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H57005 for Windows
SAS BI Dashboard 4.3_M2
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
41916 SASŪ BI Dashboard, the SAS Shared Alert Portlet, and the SAS Logon Manager might experience problems when an External Theme URI is defined H57001
44440 Spark table columns that contain missing values might sort incorrectly in SASŪ BI Dashboard H57001
42218 A waterfall chart indicator might display garbage text when using server-side filtering in SASŪ BI Dashboard H57001
45824 Dashboards may not update after selecting an item from a dynamic prompt H57001
45825 Using server-side and client-side filters on the same dashboard might produce unexpected results in SASŪ BI Dashboard H57001
45828 SASŪ BI Dashboard might stop responding when there is not enough space to display the indicator H57001
45838 Dynamic Text indicators in SASŪ BI Dashboard do not honor formats H57001
45877 SASŪ BI Dashboard attempts to connect to H57001
45993 Dashboard might not update until the indicator that is the source for a client-side filter is selected H57001
46029 SASŪ BI Dashboard might print individual indicators too large H57001
45829 SASŪ BI Dashboard might execute multiple queries for the same data source H57001
46907 Content in SASŪ BI Dashboard portlets might stop responding after changing portal pages or linking to other indicators H57001
46908 Bar Chart with Reference lines in SASŪ BI Dashboard might select the wrong value when you click a bar in the chart H57001
46909 Poor performance in SASŪ BI Dashboard when KPI gauges are displayed in a spark table H57001
46910 Some KPI static gauges in SASŪ BI Dashboard have been enhanced to support custom range colors H57001
48304 No longer see the smooth fade-in when viewing SASŪ BI Dashboard content after applying Hot Fix H57001 H57001
39981 Partial promotion of SASŪ BI Dashboard content does not include dependent objects H57001
45827 Spark tables in SASŪ BI Dashboard display gauges for missing values H57001
52258 SASŪ BI Dashboard might perform slowly when you use data from a SASŪ OLAP cube H57001
52257 Label information for SASŪ BI Dashboard indicator data might be ignored H57001
48363 Performance issues occur with SASŪ BI Dashboard when using SASŪ Information Maps in the Data Model H57002
45449 "Repository ******** is not Registered" error in the SASŪ Metadata Server log is caused by migrated SASŪ BI Dashboard content H57002
42018 SASŪ Information Delivery Portal automatically scrolls to the first portlet on a page that is displayed using the Flash interface H57003
48712 The Interactive Summary and Targeted Bar Chart might not function after you apply Hot Fix H57002 for SASŪ BI Dashboard 4.3_M2 H57003
49066 Links from SASŪ BI Dashboard to a SASŪ Web Report Studio report might not work as expected when you attempt to return to the dashboard H57003
49068 Indicator data objects that are based on SASŪ Information Maps and that use an inner join might not work correctly after you apply Hot Fix H57002 H57003
49709 Dynamic Text indicators do not refresh after applying SASŪ BI Dashboard Hot Fix H57003 H57004
49814 ALERT - Certain content in the SASŪ BI Dashboard portlet is vulnerable to session hijacking attacks H57004
49073 When data caching is enabled for SASŪ BI Dashboard, refreshing a dashboard retrieves the cached copy of that dashboard H57005
51136 In SASŪ BI Dashboard, library folders are sorted chronologically in the Table navigation pane H57005
52400 SASŪ BI Dashboard security has been enhanced H57005
Released: June 23, 2014     Documentation: H57005wn.html D       Download: H57005wn.exe  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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