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27IS01 was replaced by 27IS08

27IS02 was replaced by 27IS08

27IS03 was replaced by 27IS08

27IS04 was replaced by 27IS08

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27IS07 was replaced by 27IS08

Issue(s) Addressed   (for all available operating systems unless otherwise indicated.) :Introduced:
SN-013055Write mode error in ITRMPOST job can be ignored
SN-013699COLLECTR=WEBLOG source code always appears in the SAS Log
SN-007024Implementation of FASTCICS process requires creation of user MXG members and modification in DATETIME variable
SN-013094ERROR: This PDB was created under a different SAS version (8) and cannot be accessed in in WRITE mode
SN-013700ERROR: This PDB was created under a different SAS version (8) and cannot be accessed in WRITE mode
Linux, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, AIX 64bit, Solaris 64bit, HPUX 64bit, Windows
SN-011439Changes in MXG Version 21.03 and later require changes in the SASŪ IT Resource Management setup
SN-013702%CPDBCOPY fails to migrate older PDBs27IS01
SN-016005Selecting tabular report in ITRM web gallery may generate error message27IS02
SN-005580An external variable name field cannot be changed or updated from the IT Resource Management GUI
SN-011417"Notes" hyperlink may not work properly in ITSV/ITRM gallery reports
SN-015581ITRM HPOVPA process fails when DATETIME is numeric in Oracle table
AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Windows
SN-015582ITRM Weblog collector does not handle derived variables correctly
AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Windows
SN-015471Text report called by CPSRCRPT builds incorrect file name27IS02
SN-014982Rerunning CPHTREE macro causes dynamic report galleries to appear empty27IS02
SN-013807'Define Work Shifts' window in MVS GUI is too small
SN-013852CPSITEUP fails to copy some catalog entries
SN-013901Additions to documentation for migrating SASŪ IT Resource Management applications from SAS 8 to SAS 9
AIX, HPUX, Solaris
SN-014040TOOLNM=CHARDELIM setting in CPPROCES may generate error reading file
SN-015583SAP tasktypes missing from ITRM SAPR3 collector
AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Windows
SN-015595External table names for HP OpenView tables are incorrect
AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Windows
SN-015480"Forbidden. You do not have permission" error in ITRM27IS02
SN-015612Scroll bar not displayed for some Exceptions trees in Quick Start gallery
SN-015584BEA Weblogic logs not read properly in ITRM Weblog collector
AIX, HPUX, Solaris, Compaq Tru64 UNIX, Windows
SN-015477Using the VMMON collector with duplicate checking may cause IT Resource Management to abend27IS02
SN-015485You may need to turn off the scanner-translation table when running in NLSCOMPATMODE27IS02
SN-017465CPDUPCHK macro now allows more than 999 for RANGES=27IS03
SN-017738ITRM SAR collector leaves parentheses in hostname on Linux27IS03
SN-015422IT Resource Management SAS 8 to SAS 9 conversion documentation example is incorrect27IS03
SN-031064New functionality is now available with the %CPTILEMP report style in SASŪ IT Resource Management 27IS03
SN-005555How to setup IT Resource Management and MXG to process a CA-TMS file27IS03
SN-017733Sitescope collector incorrectly calculates duration if timestamps are out of order27IS03
SN-009201ERROR: The ID value xxxxxxxx occurs twice in the same BY group27IS03
SN-017734NTSMF processing fails when attempting to process DTS.CPU and DTS.LOGICALPROCESSOR objects27IS03
SN-015087IT Resource Management (ITRM) may require changes when processing RMF SMF records27IS03
SN-017345Sitescope collector can now recognize subgroups27IS03
SN-017740Processing SMF data with ITRM on Windows or UNIX results in error on SPIN library27IS03
SN-017326Extraneous %ELSE in CPSITEUP causes job to fail27IS03
SN-031067The CPPROCES macro in SASŪ IT Resource Management processes only the first 200 characters in a list of table names 27IS04
SN-019523GENERATE SOURCE statements in SASŪ IT Resource Management might produce truncated IDVARS value27IS04
SN-031062SASŪ IT Resource Management cannot use duplicate checking with VM Monitor data27IS04
SN-031084Errors processing VM Monitor data on UNIX with IT Resource Management 2.727IS04
