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SPD Server 4.4

Hot Fix Downloads

Hot Fixes 44SPDS01 thru 44SPDS13 have been replaced by 44SPDS14

Issue(s) Addressed :Introduced:
SN-020354PROC SPDO SHOWLIBNAME/DATA now handles tables with names longer than 8 characters44SPDS01
SN-020169MINMAXVARLIST now available for use with PASSTHRU44SPDS01
SN-020174SPD Server Audit logger terminates when audit log is reset44SPDS01
SN-020175Message indicates when an index scan is used44SPDS01
SN-020170IXUTIL -FIXCLUSTMEM causes core dump44SPDS01
SN-020168Parallel JOIN with GROUPBY and HAVING clause my cause memory trash44SPDS01
SN-020164SPD Server 4.4 LDAP authentication hangs the server when an invalid userid or password is issued44SPDS01
SN-019385SPD Server 4.4 will not start if the LDAP library is not present44SPDS01
SN-019382SPD Server 4.4 log window prints "Unable to get model info" message44SPDS01
SN-020178Error message changed when DPF component is missing for table44SPDS01
SN-020165SORTEDBY assertion support added for dynamic clusters44SPDS01
SN-019390SPD Server 4.4 Backup and Restore does not support minmaxvarlist44SPDS01
SN-020177SPD Server log file shows all options set for the server44SPDS01
SN-019392SPD Server 4.4 SMC plugin may hang when changing user group definition44SPDS01
SN-020179Indexes for materialized view tables can now be created44SPDS01
SN-019393ALERT - Unauthorized access to SPD Server 4.444SPDS01
SN-020330Unable to delete table with a persistent ACL44SPDS02
SN-020345PROC SPDO now shows all connections to SPD Server44SPDS02
SN-020351Support added for SPD Server START/ENDOBS LIBNAME options with values larger than 2G44SPDS02
SN-020331SPDS_ERROR: Encountered error while making key44SPDS02
SN-020332DYNLOCK may not work correctly on WIN3244SPDS02
SN-020333Parallel join may fail for when joining two very large tables44SPDS02
SN-020335Adding ACL user with SPDSMGR plugin may fail44SPDS02
SN-020336Calculated name cannot be a subset of an existing calculated name44SPDS02
SN-020339SPDSLS does not list cluster tables44SPDS02
SN-020349Parallel join column alias added44SPDS02
SN-020338PRINTLOG option added to SPD Server to log SQL statements from client44SPDS02
SN-020346CLUSTER CREATE fails when member index order differs44SPDS02
SN-020350CLUSTER CREATE with unique indexes is slow44SPDS02
SN-020347Multi-homed support added for SPD Server on Windows44SPDS02
SN-020355Correlate an SPD Server base process to an SPD Server user in the server log44SPDS02
SN-030634Missing value in SQL SELECT statement may cause SPD Server to disconnect44SPDS03
SN-030616SPD Server SMC Plugin may hang when changing passwords44SPDS03
SN-030543NUMGEN option support added for clustering44SPDS03
SN-030538SPDSNBIX macro variable added in SAS SPD Server 4.4 TSM344SPDS03
SN-030614Windows configuration with 10 or more processors my cause SPD Server name server to fail44SPDS03
SN-030504Materialized views are not rebuilt after adding a new cluster member44SPDS03
SN-030545SPD Server index memory leak on failed append44SPDS03
SN-020940ALERT - SPD Server STARJOIN produces incorrect results with short key variables44SPDS03
SN-030546SQL GROUP BY does not handle a missing GROUP BY value44SPDS03
SN-020987SPD Server STARJOIN produces incorrect results with STARMAGIC=144SPDS03
SN-030612SPD Server cluster ADD requires exclusive access to cluster44SPDS03
SN-030549SAS SPD Server giving incorrect results for a LIKE statement with a escape clause44SPDS03
SN-030550Additional printlog information included for debugging44SPDS03
SN-030613SPDSCLEAN aborts with unexpected token DYNLOCK44SPDS03
SN-030572Support for the operator port option needed if running SPD Server within a firewall44SPDS03
SN-030617SPD Server SQL sorting may be improved with SPD Server 4.4 TSM344SPDS03
SN-030635PROC SPDO refresh parms command may cause server to crash44SPDS03
SN-031293Using symbolic substitution with left join in SAS Scalable Performance Data Server (SPDS) may cause incorrect results44SPDS04
SN-031298REFRESH domains or parms command may fail even when ACLSPECIAL=YES is set44SPDS04
SN-032085Incorrect SQL optimization may produce incorrect results44SPDS04
