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SAS Release 8.2 (TS2M0)

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82RB01 was replaced by 82RB02

82RB02 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Apr 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-009955 WHERE clause may not be passed to Rdb database for processing, causingpoor performance 82RB01
SN-012091 "Unterminated string" and "Access violation" errors when runningSAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle/Rdb 82RB02
Install Instructions: 82RB02vm.txt
Download: 82RB02 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 50K)
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82BA02 was replaced by 82BC24

82BA04 was replaced by 82BC21

82BA07 was replaced by 82BC41

82BA08 was replaced by 82BC41

82BA09 was replaced by 82BC23

82BA10 was replaced by 82BB97

82BA12 was replaced by 82BC41

82BA13 was replaced by 82BB88

82BA15 was replaced by 82BC43

82BA16 was replaced by 82BC42

82BA18 was replaced by 82BB69

82BA22 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Nov 2001
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-006241 Memory Leak may be experienced in WebAF when accessing MDDB 82BA22
Install Instructions: 82BA22vm.txt
Download: 82BA22 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 9K)
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82BA25 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Aug 2001
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005146 MDDB Error When Running Middleware Server With IOM Connection 82BA25
Install Instructions: 82BA25vm.txt
Download: 82BA25 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 1.0M)
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82BA27 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jul 2001
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004364 Master/Detail application may no longer be in sync and produce programhalt in the log 82BA27
SN-004433 Unable to find a value that contains double quotes in Datalistc/n window 82BA27
Install Instructions: 82BA27vm.txt
Download: 82BA27 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 2.5M)
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82BA28 was replaced by 82BC24

82BA29 was replaced by 82BC07

82BA30 was replaced by 82SH09

82BA33 was replaced by 82BC24

82BA34 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jun 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005030 Using the DROP= (or KEEP=) option with NODUPKEY in PROC SORT may requireFORCE option 82BA34
Install Instructions: 82BA34vm.txt
Download: 82BA34 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 43K)
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82BA35 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jul 2001
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005323 $BIDIw. format for bi-directional text processing 82BA35
Install Instructions: 82BA35vm.txt
Download: 82BA35 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 7K)
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82BA36 was replaced by 82BB46

82BA38 was replaced by 82BB57

82BA40 was replaced by 82BC24

82BA41 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Aug 2001
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005408 $ASCIIw. informat may overwrite other variables 82BA41
Install Instructions: 82BA41vm.txt
Download: 82BA41 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 7K)
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82BA42 was replaced by 82BB97

82BA44 was replaced by 82BB97

82BA45 was replaced by 82BC24

82BA46 was replaced by 82BC41

82BA47 was replaced by 82BC42

82BA50 was replaced by 82BC41

82BA51 was replaced by 82BB97

82BA53 was replaced by 82BC23

82BA54 was replaced by 82BB97

82BA58 was replaced by 82BC07

82BA59 was replaced by 82BC41

82BA62 was replaced by 82BC24

82BA63 was replaced by 82BC07

82BA71 was replaced by 82BC21

82BA72 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Apr 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-006752 PROC COPY of an MDDB greater than 2g in size to an HFS file may resultin S0C4 abend in E7CWRIT 82BA72
Install Instructions: 82BA72vm.txt
Download: 82BA72 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 24K)
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82BA73 was replaced by 82BB57

82BA78 was replaced by 82BC24

82BA80 was replaced by 82BB97

82BA82 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Apr 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-007057 Segmentation Violation may occur with multiple array aliasing in PROCNLIN 82BA82
Install Instructions: 82BA82vm.txt
Download: 82BA82 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 318K)
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82BA83 was replaced by 82BB97

82BA85 was replaced by 82BC41

82BA87 was replaced by 82BC07

82BA96 was replaced by 82BB57

82BA98 was replaced by 82BB46

82BA99 was replaced by 82BC41

82BB02 was replaced by 82BC07

82BB03 was replaced by 82BC42

82BB06 was replaced by 82BC24

82BB14 was replaced by 82BC41

82BB16 was replaced by 82BC24

82BB22 was replaced by 82BC43

82BB27 was replaced by 82BB80

82BB32 was replaced by 82BC24

82BB33 was replaced by 82BB46

82BB37 was replaced by 82BB97

82BB39 was replaced by 82BB57

82BB40 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Feb 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-009445 TOOLKIT engine may not properly handle member names over 8 characters 82BB40
Install Instructions: 82BB40vm.txt
Download: 82BB40 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 15K)
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82BB41 was replaced by 82BC41