SN-031066The CPTILEMP macro fails when TITLE2 is specified with "and"27IS04
SN-031070The error "java.lang.ClassFormatError: Truncated class file" occurs when using the CPTILEMP macro in SASŪ IT Resource Management27IS04
SN-031065CPPROCES will process only up to 25 tables when you specify a table list 27IS04
SN-031083MXGSRC= option is limited to 128 characters on CPSTART in IT Resource Management27IS04
SN-019350%CPREDUCE macro ages data at the MONTH level of the PDB in years instead of months27IS04
SN-019412The tile chart applet in %CPTILEMP sometimes fails to display legend values27IS04
SN-018966Supplied CMDUPxxx and CPDUPxxx members in CPMISC should be renamed to $$DUPxxx when copied to a user MXG SOURCLIB27IS04
SN-031085Variable NETWRK may be truncated in the BMC Patrol table PTNTWRK with SAS IT Resource Management 2.727IS04
SN-019685ITSV/ITRM Daylight Saving Time changes for SunNet Manager27IS04
SN-008131Considerations for SASŪ IT Resource Management sites that are upgrading to a new version of MXG27IS04
SN-035024Device ID variable only 8 characters is SARDEV table27IS05
SN-014717CPDBCOPY fails to copy views created in older PDBs27IS05
SN-030832An error might occur if the length of variables in SASŪ IT Resource Management Solutions is inconsistent with the length of variables in MXG software27IS05
SN-034985The TYETASK variable in SASŪ IT Resource Management incorrectly has the KEPT=NO value in table XTY30_V27IS05
SN-031188CMPROCES produces errors and warnings related to CPTABLS macro variables27IS05
SN-031916Test for macro variable &SYSSCP omitted in SASŪ IT Resource Management 2.7 macro %CPDBPURG27IS05
SN-032561Errors might occur if you specify COLLECTR=TMON2CIC in the %CxPROCES macro in SASŪ IT Resource Management 27IS05
SN-032808SAR device ID is only 8 characters in SARDEV table in IT Resource ManagementŪ 3.1.127IS05
SN-038445Variables in some SASŪ IT Resource Management tables for the collector HPOVPA are incorrectly populated with missing data27IS06
SN-031716SASŪ IT Resource Management CPS_FOOT macro variable is not initialized in %CPPRINT macro27IS06
SN-038538Processing HP-OVPA data might produce an error27IS06
SN-011407Default TIMESTMP value in SASŪ IT Resource Management member $$DUPIMF should be ENDTIME27IS06
SN-037609SASŪ IT Resource Management fails with an error when you process TMS data with version 27.04 of MXG software and the parameter DUPMODE=DISCARD27IS06
SN-038455"Array subscript out of range" error when reading SAR data from Red Hat Linux27IS06
SN-033937Customizations to the MXG member IMACUOW are required when processing SMF type 110 records with SASŪ IT Resource Management27IS07
SN-041019An error occurs when you upgrade Merrill Consultants' MXG software with SASŪ IT Resource Management to release 28.04 or later27IS07
SN-045427SASŪ IT Resource Management GUI does not launch, and "last holiday" warning appears27IS08
SN-043072%CPREDUCE fails with error "Symbolic variable name _Y1.01E6 must contain only letters, digits, and underscores"27IS08
SN-048143Non-duplicate interval data might be discarded when duplicate-date checking is enabled with the DUPMODE=DISCARD option in SASŪ IT Resource Management27IS08
SN-045403WARNING: The last holiday in your holiday list is Monday, December 26, 201127IS08
SN-045583An error occurs when you upgrade Merrill Consultants' MXG software with SASŪ IT Resource Management to 29.29 or later27IS08
SN-049318The System Activity Report adapter in SASŪ IT Resource Management generates missing values27IS08
OS/390Released: Apr 2013
Install Instructions: 27IS08os.txt
Download: 27IS08 for OS/390   (file size: 10.3M)
WindowsReleased: Apr 2013
Install Instructions: 27IS08wn.txt
Download: 27IS08 for Windows   (file size: 71.0M)
HPUX 64bitReleased: Apr 2013
Install Instructions: 27IS08h6.txt
Download: 27IS08 for HPUX 64bit   (file size: 24.8M)
Solaris 64bitReleased: Apr 2013
Install Instructions: 27IS08s6.txt
Download: 27IS08 for Solaris 64bit   (file size: 24.8M)
AIX 64bitReleased: Apr 2013
Install Instructions: 27IS08r6.txt
Download: 27IS08 for AIX 64bit   (file size: 24.8M)
LinuxReleased: Apr 2013
Install Instructions: 27IS08lx.txt
Download: 27IS08 for Linux   (file size: 25.4M)
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