SN-031301Expired SAS Scalable Performance Data Server password causes warning when using LDAP authentication44SPDS04
SN-031313Poor performance with SAS Scalable Performance Data Server STARJOIN using IN-SET strategy44SPDS04
SN-030631SAS/SHARE server crashes when used with SPD Server libraries44SPDS04
SN-031314Password showing in plain text when PRINTLOG is enabled in SAS Scalable Performance Data Server44SPDS04
SN-031355SAS Scalable Performance Data Server audit log does not print header information once it rolls over to a new day44SPDS04
SN-031356SAS Scalable Performance Data Server 4.4 TSM4 adds client engine for Linux operating system44SPDS04
SN-031357Unnecessary dynamic locking message added to SAS SPD Server log file44SPDS04
SN-032083SUBSTRN function reference in query produces errors44SPDS04
SN-031375Symbolic substitution support added for implicit pass-through and data step query with SAS SPD Server 4.4 TSM444SPDS04
SN-031039Implicit passthrough librefs do not honor domains with dynamic locking44SPDS04
SN-032037SPDO procedure enhanced to provide more information about dynamic clusters44SPDS05
SN-032105Query against dynamic cluster table generates warning and incorrectly returns rows44SPDS05
SN-032104HAVING clause generates error in pass-through44SPDS05
SN-032095Creating indexes in parallel may produce misleading error messages44SPDS05
SN-032091LDAP authentication generates errors44SPDS05
SN-032089Sort spill file conflict causes various "not sorted" messages44SPDS05
SN-032658ALERT - SPD Server 4.4 TSM5 data integrity issue requires upgrade to the latest release of SPD Server44SPDS06
SN-031854ALERT - WRITE= and ALTER= passwords ignored for SPD Server tables44SPDS07
SN-035079Error using TRIM() function when connected to SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server via ODBC44SPDS08
SN-035081User-defined formats used with the PUT() function in an SQL statement cause an error in SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server 44SPDS08
SN-035092Unable to perform union of two queries in Microsoft Access when connecting to SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server via ODBC44SPDS08
SN-036515Additional information included in SASŪ log when cluster creation or addition fails44SPDS08
SN-036516Listing ACL information with PROC SPDO VERBOSE causes SASŪ to hang44SPDS08
SN-036519LIBGEN=YES generated librefs not supplying all credentials for SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server44SPDS08
SN-036522Support for longer user-defined formats with the PUT() function in SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server44SPDS08
SN-036525Corrupt SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server table when there is insufficient disk space on AIX44SPDS08
SN-036526BIN32 and BIN64 directories removed from SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server media44SPDS08
SN-034961Reassigning a pre-assigned LIBREF in a stored process might cause an Access Violation44SPDS08
SN-033971"Work Task Died" error when using the SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ as an OLAP data source44SPDS08
SN-034931SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ KEEPLIST with "DO SOME" WHERE clause returns incorrect results44SPDS08
SN-038390SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server warning messages changed to notes44SPDS10
SN-038393NOMISS index support option removed from SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server44SPDS10
SN-037699Stored Process or Workspace servers may hang when a SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server libref is reassigned in the file44SPDS10
SN-037890Parallel JOIN with SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server can cause "broken pipe" error if the query has multiple JOIN variables44SPDS10
SN-038395Using the option COMPRESS=Y alias with SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server causes error message44SPDS10
SN-038396Using the SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server Table List Utility without a .spdslib11 file causes error message44SPDS10