82BB42 was replaced by 82BC24

82BB44 was replaced by 82BC07

82BB46 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jul 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005210 ALERT - LINE statement may display incorrect data with COMPUTE BEFORE and theFLOW option 82BA36
SN-005223 BREAK statement and GROUP under an ACROSS may cause an error 82BA36
SN-005211 ALERT - GROUP values under ACROSS may be missing if BREAK/COMPUTE AFTER variableis requested 82BA36
SN-005767 ALERT - Nested ACROSS variables may result in system specific errors 82BA36
SN-005770 ALERT - Row variable values may be printed under wrong variable column 82BA36
SN-005766 ALERT - Rows of data may be missing from output with multiple ACROSS variablesin PROC REPORT 82BA36
SN-007784 ALERT - PROC REPORT quantile values may be incorrect 82BA98
SN-007785 ALERT - ACROSS values may be missing in the REPORT WINDOW of PROC REPORT 82BA98
SN-007786 BY statement in PROC REPORT may cause memory problems 82BA98
SN-007888 ALERT - All but the first column under an ACROSS variable may contain missingvalues 82BA98
SN-005776 CALL DEFINE specified in COMPUTE block may produce an abend 82BA98
SN-009218 ALERT - Data missing when ANALYSIS variable is requested over multiple ACROSSvariables 82BB33
SN-009829 PROC REPORT _PAGE_ location LINE statements are missing when onlysummary rows are printed on a page 82BB46
SN-010063 PROC REPORT option NOCOMPLETECOLS may apply only to last variable listedunder a nested ACROSS 82BB46
SN-010051 Label for OTHER format range may display in RBREAK summary line 82BB46
Install Instructions: 82BB46vm.txt
Download: 82BB46 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 358K)
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82BB57 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jul 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004660 Library used by DATA step view executing on SAS/SHARE Server remainslocked 82BA38
SN-005758 ALERT - Assignment statements using Boolean logic may produce incorrect results 82BA38
SN-004681 ALERT - UNEXPECTED ERROR occurs when running a selection rule that references adynamic SAS modeling score 82BA38
SN-007025 Memory overlay possible with $CHARw., $ASCIIw., and $EBCDICw. informatsand character variable length mismatch 82BA73
SN-004659 ALERT - DATA step view containing Boolean comparisons can return incorrectresults 82BA96
SN-009334 Error occurred in the code generation subsystem during program load 82BB39
SN-010252 Segmentation violation using the FILEVAR= option with the FTP engine ona FILE statement 82BB57
Install Instructions: 82BB57vm.txt
Download: 82BB57 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 299K)
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82BB61 was replaced by 82BB97

82BB65 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jul 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-010386 "ERROR: Invalid Argument" or incorrect results when using ZIP codefunctions 82BB65
Install Instructions: 82BB65vm.txt
Download: 82BB65 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 11K)
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82BB69 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Sep 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004466 ALERT - PROC SQL query with SELECT DISTINCT may return incorrect results onVMS 82BA18
SN-004737 Sorting problems using the VMS host sort in Release 8.1/8.2 and numericvariables of length < 8 82BA18
SN-010586 SORTSIZE=8M on OpenVMS only allocates 2M 82BB69
Install Instructions: 82BB69vm.txt
Download: 82BB69 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 16K)
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82BB70 was replaced by 82BC41

82BB73 was replaced by 82BC23

82BB74 was replaced by 82BC24

82BB76 was replaced by 82BC43

82BB80 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Nov 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-009317 Using the LIKE condition with an escape sequence against an indexedcolumn returns 0 matches 82BB27
SN-011266 SQL join using LIKE syntax on variables fails with Illegal Instructionerror 82BB80
Install Instructions: 82BB80vm.txt
Download: 82BB80 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 12K)
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82BB82 was replaced by 82BC42

