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Issue(s) Addressed :Introduced:
SN-015552Certain Microsoft Excel date values might not import properly in SAS Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-018315Plots might fail for Arima and Forecasting tasks in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018332Columns of the format dd/mm/yyyy might not import properly using SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-017623ID and PW might display in ToolTip for ODBC datasource in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-018557Text in the Log file might be out of order in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018425Specify line to use as column headings in Import Data task of SAS® Enterprise Guide® may fail41EG01
SN-017212Errors might occur saving projects or documents using SAS® Enterprise Guide and SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office41EG01
SN-018143Keyboard shortcuts that work with SAS® Enterprise Guide® 3 (and higher) and JAWS41EG01
SN-018316Tasks may fail if input data is changed using SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018559Refresh button for Report Repository dialog might not display servers in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-017173ALERT - SAS® Enterprise Guide® may crash when adding a parameter to a Stored Process41EG01
SN-018533Modifying a library assignment in SAS® Enterprise Guide® Explorer might affect custom authorizations on the Library41EG01
SN-017210"Send Email as a Step in Project" might fail in SAS Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-017159SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office cannot read Excel data stored as metadata41EG01
SN-017211Distribution Analysis might generate errors in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-017650Problems opening Microsoft Analysis Server Cubes in the OLAP Analyzer in SAS Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-017599Unable to replace code for a Stored Process in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-017598Information map variable labels might not be clear in SAS® Enterprise Guide 4.141EG01
SN-017595ALERT - SAS® Enterprise Guide 3 Add-In might not load in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.141EG01
SN-017596ALERT - Project order might change after migration from SAS® Enterprise Guide 3.x to SAS Enterprise Guide 4.141EG01
SN-018325Box Plot task might fail in SAS® Enterprise Guide® after migration41EG01
SN-018426"Exception error" message might occur opening stored process in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-017625Unable to create a Stored Process from task in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-017624Errors might occur running tasks using MVS Bound Library in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-017614Repository and Server window has 'Cancel' instead of 'Close' in SAS® Enterprise Guide 4.141EG01
SN-017613Distribution Analysis task might fail in SAS® Enterprise Guide 4.141EG01
SN-017612Application error might occur when opening an information map in SAS® Enterprise Guide 4.141EG01
SN-017610Basic Forecasting task might cause errors in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-018427Selecting reference lines for plots might cause warnings in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018565ActiveX graphic results in Publish Report might be incorrect when using SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018566Stored Process results might not be downloaded if errors occur in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018537Errors occur when you use SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.1 with SAS/SECUREâ„¢ software to connect to a SAS® Metadata Server 41EG01
SN-018328Microsoft Analysis Server 2005 cubes with shared dimensions might cause errors41EG01
SN-018329Microsoft Analysis Server 2005 cubes might cause errors when moving a level from Cube Explorer to Data Grid in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018330Opening the slicer dialog for a Microsoft Analysis Server 2005 cube might cause SAS® Enterprise Guide® to freeze41EG01
SN-018331OLAP cubes with many dimensions might cause the Grid view to be hidden in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-018333OLAP cubes with many dimensions might cause resizing problems within the OLAP Analyzer in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-018439Problems when viewing Microsoft Analysis Server cubes41EG01
SN-018567Task syntax errors might occur when using Excel Server data in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018589Correlations task might generate syntax errors in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-017700Might be unable to select a library in SAS Enterprise Guide 4.141EG01
SN-018568An error might occur publishing a report using SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018569Libraries in projects might not migrate correctly to SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.141EG01
SN-018445OLAP calculated measures might return error when displayed in SAS® Enterprise Guide® or SAS® Web OLAP Viewer for .NET41EG01
SN-018560You may be able to add new libraries in user mode in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.141EG01
SN-018561Adding SAS Startup Statements may cause errors in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-017973Errors might occur creating graphs using Russian SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.141EG01
