SAS Enterprise GRC 4.2

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D41001 was replaced by D41013

D41002 was replaced by D41013

D41003 was replaced by D41013

D41005 was replaced by D41013

D41006 was replaced by D41013

D41007 was replaced by D41013

D41008 was replaced by D41013

D41013 for 64-bit Enabled AIX
SAS Enterprise GRC 4.2
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
42953 The Event Management tab results take a long time D41001
43004 Monetary Breakdown table values are incorrect when financial effects have multiple amount entries in different currency denominations D41001
43005 The Create Incident window becomes read-only D41001
42950 ALERT - A NullPointerException appears in the tree display area when you use the ORA chooser D41001
43208 An 'Invalid value "" for column' error message occurs when using dataload D41001
45269 A NullPointerException occurs you select a constrained dimension D41001
45333 The Assessment Template list under risk libraries is not displayed D41001
49117 You might experience slow performance when you query the incident table in the SASŪ Enterprise GRC web application D41001
45986 When you view a Data Loader in SASŪ Enterprise GRC, your custom fields are not displayed D41001
42749 Inherited mappings are not displayed even though they exist at a location where you have privileges D41002
43027 Customized screen items do not correctly show or hide based on user activity D41002
43159 ALERT - A "Service Temporarily Unavailable" message occurs when exporting data from SASŪ Enterprise GRC to Excel D41002
33326 ALERT - A financial effect might incorrectly use the incident's "Entered On" date D41002
42027 An incident has a status of "Fully Validated" but its financial effect has a status of "Not Submitted" D41002
43024 Searching an incident linked event gives an OpRiskException error D41002
43025 A Link button shows on the financial effect screen even though you do not have permission to update financial effects D41002
43030 Configured user with broad scope has slow performance when using the ORA chooser D41002
43035 A user ID with only View permission can edit an incident D41002
43037 User is able to validate an incident even though the configuration property should prevent it D41002
43038 "Error: 'null' is null or not an object" appears when you attempt to delete an action plan from the task list D41002
43154 Dimensions display in the ORA chooser even though your configuration excludes them D41002
43156 Custom page "ON CHANGE" behavior does not occur when dimension is changed D41002
43161 ALERT - A financial effect that was created from an incident has an incorrect converted amount D41002
43003 ALERT - Running might take a long time and show "there is not enough WORK disk space.." errors D41002
43361 ALERT - Monetary breakdown uses base currency code instead of using financial effect or recovery currency code D41003
43364 ALERT - A Javascript error occurs when report parameter prompts are Hebrew D41003
43375 Assessed items list does not update after deselecting previously selected items D41003
43434 Assessed risks are treated as monetary even though they are configured as non-monetary D41003
43435 Access to linked items in a list cannot be controlled by confidentiality D41003
43436 The list of assessment templates is incorrectly empty D41003
44661 Saving a new incident prompts you for a change reason D41005
44662 ALERT - An inactive user ID can log on to the Web application D41005
44723 Configuration for removing scenarios tab from the Web application does not work D41005
44724 Web application performance is slow when many custom fields are defined D41005
44725 Customized column choices do not consistently appear in the risk instance selection dialog box D41005
44726 You cannot edit the ORA of a new Questionnaire Template D41005
44727 Unable to search for custom fields that have a null value D41005
44728 Cannot display related issues from the Web application's assessment screen D41005
44752 Using the questionnaire page of a questionnaire-based assessment D41005
44654 ALERT - UNION and Numeric Expression error messages appear when building a report mart D41005
36849 When loading control instances, the control instance name is updated instead of the third party name D41006
36851 In SASŪ Enterprise GRC, a Risk's status might be displayed as Open even after the Risk is closed D41006
45060 ALERT - You are able to edit an incident when you have only Read permission D41006
45061 "An error has occurred and has been logged" message appears when selecting a control table heading D41006
45064 When removing a control from a test definition, remaining controls might show as duplicates D41006
46036 You cannot use one SASŪ Enterprise GRC QuestionnaireTemplateDetails data loader file to load multiple rows with the same control ID D41008
46032 Dimension names are not translated in linked business objects tables in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41008
46038 An "item edited by another user" error message appears when editing a risk rating from within an assessment D41008
46040 Viewing dimension nodes in SASŪ Enterprise GRC might not display all of the nodes in the hierarchy D41008
46047 ALERT - You cannot log on to the SASŪ Enterprise GRC Web application, a "Received unexpected output from user synchronization job" error appears D41008
45322 ALERT - A "Service temporarily unavailable" error message appears when exporting to Excel from the Issues screen D41013
46105 A newly created incident asks for a reason that you are saving D41013
50533 Some of the available columns might not be displayed if you customize the RiskInstanceExCustomizations.xml file in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41013
46084 Unable to control listed order of risks or controls in an assessment D41013
46416 ALERT - Using a data loader to change the name of an auxiliary dimension causes a "Can't set the parent..." error, and can cause database corruption D41013
46772 SASŪ Enterprise GRC updates the wrong field when you use a data loader to update an Action Plan's Latest Revised Target Completion Date D41013
51554 How to add an assessable item after an assessment is validated in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41013
51555 You might not be able to edit action plans in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41013
51556 You might see an incorrect list of possible values for a SASŪ Enterprise GRC custom field D41013
51593 Loading multiple financial effects for a single incident might perform slowly in SAS® Enterprise GRC D41013
51594 Loading a large number of financial effects might perform slowly in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41013
51605 You might see a "java.lang.NullPointerException" error message when you try to view or edit an action plan in SAS® Enterprise GRC D41013
51606 ALERT - If you use a data loader to update an auxiliary dimension in SASŪ Enterprise GRC, a "Can't set the parent..." error message might be displayed D41013
51614 With SAS® Enterprise GRC assessments, the status of an assessor might be incorrectly displayed as Signed-Off D41013
51617 How to restrict the users that can send an incident for validation in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41013
51620 How to add a risk to an assessment after the assessment has been returned from validation in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41013
51621 With SASŪ Enterprise GRC assessments, the review status of an assessment might be incorrectly displayed as completed D41013
51627 How to specify when a change reason is required for incidents in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41013
51628 How to specify the sort order for questionnaire-based assessments in SAS® Enterprise GRC D41013
44659 Slow performance when querying a large number of incidents D41013
45272 Financial Effect status incorrectly shows "not submitted" when its related incident is fully validated D41013
45328 Performance is slow when selecting a dimension in the ORA chooser even though "pre-compute" is configured D41013
50567 In SASŪ Enterprise GRC, when you send an incident for validation, an associated financial effect might not be sent for validation D41013
48224 Localized names are not displayed for dimension names when you use the LinkedBusinessObjects component in SASŪ Enterprise GRC D41013
46101 Custom field historical data is incomplete and inaccurate when extracted for report mart build D41013
Released: November 15, 2013     Documentation: D41013r6.html D       Download: D41013r6.bin  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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