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53EMDESKTOP01 was replaced by 53EMDESKTOP04

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53EMDESKTOP03 was replaced by 53EMDESKTOP04

Issue(s) Addressed :Introduced:
SN-031525"Select at least one node from the viewer" error when you filter documents interactively53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031439Data Source Wizard hangs when you select a data set53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031440Associations analysis "problem has been encountered on the server", "Expecting an integer constant", "option or parameter is not recognized" errors53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031441Graphs do not appear in the results of the SASŪ Code node53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031442Variable roles in the Interactive Binning node might not be saved53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031444Model Package not registered correctly when using Java Web Start53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031445SAS Code node Reset button causes "Server Error", "Generic method error", "Indeterminante POSAPPLY()failure" 53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031449Fit statistics are missing for modeling nodes and Model Comparison node when using Group Processing53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031450Interactive Binning node skips values when assigning group numbers53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031451Hidden Layer Combination Function and Hidden Layer Activation Function Neural Network properties are grayed out53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031452"A problem has been encountered on the server", "Apparent invocation of macro EM_CHECKSETINIT not resolved" when importing a diagram (xml file)53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031453Merge Bin causes "javax.swing.DefaultListSelectionModel", "java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException" errors 53EMDESKTOP01
SN-030645TMFILTER macro may set TRUNCATED=1 incorrectly53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031470"A problem has been encountered on the server", "Variable not found" errors when Impute Variables node uses Mid-Range method53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031479Report Property Target is set to "Yes" but graphs do not appear53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031494Optimal Max. Equalize transformation statistics are not generated and score code is empty53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031495Changes to Report column values are ignored in exported data53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031496Binning returns fewer Event Rate Plots than expected53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031497'Attribute "ClassificationChart" already appeared in this tag' error when opening and recreating a diagram from a SAS Model Package53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031498Statistics Label column values are incorrect after importing a SASŪ Enterprise Miner(TM) 4.x project53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031499Histogram for nominal variable is blank in Variable Explore window53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031500"Java.lang.NullPointerException" error when creating a new project while another project is open53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031501Changing property values and updating the node before running it will cancel the changes53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031502Interactive changes to cluster assignments might not be saved53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031521WOE value changes in the Coarse Detail tab might not be saved53EMDESKTOP01
SN-031526Fit statistics table might be incorrect in Regression and Scorecard nodes53EMDESKTOP01
SN-032675English Rules from the Decision Tree node are empty when using a non-English language and non-US locale53EMDESKTOP02
SN-032678Sort order for numeric variables in Interactive Grouping and Interactive Binning nodes may cause groupings that cannot be performed53EMDESKTOP02
SN-032677ERROR 161-185: No matching DO/SELECT statement when running Data Partition node53EMDESKTOP02
SN-032676Adding a negative split in the Interactive Grouping node returns an error53EMDESKTOP02
SN-032511ALERT - Cluster node Seed Initialization Method property is ignored53EMDESKTOP02
SN-032490ALERT - Higher order interactions coded incorrectly in Transform Variables node53EMDESKTOP02
SN-034112Create Data Source wizard does not show all libraries or returns error "No table definitions associated with this server were found in the metadata"53EMDESKTOP03
SN-033825Grid host names do not display on nodes, problem has been encountered on the server error53EMDESKTOP03
SN-034528Changing variables in the Interactive Grouping node might return an Application Exception error53EMDESKTOP03
WindowsReleased: Aug 2009
Install Instructions: 53EMDESKTOP04wn.pdf
Download: 53EMDESKTOP04 for Windows   (file size: 54.0M)
53EMDESKTOP03 is available for the following language(s): Japanese
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