82BB84 was replaced by 82BB97

82BB88 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Mar 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004576 ALERT - IN operator in PROC SQL sometimes gives incorrect results 82BA13
SN-011805 Result of assignment of an array element may be incorrect 82BB88
Install Instructions: 82BB88vm.txt
Download: 82BB88 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 30K)
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82BB91 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Apr 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-011620 Data set password no longer valid after transporting SAS libraries withCPORT/CIMPORT 82BB91
Install Instructions: 82BB91vm.txt
Download: 82BB91 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 78K)
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82BB94 was replaced by 82BC24

82BB95 was replaced by 82BC43

82BB96 was replaced by 82BC42

82BB97 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jun 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004574 Spanned headers in PROC REPORT may cause incorrect cellwidth when usingODS 82BA10
SN-004501 PROC TABULATE repeats statistics in all ODS destinations except listingand output data sets 82BA10
SN-005596 Output data set may not be generated when using the ODS OUTPUT statement 82BA44
SN-009281 The OVERPRINT system option does not work correctly with the ODS PRINTERand PDF destinations 82BB37
SN-010318 User-defined format can not be updated when applied to a variablecreated with ODS OUTPUT 82BB61
SN-010411 ALERT - Customized template may cause observations to not appear in ODS PRINTERoutput 82BB61
SN-005994 Using a PREIMAGE= specification and STARTPAGE= with ODS PRINTER causeserrors 82BB61
SN-009366 ODS PRINTER does not close registry keys properly 82BB84
SN-012168 Gaining file compression with ODS PDF in SAS 8.2 82BB97
SN-005481 "File is damaged but is being repaired" message when opening PDF filescreated by ODS 82BB97
SN-005486 PDF output generated with ODS and the DATA step may have columns withincorrect alignment 82BB97
SN-012125 Setting CONTENTS= to null using ODS PDF generates errors 82BB97
SN-005089 Recursive node generated in PDF table of contents when DESCRIPTION= orCONTENTS= options set to null 82BB97
SN-006634 Errors generated when multiple styles applied to ODS PDF output 82BB97
SN-011001 Viewing PDF files with Adobe Reader 6.0 may display strange characters 82BB97
SN-012660 Creating links to other pages from within a PDF file created by ODS 82BB97
SN-006928 Page breaks suppressed using a null TITLE statement and NONUMBER andNODATE options 82BB97
Install Instructions: 82BB97vm.txt
Download: 82BB97 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 1.1M)
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82BC02 was replaced by 82BC24

82BC07 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Sep 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004969 Incorrect results returned when using the LIBNAME statement or ACCESSview to query a DBMS 82BA29
SN-006278 "ERROR: The maximum number of DBMS opens for this engine has beenreached" 82BA58
SN-005276 Error joining multiple ACCESS views or DBMS tables from differentlibrefs with CONNECTION=GLOBALSHARED 82BA63
SN-009683 New DB2 LIBNAME option to reduce number of concurrent DB2 threads 82BB44
SN-012757 SAS/ACCESS query may return incorrect results when duplicate variablenames exist 82BC07
Install Instructions: 82BC07vm.txt
Download: 82BC07 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 98K)
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82BC08 was replaced by 82BC41

82BC11 was replaced by 82BC24

82BC13 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Nov 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-013669 PROC APPEND incorrectly sets SYSERR 82BC13
Install Instructions: 82BC13vm.txt
Download: 82BC13 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 132K)
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82BC14 was replaced by 82BC41

