SAS 9.1.3 (9.1 TS1M3)

Service Pack 4 Fix List

Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SN-013198* MYSQL engine will not load on Red Hat Enterprise 2.1 SP1 (D9YQ01)
SN-013311* MYSQL engine fails when trying to process more than 4000 inserts or updates via SQL Pass-through SP1 (D9YQ02)
SN-013322* All records are updated instead of just one using SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL with PROC SQL UPDATE SP1 (D9YQ02)
SN-013343* Wrong result when reading data from Oracle using the DBSPLICEPARM option SP1 (D9OC02)
SN-013306* "WARNING libaio_raw" issued when accessing Oracle on Digital Unix (AOSF Tru64) SP1 (D9OC03)
SN-013162* System EC6 abend reason code FD0B or FF0B may occur in SAS 9 CONNECT SPAWNER SP1 (D9BA01)
SN-013053* ACCESS DENIED BPX.CAHFS.PTRACE messages in JES Log SP1 (D9BA02)
SN-013296* Analysis Variable sort is extremely slow SP1 (D9BA03)
SN-013344* New in-memory caching for SAS OLAP Server starting in 9.1.3F SP1 (D9BA04)
SN-013346* Column name for member property now contains level name prefix SP1 (D9BA04)
SN-013369* WARNING: The aggregation cannot be added to the cube because it already exists SP1 (D9BA04)
SN-013456* Order of clauses in MDX String has been modified in the SAS OLAP Server Monitor SP1 (D9BA04)
SN-013457* Distinct Values for Member Properties may be truncated SP1 (D9BA04)
SN-013458* Attempts to define a calculated member for an OLAP cube may fail with errors SP1 (D9BA04)
SN-013554* Performance enhancments made to cache more OLAP Server subqueries SP1 (D9BA04)
SN-013558* SPDE engine locking problem causes OLAP server to hang SP1 (D9BA05)
SN-013168* PROC DQSCHEME generating incorrect results in the analysis data set SP1 (D9QL01)
SN-013068* ID variable missing for dataset error may occur if fitting a model in the GUI SP1 (D9ET01)
SN-013157* The IntrNet Application Server may crash if the "programs=" option has a value that is greater than one SP1 (D9WB01)
SN-013272* Floating Point Overflow possible in Marketing Optimization or PROC LP during sensitivity analysis SP1 (D9OR01)
SN-013402* Data item settings may be reset when creating a new data item with Information Map Studio SP1 (101MP01)
SN-013088* German resource file from sas.dataexplorer.jar has invalid characters SP1 (313AP01)
SN-013361* Synchronize theme resources in the SASTheme_default.war file SP1 (913WIK01)
SN-013359* java.util.ConcurrnetModificationException with BI Platform 9.1.3 SP1 (913WIK01)
SN-013360* Memory leak in Remote Services when Selecting Preferences in the Information Delivery Portal SP1 (913WIK01)
SN-013519* ALERT - Incorrect results may occur when processing two different tables using the same connection SP1
SN-001373* ALERT - SAS/ACCESS Version 6 incompatibility issues with SAS Version 7 and Version 8 SP1
SN-013283* Setting INSERTBUFF with the PCFILES engine on UNIX gives CLI error SP1
SN-013614* Updates to database performed after each modification to a row in a Teradata table when using the DBKEY= option SP1
SN-013406 Informat name truncated with creating a character informat with the CNTLIN= option in PROC FORMAT SP1
SN-013350 Warning: INTO clause does not specify a valid sequence of macro variables SP1
SN-013617 PROC MEANS/SUMMARY/TABULATE/REPORT may generate warning in SAS 9 related to use of WEIGHT and STD or STDERR SP1
SN-013532 Performance degradation when using COMPRESS=BINARY option SP1
SN-013551* CODEGEN error causes Segmentation Violation in Task [ DATASTEP ] SP1
SN-013577* ALERT - WHERE clause returns incorrect results with overlapping ranges SP1
SN-013639* Group and role membership are not distinguished under the WebSphere container trusted login module subject principals classes SP1
SN-013640 Principles that are indirect members of groups do not get permissions SP1
SN-013591 An application can not deploy remotely accessible foundation services on a host configured with multiple virtual machines SP1
SN-013592 Deploying Remote Foundation Services as an NT Service using JAVA Service Wrapper may not start on the first attempt SP1
SN-013646 SQL statement dropping text dots when executed through the JDBC driver arbitrarily question marks characters change SP1
SN-013627 Passwords are not encrypted through the LIBNAME Statement for SPDS SP1
SN-013631 Objects containing missing values for numeric floating point attributes being checked into a project repository result in a floating point exception SP1