SN-017796Projects might fail to open or run in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.141EG01
SN-018446OLAP Analyzer bookmarks may be reordered41EG01
SN-018140Queries might cause errors after migrating a SAS® Enterprise Guide® project41EG01
SN-018327Detail data sets from Microsoft Analysis Server 2005 cubes cannot be e-mailed from SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-018472HTML results might not display correctly for Cluster Analysis in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-017900Labels may be dropped when migrating projects in SAS Enterprise Guide41EG01
SN-018570Projects can incorrectly contain duplicate code names in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018585Display formats might be incorrect in the Import Data task in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-017971Query may not filter correctly for datetime values in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018584SAS® supplied Add-Ins might not work in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018313Missing data might occur when importing Microsoft Excel files into SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018564Viewing concatenated libraries in SAS® Enterprise Guide® may cause errors41EG01
SN-018553Import Data task might fail to read all Microsoft Excel rows using SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-017665Screens might not display completely in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018575Object labels might overlap in the Project Designer of SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018539Expanding the SAS® Application Server in the Enterprise Guide 4.1 Server List may be slow41EG01
SN-018555Files might not display in the File Open Dialog of SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018117ALERT - Code might be lost when saving from SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018586Certain parameter names might cause problems with stored processes41EG01
SN-018583Application error might occur attempting to adjust the width of a column in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018209Status might hang with RUNNING DATA STEP / PROC in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018225Axis label options might not work correctly in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-013740Run Project might cause errors or execute out of order in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018576Errors might occur when linking to a code node in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG01
SN-018459"Unable to create data" error when you replace SAS server on a migrated project41EG01
SN-019146Application error opening migrated project in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019145Unable to save project after migration in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-015458Errors regarding missing elements might occur when opening a SAS Enterprise Guide project41EG02
SN-018394Unable to change input table for queries in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019152Inner Join code might be generated inefficiently in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019151Errors or crash might occur when migrating projects to SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.141EG02
SN-018704ALERT - Save As might cause data corruption in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 41EG02
SN-018706Query might cause syntax errors after project migration in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-018955Numeric formats not retained when using Send To -> Microsoft Excel in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-018744Drag and drop a file onto a code node removes code in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019150Libraries might not display in the Stored Process wizard in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019417Deleting a library in SAS® Enterprise Guide® Explorer causes error message: "[Error] Repository SASMain is not registered."41EG02
SN-019149Query code might be incorrect after project migration in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019148Unable to click Enter to open a data table in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019157Model Scoring wizard might cause a warning in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019021Import Data task in SAS® Enterprise Guide® might fail if you right-click and select Run41EG02
SN-018932Duplicate emails and errors might occur running project in batch using SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-019018Filter might cause error when attempting to change input table in the Query Builder41EG02
SN-019147Import Data task might fail after project migration in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG02
SN-018715Exception error editing Properties in the Data Grid of SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG03
SN-019030Links to Queries might be broken after project migration to SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.141EG03
SN-019178Migrating projects might cause incorrect Query results in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG03
SN-019696SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.1 cannot save code or project to HFS file on z/OS server41EG03
SN-019474Export to Microsoft Excel from SAS® Enterprise Guide® OLAP Analyzer may fail for some non-English locales41EG03
SN-019473Certain query generates unexpected PROC SQL in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG03