82BC15 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Dec 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-013656 Using PROC SORT with the TAGSORT option causes a bus error or unalignedaccess messages 82BC15
Install Instructions: 82BC15vm.txt
Download: 82BC15 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 18K)
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82BC21 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Mar 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-003691 SMTP email method ignores the -EMAILID option 82BA04
SN-013786 By default all EMAIL attachment filenames are given an extension 82BC21
Install Instructions: 82BC21vm.txt
Download: 82BC21 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 58K)
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82BC23 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Apr 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004359 ALERT - PROC MEANS/SUMMARY/TABULATE/REPORT may produce additional classificationgroups and not apply format to printed output 82BA09
SN-005747 PROC MEANS/SUMMARY may produce incorrect output with numeric CLASSvariables 82BA53
SN-010802 ALERT - PROC MEANS/SUMMARY produces null ID values in the output data set 82BB73
SN-014737 ALERT - PROC MEANS/SUMMARY incorrectly assigning missing value to weightedstatistic 82BC23
Install Instructions: 82BC23vm.txt
Download: 82BC23 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 199K)
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82BC24 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Dec 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005048 Incorrect output results from PROC FORMAT with the MULTILABEL option 82BA02
SN-004316 WHERE returns incorrect number of observations 82BA02
SN-005243 CALL EXECUTE may truncate or repeat generated code 82BA02
SN-004992 Interrupting and cancelling a DATA step replaces exiting data set 82BA45
SN-005744 WHERE statement returns incorrect results 82BA45
SN-004633 "Error: The yieobtn function is not supported by the SASE7 engine" mightappear when you examine remote SQL views via the SQL dictionary table 82BA45
SN-005975 ERROR: Macro variable name & must start with a letter or underscore 82BA45
SN-006109 Exiting SAS within a macro window causes an infinite loop 82BA62
SN-006963 Values within %SYSFUNC on a %DO loop are incorrectly uppercased 82BA78
SN-006566 SAS SHARE server abends with S0C4 in VSRACR1 82BA78
SN-006847 COMPRESS=BINARY may cause problems 82BA78
SN-007001 Missing semicolon on a %LOCAL statement causes system specific errors 82BA78
SN-008119 Error message generated when creating a V6 SAS data set from a DBMStable containing a character column greater than 200 bytes 82BB16
SN-004165 Catalog becomes corrupted leaving header information unreadable 82BB16
SN-008902 Segmentation Violation or other abend possible when running SAS macrocode from within Risk Dimensions 82BB16
SN-008911 Macro causes errors when tokenizer reads past an end of line 82BB16
SN-008919 WHERE with user-written informat produces incorrect results 82BB32
SN-009349 Errors from EFI, PROC IMPORT, or PROC EXPORT followinghot fix installation 82BB32
SN-009294 Long character value might not be visible in the FSVIEW window 82BB32
SN-009299 PROC UNIVARIATE may abend with the PLOTS option and BY statement 82BB32
SN-009625 PROC TRANSPOSE produces errors when VALIDVARNAME=V6 is specified and82BX04 HotFix is applied 82BB32
SN-010150 Interrupting a SAS process can result in compromised data integrity 82BB42
SN-011148 PROC APPEND Abends with S0C4, U2096, Segmentation Violation, StackOverflow or Read/Write Access Violations in Task Append 82BB74
SN-012376 ALERT - Stratified sample may be incorrect when DATA= and SAMPSIZE= read thesame indexed data set 82BB94
SN-012162 MODIFY Statement uses more I/O in Version 8 than in Version 6 82BB94
SN-013577 ALERT - WHERE clause returns incorrect results with overlapping ranges 82BC11
SN-015882 A DBCS character that contains the hexadecimal value for a single or doublequote might be misinterpreted by the SASŪ tokenizer 82BC24
SN-016283 A Japanese character that contains the hex value for a single or doublequote may cause the Program Editor to have an incorrect color 82BC24
Install Instructions: 82BC24vm.txt
Download: 82BC24 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 2.4M)
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82BC26 was replaced by 82BC43

82BC30 was replaced by 82BC41

82BC38 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jan 2007
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-019166 Possible memory-related failures when using the CATALOG access method 82BC38
Install Instructions: 82BC38vm.txt
Download: 82BC38 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 20K)
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82BC39 was replaced by 82BC41

