Enterprise Guide 3.0

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30EG01 was replaced by 30EG03

30EG02 was replaced by 30EG03

Issue(s) Addressed :Introduced:
SN-013210Accessing Tools => Options may cause an error using Enterprise Guide30EG01
SN-013062Enterprise Guide 3.0 hangs during invocation30EG01
SN-013211May have to select Query Parameter prompt twice using Enterprise Guide30EG01
SN-013212Syntax errors may be generated with Life Tables using Enterprise Guide30EG01
SN-012914Certain graph plots may cause an application error in Enterprise Guide30EG01
SN-013131Errors generated executing tasks on views in Enterprise Guide 3.030EG01
SN-013215Sending results to Microsoft Word may cause the Enterprise Guide clientto hang30EG01
SN-013216Enterprise Guide may fail to save code in the Code window30EG01
SN-013226Error opening line plot task in Enterprise Guide when created from priorexecution or copy30EG01
SN-013267Currency formats are not handled properly in Enterprise Guide Query andList tasks30EG01
SN-013027Values with parenthesis may cause SQL errors using Enterprise Guide30EG01
SN-013279Line plot fails when assigned multiple variables which are not valid SASnames30EG01
SN-013281Changes to Workspace server path have no affect in Enterprise Guide30EG01
SN-013477Enterprise Guide receives unexpected error on exit30EG01
SN-013481Enterprise Guide project may receive setup error and crash as ittries to close30EG01
SN-013483Attempts to save project with code task on unavailable server generatesnull reference exception30EG01
SN-014209Enterprise Guide random sample task creates syntax error for Europeanlanguages30EG02
SN-013213Unable to change the starting location of FILE navigation when using SASOpen Metadata Server Repository with Enterprise Guide30EG02
SN-013237Error referencing SASXGSUB in the Import task within Enterprise Guide30EG02
SN-014210Application error in Select and Sort tab of Enterprise Guide QueryBuilder30EG02
SN-014213Incorrect selections when attempting to set expire date for Publish ofEnterprise Guide task30EG02
SN-013762Export All Code may not export correctly using Enterprise Guide30EG02
SN-013858'Value not readable' message when editing data in Enterprise Guide30EG02
SN-014222Server process not closed after running a stored process from EnterpriseGuide30EG02
SN-013762Export All Code may not export correctly using Enterprise Guide30EG02
SN-014226Enterprise Guide prompts for credentials when connecting to SASWorkspace server using Open Metadata Repository30EG02
SN-014229Enterprise Guide hangs when attempting to query EXCEL file containingnational characters30EG02
SN-014232Enterprise Guide converted project that contains ampersand in filenamewill fail to open30EG02
SN-014031Saving projects in Enterprise Guide may result in locked window or whitescreen30EG02
SN-014069Editing values in SAS Enterprise Guide Data Grid may cause truncation30EG02
SN-014247Enterprise Guide sample add in 'System Command' appears not to execute30EG02
SN-015573Errors in the Confidence level field when using characters other thanperiods as decimal separators30EG03
SN-014713"System.UnauthorizedAccessException" when invoking Enterprise Guide 3.030EG03
SN-015574"Failed to insert rows" message when inserting rows in Enterprise Guide30EG03
SN-015576Converted Enterprise Guide projects might lose file locations30EG03
SN-014653Code changes may be automatically saved without prompting in EnterpriseGuide30EG03
SN-015051Credential prompt during batch processing may occur in SAS EnterpriseGuide30EG03
SN-015578Cannot open migrated project in international version of EnterpriseGuide 3.0230EG03
SN-015586"Server name is not valid" message running Enterprise Guide project30EG03
SN-015587Enterprise Guide code node cannot be edited when marked as read-onlyby the operating system30EG03
SN-015500Using variable in Enterprise Guide when defining MVS BoundLibraries30EG03
SN-015592Enterprise Guide project might not finish correctly when input tabledeleted30EG03
SN-015589"Impossible d'instancier" Excel error message when sending file toMicrosoft Excel in Enterprise Guide30EG03
SN-014969Batch project may fail when interactive version is successful inEnterprise Guide30EG03
SN-014992Vertical scroll bar of the Data Grid may not display commas for the rowcount in Enterprise Guide30EG03
SN-015593SAS Enterprise Guide 2.x projects cannot be converted if containCentral European characters30EG03
SN-015608"Data is in use" message in converted Enterprise Guide projects30EG03
SN-015607Project with query that has data added via the Files source might notconvert correctly30EG03
SN-015601Central European characters do not display correctly after EnterpriseGuide project conversion30EG03
SN-015591No distinct values available message when retrieving a list of validvalues in the Enterprise Guide® Query Builder30EG03
SN-015214ALERT - Incorrect predictions are possible for the additional data data set30EG03
SN-015603"Common language runtime component" error messages when invokingEnterprise Guide 3.030EG03
SN-015605Enterprise Guide 3.0 does not support dependent repositories30EG03
SN-015604Enterprise Guide Query Builder displays incorrect characters in JapaneseNT 4.030EG03
SN-015606Projects converted in Enterprise Guide might have unwieldy process flows30EG03
WindowsReleased: Jul 2005
Install Instructions: 30EG03wn.txt
Download: 30EG03 for Windows   (file size: 6.1M)
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30EG04 was replaced by 30EG05

Issue(s) Addressed :Introduced:
SN-033359SAS® Enterprise Guide® Expiration Dates30EG04
SN-037757Expiration date and error messages display when starting the SAS® Enterprise Guide® 3 Administrator30EG05
WindowsReleased: Nov 2009
Install Instructions: 30EG05wn.txt
Download: 30EG05 for Windows   (file size: 1.5M)
IMPORTANT: Enterprise Guide Hot Fix 30EG03 should be installed on your system before installing 30EG05.
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