SN-038835Incorrect results may be returned from SQL GROUP BY query against a SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server table with sort order applied44SPDS10
SN-038413SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server query with multiple subqueries may return incorrect results44SPDS10
SN-040499SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ queries limited to 4 hash joins44SPDS11
SN-040768SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server does not support the LOCK statement44SPDS11
SN-038741SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server Parallel Merge Join can give inconsistent results with a concurrency greater than 244SPDS11
SN-039157Limits for open files and partsize increased for SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server 4.52 on Microsoft Windows44SPDS11
SN-040498SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server STAR JOIN fails when CLUSTER tables for DIMENSION tables do not have a unique index44SPDS11
SN-039713ALERT - Required SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server 4.52 hot fix removes JOIN optimization change44SPDS12
SN-042455CLUSTER CREATE with single-member table having a unique index causes server to disconnect44SPDS12
SN-040663ALERT - Incorrect results returned when the data set option NOINDEX=YES is used on a cluster table44SPDS12
SN-040869"ERROR: Read Access Violation in Task[SPDO(2)]" might occur when using pre-assigned library in SASŪ Enterprise Guide44SPDS12
SN-041011ALERT - Use of HAVING clause with SQL GROUP BY may return incorrect results44SPDS12
SN-042472SQL Pass-through extensions COPY TABLE and LOAD TABLE are not supported between SPD Server domains that have different backup attributes44SPDS13
SN-042380Spurious notes reported when accessing user-defined formats in SASŪ Scalable Performance Data Server44SPDS13
SN-041534ALERT - Incorrect results occur when Boolean logic is used in WHERE and HAVING clauses44SPDS13
SN-042390ALERT - Incorrect results generated for heterogeneous SQL JOIN in SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ44SPDS13
SN-013562CHAR compressed SAS tables cannot be copied to SAS Scalable Performance Data Server44SPDS13
SN-042396SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ can become unresponsive after refreshing domains when a large number of domains are defined44SPDS13
SN-042535Using PROC SQL to delete rows from a SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ table might fail if DYNLOCK=YES is set in a LIBNAME statement44SPDS13
SN-043945Long table name in SQL JOIN might cause SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ to disconnect in a Windows environment44SPDS14
SN-043965Segmentation violation error might occur with a large number of ACL entries44SPDS14
SN-043944STARJOIN performance problem caused by default value of STARSIZE memory 44SPDS14
SN-043966ALERT - Results of query against a very large SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ table might be incorrect 44SPDS14
SN-043665SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ not using SRVOPORT value set in rc.spds script file44SPDS14
SN-043949Listing or exporting users in the SASŪ Scalable Performance Data ServerŪ password database may return incomplete results44SPDS14
WindowsReleased: Oct 2011
Install Instructions: 44SPDS14wn.txt
Download: 44SPDS14 for Windows   (file size: 25M)
HPUX 64bitReleased: Oct 2011
Install Instructions: 44SPDS14h6.txt
Download: 44SPDS14 for HPUX 64bit   (file size: 50M)
Solaris 64bitReleased: Oct 2011
Install Instructions: 44SPDS14s6.txt
Download: 44SPDS14 for Solaris 64bit   (file size: 46.0M)
AIX 64bitReleased: Oct 2011
Install Instructions: 44SPDS14r6.txt
Download: 44SPDS14 for AIX 64bit   (file size: 41M)
ATTENTION: You may receive "Symbol resolution" error when upgrading to SPD Server 4.4 TS M14 on AIX. See SAS Note SN-020446 for additional information.
HPUX for ItaniumReleased: Oct 2011
Install Instructions: 44SPDS14hx.txt
Download: 44SPDS14 for HPUX for Itanium   (file size: 100M)
Solaris for x64Released: Oct 2011
Install Instructions: 44SPDS14sx.txt
Download: 44SPDS14 for Solaris for x64   (file size: 104M)
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