82BC41 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: May 2007
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004241 ALERT - PROC SQL may return incorrect number of observations when using uniqueindex 82BA07
SN-003976 Inconsistent results returned from the PROC SQL pass-through facilityversus the LIBNAME Access engine 82BA12
SN-005899 PROC SQL set operators UNION and OUTER UNION CORRESPONDING returnthe wrong number of rows when used with subqueries 82BA08
SN-005712 ERROR: where clause processing could not obtain memory 82BA46
SN-006247 Reflexive join operations which execute successfully using the SQLprocedure in previous releases of SAS fail in Release 8.2 82BA59
SN-006274 Error: sqlplan internal error: cannot find symbol RIFNOTE, var=1 tag=3occurs using SQL view 82BA59
SN-006741 PROC SQL syntax errors occur when using SET operators UNION and/or OUTERUNION CORR within subqueries 82BA85
SN-004536 PROC SQL UPDATE statement may use excessive CPU time 82BA85
SN-006773 Calls to the CONSTANT function can cause READ ACCESS violations in PROCSQL 82BA85
SN-004451 ALERT - Query submitted to DBMS may generate incorrect results 82BA85
SN-006403 "ERROR: Invalid position -2147483308 for utility file" may beissued when using PROC SQL against SAS/ACCESS SQL views 82BA85
SN-006582 Opening a PROC SQL view twice using %SYSFUNC(OPEN()) causes SAS toterminate and the Display Manager windows to disappear 82BA85
SN-006768 ALERT - Incorrect results from PROC SQL when a query contains the UNION operatorand subqueries 82BA85
SN-006624 SQLPLAN Internal Error occurs when grouping by variable created bysubquery 82BA85
SN-006772 ALERT - Incorrect results from PROC SQL when UNION operator used in a subquery 82BA85
SN-005608 SQL views cannot be used with procedures that do multipass processing 82BA85
SN-005808 PROC SQL ORDER BY uses additional disk space to cache intermediateutility file 82BA50
SN-006829 SAS 8.2 PROC SQL appears to loop when using multiple reflexive joinreferences 82BA85
SN-007824 Incorrect implicit pass-through SQL can be generated from PROC SQLqueries leading to incorrect results 82BA99
SN-007820 Dataset options IDXWHERE and IDXNAME available for use with PROC SQL 82BA99
SN-007319 ALERT - Downloading a SAS Version 6 data set using the V6TRANSPORT option maycorrupt data 82BA99
SN-007829 PROC SQL query containing boolean logic can return incorrect results inspecific cases 82BA99
SN-007827 Segmentation violation produced from PROC SQL query containingsubqueries where both a SAS data set and a DBMS table are referenced 82BA99
SN-007831 PROC SQL join of a view and a SAS data set can return different results 82BA99
SN-007822 Access violation or system abend when executing a PROC SQL direct joinagainst an Oracle table 82BA99
SN-007636 DISTINCT keyword in SQL subquery produces incorrect results or noresults in SAS/ACCESS to ODBC or SAS/ACCESS to DB2 82BA99
SN-007826 ALERT - PROC SQL generates incorrect pass through code when there are multipleOR'd expressions in the WHERE clause 82BA99
SN-007871 Password value is displayed in SAS log when defining an SQL view with aUSING clause which contains a password parameter 82BA99
SN-008356 Integer divide by zero error when displaying column with length of 32767 82BB14
SN-008314 SASHELP.VTABLE displays data set labels unexpectedly 82BB41
SN-007222 ALERT - Outer join of two (2) DBMS tables via a LIBNAME engine with WHERE clausesubsets may generate incorrect results 82BB41
SN-009491 Implicit SQL Passthru may drop important parenthesis from WHEREcondition 82BB41
SN-009727 Aliased columns in SQL views which perform a simple calculation maylose part of the condition 82BB41
SN-009529 Performing a COUNT or COUNT DISTINCT on a renamed column that is part ofa view may result in performance degradation 82BB41
SN-008877 ALERT - Incorrect results or abends in PROC SQL working with shortened numerics 82BB41
SN-010745 Part of join criteria is lost joining DBMS tables via LIBNAME engine 82BB70
SN-011220 Numeric literals in an ON clause with outer join of some DBMS tables maynot return correct results 82BB70
SN-011239 Final WHERE clause not included in the SQL to be proccessed by thedatabase when using the LIBNAME ACCESS engine 82BB70
SN-018349 "Error Fetching from Cursor" issued when accessing Oracle using PROC SQL 82BB70
SN-011210 Incorrect results from PROC SQL using WHERE= option with indexed tables 82BB70
SN-011802 "Error: sqlplan internal error" when joining a table with an inline view 82BB70
SN-012854 Using LIBNAME engine may result in an incorrect query being generated 82BC08
SN-009514 Accessing DBMS tables with column aliases defined via a view may preventimplicit pass-thru 82BC08
SN-012757 SAS/ACCESS query may return incorrect results when duplicate variablenames exist 82BC08
SN-012760 Applying hotfix 82BB70 causes SQLPLAN Internal Error 82BC08
SN-004451 ALERT - Query submitted to DBMS may generate incorrect results 82BC14
SN-015943 Installation of HOTFIX 82BC08 can cause performance degradation by notusing available index 82BC30
SN-017366 ALERT - The CV() function in PROC SQL returns missing values when the mean ofthe value is less than or equal to 0 82BC39
SN-020046 An error occurs when you apply hot-fix bundle 82bx09 in SASŪ 8.2 and SASŪ9.1.3 82BC41
Install Instructions: 82BC41vm.txt
Download: 82BC41 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 609K)
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82BC42 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Aug 2007
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004606 PROC TABULATE abnormally terminates when the PRINTMISS option is used 82BA16
SN-005685 ALERT - PROC TABULATE may generate unweighted percentage with weighted analysisvariable 82BA47
SN-007709 PROC TABULATE prints 'AND' in page heading section of table in listingoutput 82BB03
SN-011373 Pages are ordered incorrectly when using ALL in the page dimension inTABULATE 82BB82
SN-012302 PROC TABULATE fails to produce error in the ODS destinations in SAS 8.2regarding limit on potential interactions 82BB96
SN-020359 Variable labels that contain multi-byte character set strings do notsplit correctly 82BC42
Install Instructions: 82BC42vm.txt
Download: 82BC42 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 186K)
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82BC43 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Feb 2008
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004892 Long encrypted message can cause errors in spawner 82BA15
SN-011433 SAS/CONNECT Spawner & Client session "hang" after executing erroneouscode 82BB95
Install Instructions: 82BC43vm.txt
Download: 82BC43 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 52K)
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82CT01 was replaced by 82CT09

