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Issue(s) Addressed :Introduced:
SN-019031Extracting SASŪ Marketing Automation campaigns or diagrams that contain a multi-select node causes a null pointer exception error44MA02
SN-019181A sorting error occurs when updating counts on a SASŪ Campaign Studio diagram44MA02
SN-018416ALERT - Executing a diagram that references a link node in SASŪ Marketing Automation 4.4 causes potential performance problems or returns incorrect counts44MA02
SN-018898Executing diagrams or campaigns that reference a link node causes an error44MA02
SN-018901SASŪ Marketing Automation spawns multiple processes even when the maximum number of concurrent tasks is set to 144MA02
SN-019033Choosing a date range of a single day in a SASŪ Campaign Studio returns an incorrect date44MA02
SN-019032SASŪ Campaign Studio dynamic cells fail with an error44MA02
SN-018925Concurrent execution of SASŪ Marketing Automation campaigns results in intermittent failures44MA02
SN-019050ALERT - An incorrect business context is stored after creating project input data in a SASŪ Marketing Optimization plug-in from a SASŪ Marketing Automation optimized campaign44MA02
SN-019172Status of link nodes changes to 'Ready to Update Count' if cells inan upstream diagram are altered44MA02
SN-019175Incorrect counts might be returned when the multi-select node "Excludecustomers that meet these criteria" check box is selected44MA02
SN-018519Creating project input data in SASŪ Marketing Optimization if the data was originally created in SASŪ Marketing Automation causes an ETL failure44MA03
SN-019816If a subject ID description contains blank spaces, then one column is created for each word in that description44MA03
SN-019805Exporting a communication occurrence in SASŪ Marketing Automation generates incorrect results44MA03
SN-019806Populating SASŪ Marketing Optimization with input data from SASŪ Marketing Automation generates incorrect Eligible Offers counts44MA03
SN-019862Prioritize node cell codes are missing when they are exported and after you execute or schedule a campaign44MA03
SN-019809An error occurs when the refine output functionality is used in anEXPORT node that references an upstream AND node44MA03
SN-019819Unexpected recurrences of communications are visible in the schedulingand execution GANTT charts44MA03
SN-019808An error occurs and the process fails when you execute a multi-threadeddiagram interactively or by running a scheduled campaign44MA03
SN-019817A remote exception error might occur in SASŪ Marketing Automation when you schedule a campaign with multiple communications44MA03
SN-020048SASŪ Marketing Automation returns an error when you use the select nodeto query an aggregated date44MA03
SN-020049If contacts are not at the root subject level when you optimizecampaigns or communications the process fails44MA03
SN-030439SASŪ Campaign Studio select node counts might not be correct when you add an additional selection criteria to a metadata generated list44MA04
SN-020851SASŪ Marketing Automation returns "Error: variable has been defined as both character and numeric"44MA04
SN-030441SASŪ Campaign Studio Export produces incorrect results when a refine node is used44MA04
SN-030442Attempts to import a campaign or diagram into SASŪ Marketing Automation fail if that object contains compounded calculated data items44MA04
SN-030443Dates display incorrectly in the SASŪ Campaign Studio Communication Gantt chart if more than 50 occurrences are scheduled44MA04
SN-030445Incorrect calendar might be displayed when you schedule dates in SASŪ Campaign Studio44MA04
SN-030446A SASŪ Campaign Studio and node can cause zero or incorrect counts to be generated44MA04
SN-030565The multi-select node not-equal-to clause is being ignored when refining output44MA05
SN-030566Counts are not being returned for text fields that contain blank values44MA05
SN-030564Poor SAS Campaign Studio OR node performance against DB244MA05
SN-030991Disk space is being used up because scheduled campaign and diagram exports do not always delete their underlying temporary tables in MATABLES44MA06
SN-030980SASŪ Campaign Studio only allows users to select one value from a code node stored process variable list44MA07
SN-030966The multi-select node, or another node upstream from it, has failed to execute successfully when using the LIKE operator44MA07
SN-030967Unable to delete a link from a SASŪ Marketing Automation campaign user-defined field44MA07
