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D12001 for 64-bit Enabled AIX
SAS Warranty Analysis 4.2_M1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
38471 A geographic analysis has extra output table rows that do not show any information D12001
38486 When selecting the Details Table or Text Analysis analyses, incorrect results are returned when a comment variable is used as the reporting variable D12001
38489 An error occurs when you run a SASŪ Warranty Analysis emerging issues process with the data mart residing on a SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ D12001
38490 Results from emerging issues processes contain duplicate alerts D12001
38492 An error occurs in when there are special characters in the Product or Claim variables or their associated lookup descriptions D12001
38498 A project cannot be deleted from the rich client D12001
38611 An error occurs and some batch reports do not run in SASŪ Warranty Analysis D12001
38637 The swaactivatebatchjobs program that starts Emerging Issues child processes continues despite successful completion of the Emerging Issues processing D12001
38638 The alert status might be dropped by the Emerging Issues Automated Analytical process when claim counts change over time D12001
38679 An error occurs during multivariate statistical analysis when usage profiles are applied and an in-service date is not defined D12001
38722 Pareto analysis fails when you use a child-table variable as the reporting variable D12001
38883 After saving an analysis as a report, errors are reported in the logs for the task CopyAnalysisResultTask D12001
39093 A child Pareto analysis fails with the message "WHERE clause operator requires compatible variables" D12001
39094 The uncompiled macro &%anl_tmCreateSynonyms runs out of memory when you use it to create a synonym list D12001
39095 Emerging Issues processing fails with the error message "All data have the same response" D12001
39096 The results of a Pareto analysis by alert is not showing the alert periods D12001
39097 The Analyze in Project and My Emerging Issues functions do not work when you migrate to SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.2 D12001
39178 The performance of analyses and reporting is slow in SASŪ Warranty Analysis D12001
39185 A details table fails with an error when comment variables with a particular naming convention are used as reporting variables D12001
39186 An error dialog box appears when you view the results of a Trend/Control or a Trend by Exposure analysis D12001
39277 An error occurs after you update a WHERE clause in an Emerging Issues workspace D12001
39295 The performance of analyses and reporting is slow in SASŪ Warranty Analysis D12001
39301 A null-pointer exception occurs when you click the Orphaned Table Data link after you migrate SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.1 data to the 4.2 release D12001
39380 Migrating from SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.1 to 4.2 in UNIX operating environments fails with an ERROR 180-322 D12001
39542 Deleting a data selection that has many analyses takes a long time D12001
39665 An error occurs when you delete an analysis that was created with Save Only or Submit Later options D12001
39794 Associated SAS views remain in the USERRL library after you delete a data node from the project workspace D12001
39830 ALERT - The migration process for SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.1 creates extra filtered data sets D12001
40575 Help documentation for SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.2 is not available in Simplified Chinese D12001
40662 ALERT - The SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.2 Value field in the Product Selection Component Options and Claim Selection Component Options tables might truncate D12001
40722 For a SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.2 Emerging Issues Enterprise Analytic alert, the "sales date range" is incorrect for records with completesalesdata=0 D12001
41015 ALERT - An error occurs with a SASŪ Warranty Analysis forecasting analysis when input data contains multiple failures D12001
41389 The message "Validation Failed: Invalid Claims WHERE clause" appears after you edit Analysis Settings for the Enterprise-Analytic process D12001
41392 The WARRUSER library is not visible in SASŪ Enterprise GuideŪ D12001
41393 "ERROR: A character operand was found in the %EVAL function or %IF condition where a numeric operand is required. The condition was: &l_spvlbl=" D12001
41400 Jobs associated with analyses that are run from the rich client do not appear in the Batch Density View of the diagnostic client D12001
41407 The Emerging Issues Analytic process generates an error when you run it after migrating from SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.1 to the 4.2 release D12001
41409 The average claim rate on the Summary tab of the Multivariate Statistical Drivers analysis might be incorrect D12001
41411 An Emerging Issues Ad-Hoc -Analytic process fails with the error message "File USERRL._UNIQ_DE.DATA does not exist" D12001
41415 Incorrect sample-size values are shown in the Results of an Exposure analysis D12001
41525 Errors occur in analyses such as Details Tables and Summary Tables when you use Emerging Issues calculated variables as reporting variables D12001
38496 After editing an Emerging Issues Automated analysis, some values are reset to the default values D12001
38653 Diagnostic information about analysis job performance is not easily accessible in SASŪ Warranty Analysis D12001
39795 The Report Workspace is slow to open in SASŪ Warranty Analysis D12001
39796 The "Remove From Queue" button does not work on currently running analysis jobs in SASŪ Warranty Analysis D12001
41394 Refreshing the Emerging Issue workspace can be slow after the status of an alert was updated D12001
41395 Some data subsets cannot be re-created using the Disk Usage tool D12001
41397 Published child reports are incorrect after refreshing a data mart D12001
41402 An out-of-memory error occurs while working with alerts in the Emerging Issues workspace D12001
41405 The error "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Project view not found" appears when you switch from the Projects workspace to the Reports workspace D12001
41408 A null-pointer exception is generated when you change the status of an alert in an Enterprise Analytic process D12001
41410 A member of the "Deny EI Access" group can still access the Emerging Issues workspace D12001
38470 When creating the event selection, the date displays as the day before the actual date that is requested D12001
38493 When creating a product selection, all available values for a variable do not display after removing another variable D12001
38495 Recent changes to a data selection are not reflected in the UI of the rich client D12001
38500 While working with a project in SASŪ Warranty Analysis, a syntax error with NA.NA.ColumnName occurs D12001
38632 The Emerging Issues Automated Alert column order is not correct for Defined Entity and Defined Hierarchy columns D12001
38659 An error occurs when the rich client in SASŪ Warranty Analysis loses its connection to the server D12001
38793 A client application using the SASŪ Analytics Platform Server loses its connection to the server and closes D12001
39108 Performance might be slow during the logon to the SASŪ Warranty Analysis rich client D12001
39276 Some SASŪ Warranty Analysis reports do not update correctly when the display name is different than the unique user name in SASŪ Management Console D12001
39595 SASŪ Warranty Analysis reports that have a status of Auto Update stop running after five ETL refresh cycles D12001
41390 ALERT - Creating new objects in SASŪ Warranty Analysis workspaces results in slow performance D12001
41391 A SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.2 client application that uses the SASŪ Analytics Platform server loses its connection to the server and closes D12001
41396 Performance is slow when you run analyses in SASŪ Warranty Analysis D12001
41398 SASŪ Warranty Analysis might have a problem when it reads logical server definitions from the SASŪ Metadata Server D12001
41401 A batch report incorrectly shows a status of LATER in the diagnostic client D12001
41406 A default, predefined data selection added in the Administration workspace does not appear in a data selection added in the Project workspace D12001
41412 SASŪ Warranty Analysis 4.2 might be slow to open the Reports workspace D12001
38491 When using LDAP authentication, you are unable to navigate SASŪ Warranty Analyis portlets or run an analysis from the rich client D12001
39426 The SASŪ Warranty Analysis thin client does not show changes that are made to landingPage.config properties for Emerging Issues graphs D12001
39965 ALERT - The options for sorting and moving are not shown when you right-click on a column in the thin client D12001
41399 A previously viewed report appears when you click the View HTML button in the SASŪ Warranty Analysis thin client D12001
Released: April 08, 2011     Documentation: D12001r6.html D       Download: D12001r6.bin  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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