82CT02 was replaced by 82CT09

82CT03 was replaced by 82CT09

82CT04 was replaced by 82CT09

82CT05 was replaced by 82CT09

82CT06 was replaced by 82CT09

82CT07 was replaced by 82CT09

82CT08 was replaced by 82CT09

82CT09 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jan 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005062 "Warning: Current token length of x is not supported; token has beentruncated" 82CT01
SN-006280 Transfer of catalogs between different host platforms causessegmentation violations 82CT02
SN-007725 SAS Stray Processes remaining on Remote Hosts 82CT05
SN-009775 'Write Access Violation in Task (CONNECT)' when performing a controlbreak of a PROC UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD within SAS/CONNECT 82CT06
SN-010167 Remote submit of 29 or more %sysrput statements may result in "OUT OFRESOURCES" error. 82CT07
SN-010727 Client/Server processes can hang when an asynchronous process abnormallyterminates 82CT08
SN-010655 RLS assignment after SIGNON causes Segmentation Violation 82CT08
SN-007758 HTML output is not visible in the RESULTS window when producing HTMLoutput from a remote submit 82CT09
Install Instructions: 82CT09vm.txt
Download: 82CT09 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 183K)
ATTENTION: For this hot fix to be fully functional, it must be installed on both the Release 8.2 client and the Release 8.2 server.
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82ET01 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Sep 2001
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005127 ALERT - Seasonal root test statistics and p-values are incorrect in the TimeSeries Forecasting System 82ET01
SN-005098 ALERT - Lag 0 seasonal Dickey-Fuller test statistics and p-values incorrect 82ET01
Install Instructions: 82ET01vm.txt
Download: 82ET01 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 771K)
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82ET03 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Nov 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-013491 ALERT - Differencing of dependent and independent variables may not be performedas specified 82ET03
Install Instructions: 82ET03vm.txt
Download: 82ET03 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 456K)
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82FS01 was replaced by 82FS03