SN-013632 %OMAPORT macro fails to port Windows 32 bit repository to Windows 64 bit hosts SP1
SN-013557 MDX restriction of default member may cause error when viewing cube SP1
SN-013556 Calculated Member Plug-In for OLAP Cube Studio SP1
SN-012836* Information Map can not be deleted if bookmarked in Information Delivery Portal SP1
SN-013566* Normal use of the BI Portal can generate extremely large Log files SP1
SN-013585* Logging on through the BI Portal Logon screen does not display the logon times for those users SP1
SN-013589* In a configuration where the Portal is using web authentication, the remote service deployment can not use a different authentication domain SP1
SN-013624* BI Portal page navigation will not work with WebSphere and WebSphere 5.1.1 and above SP1
SN-013625* Invalid URL Specified error message issued when trying to add a bookmark to the bookmark Portlet SP1
SN-013626* 404 errors in WebLogic access.log when adding Portlets SP1
SN-013563* Themes will not work when served on a machine where multiple virtual hosts are mapped to the same IP address SP1
SN-013565* BI Portal does not support inclusion of a remote portlet from applications using APPSERVER Authentication SP1
SN-013633* java.lang.NullPointerException when retrieving a package created by Enterprise Guide and published to WebDAV SP1
SN-013400* errors on Solaris in SAS 9.1.3 SP1
SN-013232* SAS 9.1.3 object spawner fails on multihomed systems SP1
SN-013586* Stored Process packages that are HTML files containing non-Latin1 characters or are created on z/OS will not display correctly by the package viewer SP1
SN-013593* A Trusted Peer connection will fail when an encryption algorithm other than SAS Proprietary is used SP1
SN-013560* Error: There is an illegal character in the entity name when using %MDUCHGL SP1
SN-012979* Deleted or unregistered repositories cause memory leak in the SAS Metadata Server SP1
SN-013530* Coding errors on workspace server cause orphaned SAS sessions SP1
SN-013382* The Sybase IQ driver for AIX doesn't work with SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC in SAS 9 SP1
SN-013524* When replacing an existing file using the FILE command or the SAVE AS dialog the default action is CANCEL or NO SP1
SN-013525* ALERT - File>Open and File>Save might cause SAS to lock up with Jaws screen reader in SAS 9.1 SP1
SN-013550* Performance degradation writing utility files with threaded SORT SP1
SN-001598* Digit Grouping Symbol Under Regional Settings Causing Installation Problems SP1
SN-013372* DDE incorrectly outputs data to Excel using PUT statements with line pointers SP1
SN-013534* Sort node causes exception when data column in lower case SP1
SN-013536* Passwords exposed in stored process log using SPDS within Marketing Automation SP1
SN-013587* Passwords unencrypted in Campaign Studio audit log SP1
SN-013579* When using reports in SAS Marketing Optimization it is possible to edit the report fields SP1
SN-013561* Number of BI Portal users connecting to WebSphere is 250 when using themes SP1
SN-013615* Support for dbf, wkn, jmp and Excel 4/5 under Windows 64-bit SP1
SN-013590* Exporting Foundation Services deployments using the Foundation Services Manager Plug-in to the SAS Management Console on the Windows 64-bit platform fails SP1
SN-013515* Access violation may occur when large amounts of character data are processed on OpenVMS SP1
SN-013531* Access violation in SAS 9.1.2 and 9.1.3 after using SET UIC on OpenVMS SP1
SN-013020* Performance issues with regard to padding of decimals SP1
SN-013528* Using more than 11 conditions with the DBSLICE= data set option with SAS/ACCESS Interface to DB2 on zOS will result in an abend SP1
SN-013539* S0C1 in SASVZ SP1
SN-013499* DMS command FNAME will issue an out-of-memory error when the FNAME command is entered for a DDname or generic that does not exist SP1
SN-013063* FDELETE not working in SAS 9.1 with ACF2 security product SP1
SN-013390* CTRANSLOC option ignored SP1
SN-011433* SAS/CONNECT Spawner & Client session "hang" after executing erroneous code SP1
SN-002892* DB2 SQLCODE +535 received updating DB2 table SP2 (D9D201)
SN-014108* Updating a DB2 table with MODIFY may fail SP2 (D9D201)
SN-012913* ALERT - "A Sybase Context Allocation Failed. sassyb:s_ctx: init of open client failed" error when using SAS/ACCESS Interface to Sybase on AIX SP2 (D9SB01)
