorrect results C18003
43197 An error occurs when you use SASŪ Customer Intelligence Integration Utilities to import a campaign or diagram that contains a custom node C18003
43201 The Schedule Manager properties displays the user ID and password for SASŪ Campaign Management campaigns in SASŪ Management Console C18003
43432 Duplicate join criteria is shown in the SASMarketingAutomationCore5.3.log C18003
41978 Bulk loading to SASŪ Marketing Automation tables fails and an error occurs when you use SHOW_SYNONYMS=YES in a LIBNAME statement C18003
43414 Setting the format for a custom tag in an export definition returns "The format is not valid" C18004
43928 SASŪ Marketing Automation might remove the scheduled flows for a campaign and its communications when you use "Save As" to make a copy of the campaign C18004
44213 Publishing a campaign might cause the errors "Transact error: Unable to commit.." or "Cannot Insert Null.." C18004
44413 Opening a saved campaign or diagram gives a "" error C18004
44740 SASŪ Marketing Automation might return "Error running list of nodes" when it executes a campaign that was created using "Save As" C18004
45098 Execution of a SASŪ Marketing Automation campaign might fail when one or more custom nodes have multiple output cells C18004
44411 SASŪ Customer Intelligence scheduled campaigns might fail to execute when they cannot obtain a lock for the MAMISC.SEQUENCE table C18004
44745 SASŪ Digital Marketing responses might generate a unique constraint error and fail to update the SASŪ Customer Intelligence response history table C18004
43033 The macro &MATableforMacro might incorrectly generate an empty table when you run a Process node in SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio C18005
43931 SAS Pooled Workspace Server sessions are sometimes not released after they execute SASŪ Marketing Automation campaigns C18005
45100 SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio might not create Process node output cells if your diagram already has another Process node C18005
45217 Amending campaign details between occurrences of a SASŪ Marketing Automation campaign might lead to corruption of the Common Data Model C18005
45748 Manually publishing in SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio results in an empty CI_DYNAMIC_TREATMENT_ATTRIBUTE table in the Common Data Model C18005
46605 Unused temporary tables in the MATables library might not be deleted after you execute a SASŪ Marketing Automation campaign C18005
46721 Some data items might be unavailable for inclusion in a seed definition in SASŪ Marketing Automation C18005
46827 Changing the name of a node in a SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio campaign or diagram takes longer than expected C18005
41838 The first user's update to a SASŪ Marketing Automation campaign is locked while a second user is loading another campaign in that business context C18006
43410 When SASŪ Marketing Automation has a large number of concurrent users, some of its processes might fail to respond, and fail to complete C18006
46244 COMMUNICATION_SK in table CI_COMMUNICATION gets overwritten when scheduling a campaign with 999 occurrences in SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio C18006
47933 Execution of downstream communications fails when you save a SASŪ Marketing Automation campaign containing stored processes with the "Save as" feature C18006
47931 Node counts cannot be cleared in a SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio diagram C18006
43915 SASŪ Marketing Automation exports fail when they attempt to append to an existing Excel file that does not contain any entries C18006
44754 SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio export files of type Excel are unreadable with Microsoft Excel 2010 C18006
46999 An error might occur when you open Microsoft Excel files that have been created from a SASŪ Marketing Automation Export node or Communication node C18006
47819 Temporary tables are not deleted after successful updates of the SASŪ Customer Intelligence Common Data Model Response History table C18006
NOTE: To implement the fix for the issue described in SN-46999 please contact SAS Technical Support.
Windows Released: November 05, 2012     Documentation: C18006wn.html D       Download: C18006wn.exe  
Windows for x64 Released: November 05, 2012     Documentation: C18006x6.html D       Download: C18006x6.exe  
64-bit Enabled Solaris Released: November 05, 2012     Documentation: C18006s6.html D       Download: C18006s6.bin  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: November 05, 2012     Documentation: C18006r6.html D       Download: C18006r6.bin  
HP-UX IPF Released: November 05, 2012     Documentation: C18006hx.html D       Download: C18006hx.bin  
Linux for x64 Released: November 05, 2012     Documentation: C18006la.html D       Download: C18006la.bin  
Solaris for x64 Released: November 05, 2012     Documentation: C18006sx.html D       Download: C18006sx.bin  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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