82FS02 was replaced by 82FS03

82FS03 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Feb 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-006147 Potential security exposure with SAS/FSP 82FS01
SN-010748 ALERT - Underscores or pad character may remain as part of value 82FS02
SN-014026 Generic critical error when resizing the FSVIEW window in X WindowSystem environment 82FS03
Install Instructions: 82FS03vm.txt
Download: 82FS03 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 192K)
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82GR09 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jul 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-012514 PROC GREMOVE incorrectly defines polygons where holes should be 82GR09
Install Instructions: 82GR09vm.txt
Download: 82GR09 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 50K)
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82ML01 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Apr 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-007033 ALERT - CALL SVD, GINV and HOMOGEN functions may return incorrect results 82ML01
Install Instructions: 82ML01vm.txt
Download: 82ML01 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 14K)
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82ML02 was replaced by 82ML03

82ML03 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jan 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-013523 IML MAD function may loop or hang 82ML02
SN-013913 IML MAD function can cause Privileged Instruction Violation 82ML03
Install Instructions: 82ML03vm.txt
Download: 82ML03 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 124K)
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82WB01 was replaced by 82WB03

82WB02 was replaced by 82WB03

82WB03 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jul 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-009279 Hot fix provides SAS/IntrNetŪ Application Server SAS log enhancements 82WB02
SN-009217 IntrNet Application Server may crash on Broker disconnect 82WB02
Install Instructions: 82WB03vm.txt
Download: 82WB03 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 158K)
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82QC01 was replaced by 82QC05

82QC04 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: May 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-009835 ALERT - PROC OPTEX fails to output correct design with the NUMBER=*BEST optionson the OUTPUT statement when using CRITERION=A 82QC04
Install Instructions: 82QC04vm.txt
Download: 82QC04 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 152K)
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82QC05 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Feb 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005428 ALERT - Interval censoring syntax may lead to incorrect results 82QC01
SN-011688 Unable to Read Utility File and/or Read Access Violation error(s) withbinomial or Poisson analysis 82QC05
Install Instructions: 82QC05vm.txt
Download: 82QC05 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 366K)
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82SH01 was replaced by 82SH09

82SH02 was replaced by 82SH09

82SH03 was replaced by 82SH09

82SH04 was replaced by 82SH09

82SH05 was replaced by 82SH09

82SH06 was replaced by 82SH09

82SH07 was replaced by 82SH09

82SH08 was replaced by 82SH09

82SH09 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jan 2006
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004909 Cross-architecture catalog access fails to reflect updates by samearchitect clients in a SAS/SHARE environment 82BA30
SN-006581 Cross-architecture RLS catalog access fails to reflect updates by serverside in a SAS/CONNECT environment 82BA30
SN-005507 Loop in SAS/SHARE server with Yielding to Wait messages 82SH01
SN-006053 ALERT - Concurrent updates against shared data on a SAS/SHARE server mightcompromise data integrity 82SH01
SN-005185 "WZX: conversion buffer overflowed" error with SAS/CONNECT RLS 82SH02
SN-005745 ALERT - Version 6 data set header corruption by Version 8 SAS/SHAREcross-architecture client 82SH02
SN-005694 ALERT - VIEWTABLE, Table Viewer, and Data Table WHERE clauses might returnincorrect results through SAS/CONNECT RLS 82SH02
SN-006387 ALERT - Explicit locking against Version 6 SAS/SHARE server can compromise dataintegrity 82SH02
SN-005187 "WZX: conversion buffer overflowed" error with SAS/SHARE RLS 82SH02
SN-005697 ALERT - VIEWTABLE, Table Viewer, and Data Table WHERE clauses might returnincorrect results through SAS/SHARE RLS 82SH02
SN-007225 Using PROC FSEDIT with a WHERE statement in SAS/SHARE across platformsand releases generates error message 82SH04
SN-006337 Memory abends may occur when processing SAS data with a WHERE clausethrough remote library services. 82SH05
SN-009498 CLOSE function through REMOTE engine abends CONNECT server side 82SH06
SN-009371 KEY= value not found in SAS/SHARE cross-platform and cross-releaseenvironment 82SH06
SN-009499 CLOSE function through REMOTE engine abends SHARE server side 82SH06
SN-009549 "Library damaged" error message appears when reading large catalog entrythrough REMOTE engine 82SH06
SN-007490 PROC OPERATE and DISPLAY USER returning two rows of output to SAS/SHAREserver SAS Log 82SH06
SN-010004 Creating new catalog via RLS (Remote Library Services) throughSAS/CONNECT results in appending to existing catalog 82SH07
SN-010876 ALERT - S0C4 in SAS/SHARE Server 82SH07
SN-011360 PROC SQL with SHARE via XMS produces incorrect results 82SH07
SN-014465 "WARNING: Task is in hold-term" 82SH08
SN-016778 ALERT - The NOALLOC option is not completely honored for a server in certain cases 82SH09
Install Instructions: 82SH09vm.txt
Download: 82SH09 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 555K)
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82ST01 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jun 2001
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004841 ALERT - PROC CALIS produces incorrect results if an INWGT= data set is specifiedwhen METHOD=GLS 82ST01
Install Instructions: 82ST01vm.txt
Download: 82ST01 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 800K)
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82ST02 was replaced by 82ST15

