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SAS Visual Investigator 10.3.1
Updates are available for the issues described in the following SAS Notes.

For instructions on how to access and apply software updates, see:
LinuxSAS Visual Investigator 10.3.1 on Linux: Deployment Guide
See Chapter 9 - Updating Your Viya Software
To verify the installation of software updates in your Linux environment, see Usage Note 63211
63735 ALERT - Edited entity-level rules do not work as expected in SAS® Visual InvestigatorMarch 01, 2019 Manifest View
63262 The SAS® Visual Investigator home page loads slowly when there are many concurrent usersDecember 11, 2018 Manifest View
63225 An unexpected file name appears when you download a file through the Attachments Manager in SAS® Visual Investigator   
63214 Only details for the last selected object are displayed when you open multiple objects from SAS® Visual Investigator search results at the same time   
63199 SAS® Visual Investigator does not respond or fails to work after you choose to extend the session   
63198 The option to re-sort your search results by "Date created (newest first)" does not work correctly   
63182 ALERT - You cannot see an image on an "Insights" tab in SAS® Visual Investigator when you are not the user who uploaded the image   
62810 A "StackOverflowError when parsing..." error occurs after you attempt to edit a user entity in SAS® Visual InvestigatorAugust 25, 2018 Manifest View
62786 The user chooser list does not show more than 250 users in SAS® Visual Investigator although you configured it to show at least that many users   
62762 Logging on to SAS® Visual Investigator takes longer than expected   
62760 Expanding node levels in SAS® Visual Investigator "Network View" takes a long time   
62759 Adding objects to a workspace in SAS® Visual Investigator takes a long time   
62758 Search results in SAS® Visual Investigator take a long time to render   
62742 Duplicate scenarios are displayed in the "Flow Properties" pane in the Scenario Administrator of SAS® Visual Investigator   
62743 You select "Remove the object from the workspace" in "Map View," but the selected object is not removed as expected in SAS® Visual InvestigatorAugust 10, 2018 Manifest View
62739 The context menu for a "Workspace" tab closes immediately after you click it in SAS® Visual Investigator   
62733 The browser stops responding when you choose the "Find shortest path" option in SAS® Visual Investigator for a large number of nodes in Network View   
62732 You see ". . . Invalid or Missing property values. . ." after using parameters within braces in a SAS® Visual Investigator 10.3 URL Editor dialog box   
62731 The object inspector in SAS® Visual Investigator shows details for a different object than the one that you selected    
62564 You cannot connect to more than one CAS server in a SAS® Visual Investigator multi-tenant environmentJune 27, 2018 Manifest View
62556 You experience slower loading times than expected when you view alerts and use the Network View   
62554 Search results within SAS® Visual Investigator might unexpectedly have close matches far down in a list of results   
62551 A newly created child entity in SAS® Visual Investigator does not have an index value   
62550 Some pages in the Page Builder interface in SAS® Visual Investigator load slowly   
62548 Elasticsearch fails with the error ". . . OutOfMemoryError . . ." in SAS® Visual Investigator   
62129 SAS® Visual Investigator does not print templates correctly when you use Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer    
62142 You might experience slow performance when looking at alert activity in SAS® Visual InvestigatorApril 18, 2018 Manifest View
62125 Alert scorecards and alert activities might take a long time to load in SAS® Visual Investigator   
62124 A workflow might fail to save with the "The group could not be set as a participant..." error when you add a group as a participant   
62123 Child entity data might not be saved when a workflow is configured to write to parent entity fields   
62119 "Error in server side processing..." might occur when you save an entity page in SAS® Visual Investigator   
62118 Chart controls, network diagrams, and iframes do not render correctly in SAS® Visual Investigator   
62113 SAS® Visual Investigator contains an information disclosure security vulnerability   

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