SN-012639* ALERT - TERADATA large decimal values not inserted correctly with the SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata SP2 (D9TE01)
SN-012639* ALERT - TERADATA large decimal values not inserted correctly with the SAS/ACCESS Interface to Teradata SP2 (D9TE01)
SN-014502* ALERT - Having maxdecimals set to 18 in Teradata can result in incorrect results SP2 (D9TE02)
SN-013603* IRR function generates INVALID ARGUMENT message in SAS 9.1 SP2 (D9BA06)
SN-013503* Email with ODS listing causes two emails to be sent and the first one is blank SP2 (D9BA07)
SN-013763* LIBNAME statement support for WebDAV servers SP2 (D9BA08)
SN-013947* SAS/CONNECT client hangs when SIGNOFF not performed after RLS libname SP2 (D9BA09)
SN-013654* SAS Direct Logon Procedure does not work in SAS 9 SP2 (D9BA10)
SN-013895* System abend S0C4 in SASVXBSM processing LOGREC data file SP2 (D9BA10)
SN-013885* VM1319 or S0C4 occurs when esoteric unit=DISK is specified SP2 (D9BA10)
SN-013896* System abend S0C4 in SASVXBSM occurs when reading empty system LOGREC file SP2 (D9BA10)
SN-014083* Connection between SAS 9 tier clients and mainframe servers may fail with the NLSCOMPATMODE option and a non-CEPC1047 encoding SP2 (D9BA10)
SN-014207* Empty concatenated SYSIN DD flagged and opened for output not input SP2 (D9BA10)
SN-013967* Share Server abend with S0C2 when SECPROFILE is used SP2 (D9BA10)
SN-014107* SASLIST output lost when SASLOG is routined to 'dummy' in a non-interactive SAS session SP2 (D9BA10)
SN-014010* FTP access method generates incorrect OUT OF DISK SPACE message SP2 (D9BA11)
SN-014013* ALERT - Programmatic update to column in remote data may not be saved SP2 (D9BA12)
SN-014160* New performance options for SAS 9 OLAP Server SP2 (D9BA14)
SN-013533* Using a range with IN operator can produce a fatal error SP2 (D9BA15)
SN-014193* VSAM performance degradation when using skip sequential processing SP2 (D9BA16)
SN-014385* Japanese string cannot be displayed in column header of PROC TABULATE SP2 (D9BA17)
SN-013568 Performance affected when SAS data sets created in a DBCS 32-bit SAS are processed in a 64-bit environment SP2 (D9BA18)
SN-013545* Valid userid and password hardcoded on SIGNON statement recieves message indicating "Security Verification Failure". SP2 (D9CT01)
SN-013902* SAS Data Quality Server will not support the Thai locale SP2 (D9QL02)
SN-013491* ALERT - Differencing of dependent and independent variables may not be performed as specified SP2 (D9ET02)
SN-014045* Publish failed! Reason was "[Error] Error encountered while searching for the channel defined in the SAS Metadata Repository." SP2 (D9IH01)
SN-011946* Session SAVE_ macro variables are not deleted from the Session Symbol Table SP2 (D9WB02)
SN-013816* Modified SAVE_ macro variable values are not saved for an IntrNet Session SP2 (D9WB02)
SN-013616* ALERT - RLS data set option WHERE clause might return wrong number of variables SP2 (D9SH01)
SN-013722* System abend OC4 in module SASIORMT when creating index using PROC DATASETS in SAS/SHARE environment SP2 (D9SH01)
SN-014003* ALERT - PROC MIXED may produce incorrect analysis when the response and spatial coordinates are simulataneously missing SP2 (D9ST01)
SN-014000* Floating Point Exception or Invalid Operation may occur when using PROC MIXED with DDFM=KENWARDROGER and the PDIFF option SP2 (D9ST01)
SN-013497* Files listed as 'Not Checked' during SAS Installation Qualification process (SASIQ) SP2 (D9IQ01)
SN-014402* The Job Status Manager window in SAS ETL Studio will not display SP2 (32ETLS01)
SN-012692* LSF error: Incorrect time dependency definition specified SP2 (531JB01)
SN-012711* "Invalid node: StartTime" error message appears when trying to schedule a job on non-English windows systems SP2 (531JB02)
SN-014001* Multiple time dependencies not appearing SP2 (531JB04)
SN-013582 Report Performance is slow when using an Information Map containing an OLAP Category SP2 (913BIQ02)
SN-014446 "An expression cannot be converted to the required type - in the "MEMBERS" function near: MEMBERS" SP2 (913BIQ02)
SN-013582 Report Performance is slow when using an Information Map containing an OLAP Category SP2 (913BIQ02)
SN-014190* Cannot log into SAS Marketing Automation Campaign Studio when using LDAP authentication SP2 (913JPS01)
SN-014224* Remote Library Services and SAS/ACCESS combined has poor performance results SP2