SN-019738SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.1 might perform poorly when opening data sets with large numbers of variables41EG03
SN-019217Deleting code or data nodes before migration might cause errors in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG04
SN-020060An error occurs when you save stored processes to PDS files on z/OS from SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.141EG04
SN-020264SAS® Enterprise Guide® projects containing an OLAP Cube will store SAS® OLAP Server credentials41EG04
SN-020034"ERROR: This server XXX cannot be spawned without credentials" message if "sastrust" login account is missing41EG04
SN-019836Files might not display in the Open From SAS Servers Dialog of SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG04
SN-019892SAS Report type output fails to generate results in SAS client products such as SAS® Enterprise Guide® and the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office41EG04
SN-020072ALERT - SAS® Enterprise Guide® might delete metadata Login objects, causing other SAS applications to fail41EG05
SN-017535Transcode errors might occur when importing data in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG05
SN-019768Results for Export as a Step in Project might be duplicated in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG05
SN-020061Certain CASE syntax might not migrate correctly in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG05
SN-020781SAS® Enterprise Guide does not prompt for credentials when you submit a stored process if the password changed after logon41EG05
SN-020780Numbers might be incorrectly formatted after exporting OLAP cube data to Microsoft Excel41EG05
SN-020405Exporting an OLAP view incorrectly omits some rows41EG05
SN-020436Error might occur when appending data in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG05
SN-020806"WARNING: No variables found beginning with 'PRIN'"41EG05
SN-015214ALERT - Incorrect predictions are possible for the additional data data set41EG06
SN-030810DBCS characters lost after copying SAS Report output from SAS® Enterprise Guide® into Microsoft Excel41EG06
SN-030824Reset parameter option is dimmed after you select Cancel in a parameter dialog in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG06
SN-020983Queries might generate incorrect results after project migration using SAS Enterprise Guide41EG06
SN-021042A Cancel can cause an Application Error when changing input data in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG06
SN-030807SAS® Enterprise Guide® executes a FORMAT clause in PROC SQL which might cause performance problems41EG06
SN-019160Objects in Line Plot task might disappear in SAS® Enterprise Guide 4.141EG06
SN-030958SAS® Stored Processes containing DBCS characters used with the SQL procedure might fail on SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG06
SN-030808_FROM_ variable contains missing values in scored Additional data set41EG06
SN-017891Line plot task does not have a right vertical axis task role in SAS Enterprise Guide41EG07
SN-018528Imported data might be incomplete when using SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG07
SN-032772Error might occur using "Email as a Step in Project in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG07
SN-030382Summary statistics might be removed in the Select Data window in the Query Builder of SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG07
SN-032771HTML generated by SAS® Enterprise Guide might display incorrectly41EG07
SN-030688"Error: Unresolved reference to table/correlation name table_name" might occur when building a query in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG07
SN-042655Using SAS® Enterprise Guide® to assign DB2 libraries in the z/OS operating environment might display the USER= and PASSWORD= options in the SAS log41EG07
SN-003555Deleting rows from a table may cause Enterprise Guide to crash41EG07
SN-033161Syntax errors might occur when using the Standardize Data task in SAS® Enterprise Guide41EG08
SN-035114Export to Excel results in a Microsoft Excel worksheet with missing Period - Scenario information41EG09
SN-034883SAS® Web OLAP Viewer for .NET is scheduled to expire on March 1, 200941EG09
SN-035733Errors might occur when scrolling or editing SAS Reports in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG11
SN-037914SAS Enterprise Guide Project Grows Exponentially When Report Builder Is Used And Project Is Rerun 41EG13
SN-037867Certain filters in the Query Builder might parse incorrectly in SAS® Enterprise Guide® running against SAS® on z/OS41EG13
SN-038003Unable to edit existing parameter in SAS® Enterprise Guide®41EG14
SN-039149The SAS Enterprise Guide editor's width of caret position panel within the status bar does not accomodate for large row and column number schemes41EG14
SN-039388An error occurs in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.1 and 4.2 when you use DBMS data sets that are stored in SAS folders41EG15
SN-020835Errors might occur when you run a task in SAS® Enterprise Guide® against a pre-assigned DB2 library in the z/OS environment41EG16
SN-041544Viewing properties for an unassigned DBMS library in SAS® Enterprise Guide® might cause certain library options to become unusable 41EG16
SN-033359SAS® Enterprise Guide® Expiration Dates (2014 update)41EG18
WindowsReleased: Dec 2014
Install Instructions: 41EG18wn.txt
Download: 41EG18 for Windows   (file size: 17.3 M)
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