SAS Financial Management 5.2_M1

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SAS Financial Management 5.2_M1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
41974 'Template save failed' message when trying to save a form template that has been migrated from SASŪ Financial Management release 4.x to release 5.x D73027
42554 table.Model property not working in SASŪ Financial Management Add-In API for Microsoft Excel D73027
42657 "Code execution has been interrupted" when VBA code performs a double-click in SASŪ Financial Management table D73027
42688 SASŪ Financial Management functionality disabled if two OLAP reports opened and you log off one of them D73027
43376 SASŪ Financial Management Add-In API for Microsoft Excel does not return correct information for Server, URL, and Port in a Data-Entry form D73027
43539 The data validation object in supplemental schedules is limited to 255 total characters D73027
44082 SASŪ Financial Management supplemental schedule detail dimension not updated when driven by a linked dimension D73027
44139 SASŪ Financial Management 'template save failed' when adding measure to supplemental schedule if validation list is greater than 255 characters D73027
44181 Writeback of data values using the SASŪ Financial Management Add-In API for Microsoft Excel's FMCube Class is slow D73027
44285 Performance might be slow when entering data into a SASŪ Financial Management supplemental schedule D73027
44291 'OutOfMemoryException' when creating or pivoting a SASŪ Financial Management table that has nested dimensions on rows and many dimension members D73027
44295 Expanding a SASŪ Financial Management table that contains large nested dimensions on the rows might result in red cells and out of memory error D73027
44296 Expanding a SASŪ Financial Management table that contains large nested dimensions on the rows might result in a system time-out exception D73027
44379 "Run-time error '-2146233086 (80131502)': Automation error" or "Out of memory" when hierarchy.ShowMemberSelectionDialog submitted D73027
44761 ERROR: Serious error trying to go offline. The workbook has not been taken off line because of errors. D73027
45359 Number formatting styles might be ignored in SASŪ Financial Management reports or data-entry forms D73027
42001 SASŪ Financial Management forms might take a long time to render in Form Manager for 'typical' users D73027
44029 If you import or migrate a SASŪ Financial Management form set, cell protection rules are not persisted D73027
46194 SASŪ Financial Management stored process fails to execute in the SAS Information Delivery Portal D73027
42662 SASŪ Financial Management "There is no amount to allocate" equivalent message might not display correctly in non-English environments D73027
42663 SASŪ Financial Management Operational Planning form might incorrectly enable writable cells when 'Do no display zeroes' selected D73027
45320 Red/pink cells displayed in SASŪ Financial Management Web-based data entry form D73027
45367 Time dimension is not drillable in a SASŪ Financial Management Web data entry form D73027
42787 Unable to post adjustments to calculated Analysis dimension members in SASŪ Financial Management D73027
43173 Locking time periods in SASŪ Financial Management might still enable you to post adjustments and adjustment rules D73027
43534 Order of adjustment rules must be changed one position at a time in SASŪ Financial Management Studio D73027
42490 SASŪ Financial Management formulas do not validate if they contain the Property function used inside brackets D73027
43896 Property searches might require a long amount of time to complete in the SASŪ Document Manager D73027
44203 Adding content to SASŪ Performance Management Solutions 'My Favorites' portlet might require a long time to complete D73027
Windows Released: May 04, 2012     Documentation: D73027wn.html D       Download: D73027wn.exe  
Windows for x64 Released: May 04, 2012     Documentation: D73027x6.html D       Download: D73027x6.exe  
64-bit Enabled Solaris Released: May 04, 2012     Documentation: D73027s6.html D       Download: D73027s6.bin  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: May 04, 2012     Documentation: D73027r6.html D       Download: D73027r6.bin  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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