SN-013759* Unable to obtain error codes from unsuccessful bulkload operation with the SAS/ACCESS Interface to Oracle when using PROC APPEND SP2
SN-013657* VIEWTABLE window may be slow to close after creating WHERE subset with "Lookup distinct values" SP2
SN-010379 Extraneous characters appear in RTF header SP2
SN-014252* FORMAT= column modifier in a PROC SQL view can cause errors SP2
SN-014275 PROC SQL ERROR: Column XXXXX could not be found in the table/view identified with the correlation name YYYYY SP2
SN-014240* Performing an add-on installation without a .sasprefs file in the user's $HOME directory results in Java components error message SP2
SN-013514* Errors when reading a Version 6 sequential data library that is sorted by more than ten variables SP2
SN-014053 ENDOBS= option on SPDE LIBNAME statement processed incorrectly SP2
SN-013975* Interrupt handling on UNIX ignored SP2
SN-014328* The -sascmd option may not pass all options specified to UNIX SAS signon SP2
SN-014327* Interactive SAS/GRAPH output may not refresh properly on UNIX SP2
SN-014318* PROC TRANSPOSE fails with "WRITE ERROR" SP2
SN-014322* Asynchronous remote submit in SAS/CONNECT may hang indefinitely SP2
SN-013705 Read Access Violation when remote submitting PROC UNIVARIATE code via SAS/CONNECT SP2
SN-013941 ALERT - Chi-Square plot in StatExplore results isn't created with a non-English locale SP2
SN-012492 "Warning: Font Arial could not be used" issued when using TrueType fonts SP2
SN-014273 MVAResultSet Getxxx methods that take calendar arguments are not working as expected SP2
SN-014269* SAS Crashes after MQGETPARMS call when parms are shorter than message SP2
SN-014271* Not enough server processes are launched for message queue polling SP2
SN-014227* Using the Object Spawner in a clustered environment SP2
SN-014276* Object Spawners started simultaneously can become deadlocked SP2
SN-014272 Error occurs "XML is not in proper format" when the description of a channel contains non-english characters SP2
SN-013837* Stored Process Server output is not sent to Web Browser until request completes execution SP2
SN-014238* Web Report Studio may cause the Stored Process Server to "hang" SP2
SN-013994 Rescheduling LSF job flow from SAS Management Console may cause metadata error SP2
SN-014324 Restricting default measure will cause error in MDX queries SP2
SN-014457 Allmembers MDX function may return error that tuple specification is invalid SP2
SN-013375 Global calculated members can not be restricted SP2
SN-013964 PROC OLAP with DEFINE Statement in SAS Enterprise Guide may cause error SP2
SN-014184* "ERROR: Utility file read failed." received from PROC OLAP SP2
SN-014296* COMPACT_NWAY option added to PROC OLAP and OLAP Cube Studio SP2
SN-014307 "Excel received data from the source database that could not all be displayed." SP2
SN-014309 PROC OLAP errors generated when fact keys cannot be found in a dimension table of a star schema SP2
SN-014314 The DistinctCount function may not return the correct results SP2
SN-014319 ALERT - Data integrity issues with the ParallelPeriod and PeriodsToDate MDX functions SP2
SN-014323 Additional Performance enhancements made to SAS OLAP Server for 9.1.3 SP2 SP2
SN-014325 "ERROR: An OLAP server thread has failed." when querying OLAP cube SP2
SN-014326 Error message "EXCEPTION THROWN: The wireframe mapping failed." with OLAP cube SP2
SN-014346 DistinctCount MDX function returns 0 if all values are missing SP2
SN-014351 Calling an external function in MDX throws a java exception SP2
SN-014352* Data inaccuracy in ARM log when cache on and data_query enabled SP2
SN-014353 MDX LAG function used on first measure of OLAP cube causes Access Violation SP2
SN-014354* User with WriteMetadata denied can still edit or delete calculated measures using Calculated Member plug-in SP2
SN-014355* MDX Properties function has been updated to allow unformatted values to be returned SP2
SN-014356 Misspelled MDX function name may crash OLAP Server SP2
SN-014357 Out of memory for PROC OLAP could return 'ERROR: Cube "cubename" cannot be created.' SP2
SN-014358* Only one cube displayed when duplicate cube names exist in different OLAP Schemas SP2
SN-014265* Resources not released when using Web Server authentication and the Information Delivery Portal SP2
