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Hot Fixes are available for the following products:
* Enterprise Guide Release 2.0    


Enterprise Guide Release 2.0

20EG09 for Hebrew
Issue(s) Addressed:
SN-008918Support for Hebrew configured machines used by Enterprise Guide 20EG09
WindowsReleased: Dec 2002
Install Instructions: 20EG09wn.txt
Download: 20EG09 for Windows   (file size: 4.3M)
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20EG11 for Hebrew
Issue(s) Addressed:
SN-008573Libraries may fail to display in the server list of Enterprise Guide and Enterprise Guide Administrator. 20EG01
SN-008674ALERT - No chart or errors generated when attempting graphics using Enterprise Guide 2.0 20EG01
SN-008570Vertical axis options may be ignored when using Enterprise Guide 20EG02
SN-008716SaveAs method may cause syntax error when using Enterprise Guide 20EG02
SN-008916ALERT - Incorrect PROC MIXED code may be generated by Enterprise Guide 20EG02
SN-008917ALERT - Incorrect syntax generated on password protected data using Enterprise Guide 20EG02
SN-008946Enterprise Guide Query Builder may add extra parentheses that causes problems 20EG03
SN-008949Enterprise Guide query builder may generate inefficient SQL for joins of three or more tables 20EG03
SN-008924Task submitted via Process Flow Builder may cause problems in Enterprise Guide 20EG03
SN-008657Failed to save project file to remote server when saving to binder in Enterprise Guide version 2.0 20EG03
SN-008718Enterprise Guide 2.0 may crash when using shortcuts to data from a binder within a query. 20EG03
SN-009050Grouped bar charts do not reflect the correct color when using Enterprise Guide 20EG03
SN-009087Unexpected file format and failed to open errors for some projects in Enterprise Guide 20EG03
SN-009448Enterprise Guide 2.0 MVS bound library has DISP=OLD and cannot be accessed by more than one user 20EG10
SN-009929Enterprise Guide may crash when viewing cubes 20EG11
SN-009931Enterprise Guide may crash when viewing a complex cube using Open OLAP Server 20EG11
SN-009934Enterprise Guide can now Save As code from a Process Flow 20EG11
SN-009936Enterprise Guide projects saved with hot fix 20EG11 applied are not backward compatible 20EG11
SN-009938File => Send To option may be unavailable using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009939Windows => Close All may delete code when using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009940Garbage characters may appear in certain queries using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009941Nodes may not be expanded when opening an Enterprise Guide project 20EG11
SN-009942Low virtual memory errors in EG with European fonts and MS Windows environment settings 20EG11
SN-009944ID variable of prediction output data dropped in Linear Model task of Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009169Query or task may appear to complete without generating result table using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009954Invalid syntax error may occur in Query builder using Japanese version of Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009251Error: Failed to save document when saving certain projects using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009952Making selections in the EG Query Builder using remote data may be slow 20EG11
SN-009552May be unable to assign library for OS/390 using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009230Error: Invalid physical name for library using Shewhart task in Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009599Query code is not updated after changing the input table using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-008438Large text files may import very slowly using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-008845SAS.EXE may be launched when inserting remote data using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-008971Unable to import a .txt file from MVS using Enterprise Guide 20EG11
SN-009392Enterprise Guide may crash or generate errors when using Excel files 20EG11
WindowsReleased: May 2003
Install Instructions: 20EG11wn.txt
Download: 20EG11 for Windows   (file size: 8.1M)
NOTE: This hot fix can be applied to any localized (NLS) version of this software.
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