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E9BA49 for Italian
Issue(s) Addressed:
General Product Issues SN-018376Errors occur in PROC METALIB when running solutionloadsampledata.bat
WindowsReleased: Sep 2006
Install Instructions: E9BA49wn.txt
Download: E9BA49 for Windows   (file size: 2.3M)
SolarisReleased: Sep 2006
Install Instructions: E9BA49s6.txt
Download: E9BA49 for Solaris   (file size: 1.0M)
AIXReleased: Sep 2006
Install Instructions: E9BA49r6.txt
Download: E9BA49 for AIX   (file size: 1.0M)
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E9BB93 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BB99 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BC11 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BC25 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BC32 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BC46 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BC62 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BC94 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BD08 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BD13 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BD20 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BD26 was replaced by E9BD61
E9BD32 was replaced by E9BD61

E9BD43 was replaced by E9BD61

E9BD61 for Italian
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-018108 Segmentation violation when executing multiple queries against a PROCSQL view containing a LIBNAME statement E9BA44
SN-018176 ALERT - Import of table through Information Map Library Engine deletes physicaltable E9BA48
SN-016074 "WARNING: At least one nonessential grouping column reference has beenremoved from a GROUP BY's reference list" E9BA53
SN-020479 Batch jobs might end with a return code of 4 with no warning in the SASlog E9BA53
SN-018487 Compress() function returns incorrect results when used on PROC SQLINSERT statement after applying SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 4 E9BA53
SN-019170 Errors issued when integer references for column is used in a PROC SQLGROUP BY statement E9BA83
SN-019527 Specifying the NOIPASSTHRU option in PROC SQL does not disable implicitpassthru E9BB04
SN-019372 Performance is poor in the SQL procedure when you use the COUNT(Distinctxxxx) function E9BB04
SN-017888 Segmentation Violation error issued when using PROC SQL and SAS/ACCESSwith a LENGTH= option larger than 32 E9BA31
SN-016547 Correlated subqueries using column aliases may not be passed to yourdbms when using SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME statement E9BB10
SN-017873 ALERT - Extra WHERE clause may get added to query passed to databases E9BA31
SN-019930 Using more than 36 tables in a UNION operation within an SQL proceduregenerates an error message E9BB26
SN-020130 Aliases columns or aliased tables in the SQL procedure blocks ImplicitPass-Through E9BB29
SN-020122 Performance issues occur because SQL code is not passed to the database E9BB29
SN-020123 Incorrect SQL text is generated when inner and left joins are used E9BB29
SN-020116 SAS/ACCESS® software fails to use table aliases correctly when you use in-line SELECT statements E9BB29
SN-020126 SAS/ACCESS® software now provides full support of the INNER JOIN syntax E9BB29
SN-020129 An incorrect Implicit Pass-Through query is generated when you use acombination of inner and outer Joins E9BB29
SN-020125 Using implicit pass-through might cause an incorrect table referenceassignment E9BB29
SN-020162 Using functions without parameters in WHERE clauses can block ImplicitPass-Through E9BB29
SN-020635 Incorrect textualization of SQL Implicit Pass-Through queries occurswhen you combine multiple inner joins with one or more outer joins E9BB70
SN-019655 Filter behavior inconsistent between SAS® Web Report Studio 3.1 and SAS® Information Map Studio E9BB70
SN-030923 Aliased summary functions in Base SAS® software are not passed to databases E9BB76
SN-030942 The WHERE clause strips trailing blanks from string literals that are concatenated with DBMS columns of type VARCHAR E9BB76
SN-030893 Using an ORDER BY clause in the SQL procedure causes performance problems E9BB76
SN-031122 SQLPLAN internal errors might occur when you select columns from an SQL view E9BB93
SN-031121 Implicit Passthrough errors after applying E9BB72, E9BB76 and E9BB80 E9BB93