SN-030989A zero count is returned after manually changing the values in a multi-select node44MA07
SN-030973Refining an export on an and node where a preceding select is using wildcards might result in a zero count44MA07
SN-030968Selection criteria might disappear after you change the rule in a SASŪ Campaign Studio select node44MA07
SN-030972The SASŪ Campaign Studio refine functionality might return incorrect counts when used on an and node44MA07
SN-030969"Error executing query. The and node, or another node upstream from it, has failed to execute successfully"44MA07
SN-030986SASŪ Campaign Web Studio allows the Offer Group and Offer Sub group fields to have the same value44MA07
SN-030983Using the DELETE key in a SASŪ Marketing Automation export definition deletes the subsequent line instead of the one you mark44MA07
SN-030985"ERROR 20 Unable to log onto application server" error occurs when a scheduled campaign or diagram is launched44MA07
SN-030982There is no way to clear node counts interactively within a SASŪ Campaign Studio campaign or diagram44MA07
SN-030984A SASŪ Campaign Studio split node might return an incorrect count if two fields in the information map share the same business name44MA07
SN-030988SASŪ Campaign Studio select node calculated-data items appear twice after using the "save as" function44MA07
SN-030990SASŪ Campaign Studio encountered a problem error when using an or node set to "Meets any conditions defined by input node"44MA07
SN-020180A Select node that selects for blank values in SASŪ Campaign Studio might return an incorrect count44MA08
SN-032428Performance issues occur when you work with large diagrams in SASŪ Campaign Studio44MA08
SN-032429A long delay occurs between when you submit a SASŪ Marketing Automation campaign or diagram for execution and the start of activity on the database44MA08
SN-033046Select node remains in state "Not Ready"44MA08
SN-033179Running concurrent SAS® Marketing Automation campaigns can cause Java Messaging Service errors44MA09
SN-033176When using Select nodes to create an implied AND, SAS® Marketing Automation might be forced into a infinite loop44MA09
SN-032710SASŪ Campaign Web Studio user-defined field list selections are not reflected when reviewing the campaign or communication in SAS Campaign Studio44MA09
SN-032623The wrong campaign is returned when selecting a campaign from a filtered list44MA09
SN-032712Making changes to calculated items within a multi-select node can cause the node to fail when updating counts44MA09
SN-032746An exception error occurs when attempting to save a recurring campaign44MA09
SN-032715"The export node, or another node upstream from it, has failed to execute successfully" error occurs when exporting from SASŪ Marketing Automation44MA09
SN-032492SASŪ Marketing Automation campaigns might fail when multiple campaigns are run together and are deployed against IBM Websphere44MA09
SN-032731SASŪ Campaign Studio re-draws links between nodes and allows illegal links to be drawn in diagrams44MA09
SN-032713Cannot change shared user permissions once a campaign has been saved44MA09
SN-032741A sorting error occurs when using the export refine functionality44MA09
SN-032246A scheduled SASŪ Marketing Automation campaign never completes44MA09
SN-032488SASŪ Marketing Automation campaigns fail and an out-of-memory error occurs when you execute many complex campaigns in a 24-hour period44MA09
SN-032736Select node counts remain when an upstream node is added, which should cause them to be reset to "ready to update counts"44MA09
SN-033047Limit node shows 'Not Ready'44MA09
SN-032730Intermittent "ERROR: Libname DBTMPLIB is not assigned." error occurs when running a campaign44MA09
SN-034178Large SASŪ Marketing Automation diagrams take a long time to redraw after making changes44MA10
WindowsReleased: Dec 2008
Install Instructions: 44MA10wn.pdf
Download: 44MA10 for Windows   (file size: 138.2M)
HPUX 64bitReleased: Dec 2008
Install Instructions: 44MA10h6.pdf
Download: 44MA10 for HPUX 64bit   (file size: 304.8M)
Solaris 64bitReleased: Dec 2008
Install Instructions: 44MA10s6.pdf
Download: 44MA10 for Solaris 64bit   (file size: 166.6M)
AIX 64bitReleased: Dec 2008
Install Instructions: 44MA10r6.pdf
Download: 44MA10 for AIX 64bit   (file size: 188.9M)
HPUX for ItaniumReleased: Dec 2008
Install Instructions: 44MA10hx.pdf
Download: 44MA10 for HPUX for Itanium   (file size: 426.7M)
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