82ST04 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Aug 2001
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005120 ALERT - Incorrect standard errors and parameter tests possible with NOPRINT andLACKFIT options 82ST04
Install Instructions: 82ST04vm.txt
Download: 82ST04 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 265K)
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82ST05 was replaced by 82ST14

82ST06 was replaced by 82ST11

82ST07 was replaced by 82ST14

82ST09 was replaced by 82ST11

82ST10 was replaced by 82ST14

82ST11 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: May 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005560 ALERT - Incorrect standard errors for repeated, multinomial models 82ST06
SN-006439 ALERT - Incorrect results when BY statement and AGGREGATE= option used together 82ST09
SN-007104 ALERT - Incorrect results with FREQ and/or WEIGHT statement when DIST=NEGBIN 82ST11
SN-007143 ALERT - Weights incorrectly applied when REPEATED statement is used 82ST11
SN-007297 ALERT - Incorrect results possible when the REPEATED statement is used with aFREQ or WEIGHT statement 82ST11
Install Instructions: 82ST11vm.txt
Download: 82ST11 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 326K)
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82ST13 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Jul 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-007028 ALERT - Incorrect results from IPF estimation if response variable has more than256 levels 82ST13
SN-007732 Abnormal Termination in PROC CATMOD when response effects have longvariable names 82ST13
Install Instructions: 82ST13vm.txt
Download: 82ST13 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 144K)
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82ST14 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Oct 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-005594 NLIN may give Error: Could not compute the change vector and fail toconverge 82ST05
SN-005692 PROC NLIN may give a Floating Point Zero Divide error with a BOUNDS 82ST07
SN-006607 PROC NLIN may terminate abnormally if ARRAY variables begin with "der" 82ST10
SN-006626 Invalid Operation error possible with BOUNDS and OUTPUT statements inPROC NLIN 82ST10
Install Instructions: 82ST14vm.txt
Download: 82ST14 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 116K)
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82ST15 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Nov 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-004855 ALERT - NEGBIN Distribution Produces Incorrect Results in PROC NLMIXED 82ST02
SN-008683 PROC NLMIXED fails to process all levels of BY variable when a floatingpoint overflow error occurs 82ST15
SN-008759 ALERT - PROC NLMIXED may display incorrect labels for some by-groups 82ST15
Install Instructions: 82ST15vm.txt
Download: 82ST15 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 496K)
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82ST16 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Nov 2002
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-008764 ALERT - PROC GLM may not compute the correct error sums of squares when solvingthe Expected Mean Squares for RANDOM effects 82ST16
Install Instructions: 82ST16vm.txt
Download: 82ST16 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 349K)
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82ST17 for OpenVMS VAX
Released: Aug 2003
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-010513 Out of memory error may occur when running PROC CLUSTER with a largedistance matrix as input 82ST17
Install Instructions: 82ST17vm.txt
Download: 82ST17 for OpenVMS VAX   (File Size: 76K)
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