AquaBank Credit Products
2018 Internal Stakeholder Report

Key Stats

Customers Added

In 2018, 1.19 million AquaBank new customers became credit card holders.

Credit Product Revenue

AquaBank Credit Products had the most successful revenue year in 2018.

Credit Product Expenses

Expenses grew slightly in 2018, with fraud-related expenses decreasing.

3-Year Revenue

With successful fraud prevention, annual revenues are at a three year high.

Write-off increase

The number of written-off accounts in 2018 were 2.4% higher than 2017.

Our Most Popular Cards

AquaSky continues to lead in adoption among AquaCard products..


Predict a Customer's Write-Off Risk

Predicting Write-Off Risk

We use a variety of ways to predict write-off risk for customers, these include credit scores, age, income, card rewards, marital status, and region.

Strong Predictor: Credit Score

As of 2018, credit scores remain one of the best ways to predict an account's write-off risk.

Card Rewards Type

Surprisingly, a customer's credit card reward type can help predict their write off risk.

Try it for yourself

The model to the right lets you see how we predict credit account write-off risk.

Our Top Analysts

Jonathan Wexler

Senior Data Scientist

Stu Bradley


Saurabh Gupta

Intern Choreographer