SN-031291 Errors occur in SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server® for numeric columns that are defined with the MISSING statement when it is used in WHERE processing E9BB99
SN-031211 Errors occur in the SQL procedure's Implicit Pass-Through facility after you apply hot fixes E9BB72, E9BB76, and E9BB80 E9BB99
SN-031249 SQLPLAN errors occur when you reference a calculated column on an SQL WHERE clause E9BB99
SN-031905 Enhancements to the Implicit SQL Pass-Through facility enable more of a query to be passed to a database E9BC11
SN-031863 ALERT - Using the EQT operator in the SQL procedure incorrectly classifies rows with missing values as a match E9BC11
SN-031564 Performance problems occur when you use the CASE expression with DBMS tables E9BC11
SN-031825 After applying hot fixes E9BB98 and E9BB99, column aliases are passed to the SQL GROUP BY clause in place of the corresponding real column names E9BC11
SN-032537 ALERT - Incorrect query results might be generated after you apply hot fixes E9BB80, E9BB98, and E9BB99 or you run SAS® 9.2 E9BC25
SN-032925 An error occurs when you use the IDXNAME= and the WHERE= data set options in an SQL procedure query E9BC32
SN-032472 Concatenating libraries can result in Read-access violations in the SQL procedure E9BC32
SN-032545 An SQLPLAN error might occur after you apply hot fixes E9BB98 and E9BB99 E9BC32
SN-032406 Outer joins that contain a WHERE clause with the STRIP() and PUT() functions cause abnormal endings E9BC32
SN-032542 An error message incorrectly appears when you use the IDXNAME= and the WHERE= option data set options together in an SQL procedure E9BC32
SN-011210 Incorrect results from PROC SQL using WHERE= option with indexed tables E9BC46
SN-033094 ALERT - Incorrect results might be generated when you use the LIBNAME statement to join multiple Oracle tables E9BC46
SN-033648 ALERT - The implicit pass-through facility does not correctly switch argument order for the DB2 LOCATE() function when you pass the INDEX() function to DB2 E9BC62
SN-034391 An SQLPLAN error might occur when you use a calculated field to subset a table E9BC62
SN-033084 An SQLPLAN internal error might occur when reference a variable from an in-line view that created the variable from a constant E9BC94
SN-034678 An SQLPLAN error occurs when you submit a query with a CALCULATED column reference in a CASE expression that contains a GROUP BY clause E9BC94
SN-036177 Incorrect results might occur when you run a PROC SQL join with an additional WHERE clause against Teradata tables E9BC94
SN-036202 SQLPLAN internal errors might occur when you reference calculated columns in an SQL procedure E9BC94
SN-036748 The MULTI_DATASRC_OPT= option is ignored when multiple WHERE predicates are used in an SQL join operation E9BD08
SN-034153 Option DBIDIRECTEXEC prevents SAS® Enterprise Guide from opening tables created by PROC SQL E9BD13
SN-038458 SQLPLAN internal errors might occur when you reference a view in a query that has variables that are defined with the the LENGTH= column modifier E9BD20
SN-039304 SQL views of DBMS tables may not return aliased column names E9BD26
SN-039129 Formatting a newly created, missing numeric variable might result in a "Format not found" error E9BD32
SN-039125 An SQLPLAN error might occur when you use a new column variable in a correlated subquery E9BD32
SN-039271 ALERT - Outer join condition may not appear on WHERE clause when performing query against Oracle E9BD32
SN-039984 An SQL procedure view does not return any rows when it is used in DATA step or a PRINT procedure E9BD43
SN-041785 Read Access Violation errors occur when creating a long macro variable with the PROC SQL / INTO: macro interface E9BD43
SN-042030 Oracle PREPARE error issued when SAS table is empty and no keys are in the WHERE clause E9BD47
SN-044069 Performance might be affected if your query joins multiple tables or views in which variables are being renamed E9BD61
WindowsReleased: October 2011
Install Instructions: E9BD61wn.txt
Download: E9BD61 for Windows   (file size: 2.3M)
ATTENTION: Customers running SAS Base SQL must also download and install SAS Base hot fixes E9BD42 and E9BD48.
Download E9BD42
Download E9BD42 for SAS with Asian Language Support (DBCS)
Download E9BD48
Download E9BD48 for SAS with Asian Language Support (DBCS)
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