SN-014268* Renaming of Performance Dashboard portlet using the edit portlet page is not reflected in portlet title on main portal page SP2
SN-014270* Permission trees not created after running RemovePortalMetadata tool SP2
SN-014274* Group subscription to channels not recognized by Information Delivery Portal SP2
SN-014293* Navigator Portlets in the Information Delivery Portal cause stack traces SP2
SN-014298* Information Delivery Portal accepts encoded password at logon prompt SP2
SN-014303* Information Delivery Portal page templates can not be removed from Open Metadata Repository once defined SP2
SN-014313* Viewing Preferences after removing custom theme in the Information Delivery Portal causes exception SP2
SN-014320* Permission trees not removed when users and groups are removed from Open Metadata Repository SP2
SN-014329* New shared page templates not seen by users in Information Delivery Portal SP2
SN-014337* Exception may occur when bookmarking a shared portlet or removing the shared portlet from a bookmark portlet SP2
SN-014339* Refreshing page containing multiple portlets in Information Delivery Portal may not result in last portlet rendering correctly SP2
SN-014432* "Unexpected Signal" error may occur and the JAVA Virtual Machine may crash when creating a graph in the Information Delivery Portal SP2
SN-014442* Valid login fails to connect to pooled Workspace or Olap servers with trusted authentication enabled for Information Delivery Portal SP2
SN-014572* Bookmarking package in Information Delivery Portal may result in the Channel being bookmarked instead SP2
SN-014574* Information Delivery Portal fails to register Marketing Automation portlets correctly SP2
SN-013680* Search utility available on Public Kiosk when Public Kiosk has been turned off SP2
SN-013745 "Could not connect to the Report Repository" error when trying to open the BIP Tree SP2
SN-013980* DB2 bulk loader does not run with ALLOW READ ACCESS enabled SP2
SN-014489* Error rendering a report that contains a user-defined measure in SAS Web Report Studio SP2
SN-014490* NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN in query may remove valid data from tables in SAS Web Report Studio SP2
SN-014283* "Unexpected signal" error when creating a graph in SAS Web Report Studio or the Visual Data Explorer SP2
SN-014365* Empty graph appears in Web Report Studio after applying a filter SP2
SN-014159* ALERT - Upgrading the Business Report Manager and not other products can make the repository inaccessible SP2
SN-013876* Cannot display a report based on a cube after the cube has been updated SP2
SN-014249* Text properties are ignored when a link is assocated with the text SP2
SN-013114* "Selection exceeds maximum number of target items allowed" using stored process with Web Report Studio SP2
SN-014509* Conditional Highlighting does not work in Web Report Studio when percentage values are entered SP2
SN-014359* Styles lost when printing stored processes from SAS Web Report Studio SP2
SN-014360* Table may wrap when printed even though "Fit to page" is selected SP2
SN-014364* Graphs in Web Report Studio may look grainy when printed SP2
SN-014347* Filter may not be applied after drill-down SP2
SN-014245* Foreign language symbols not displayed correctly in the Comment Manager SP2
SN-014317* Corrupted characters are displayed when characters are outside of standard PC character set when retreived from a DAV respository SP2
SN-014091* Stored Process Server connections remain after closing client application SP2
SN-014264* Turkish codepage settings causes Enterprise Miner login failure SP2
SN-014280* Stored Process cannot be found by client application SP2
SN-014278* JDBC driver truncates number value using 11.0 format SP2
SN-014281* Error: The user does not have permission to perform this action when adding path in Stored Process SP2
SN-014237* Group objects may not be removed from metadata using SAS Management Console SP2
SN-014241* The Metadata Server fails to start when security domain contains an apostrophe SP2
SN-014301* OMABAKUP utility does not back up repositories containing special characters in their names SP2
SN-014311* Unable to find LoginModule class using Job Scheduler plug-in SP2
SN-014306* logins are not sorted and take a long time to be displayed in SAS Management Console SP2
SN-014334* Member lock not available when using SAS SPD Server database for contact history SP2
SN-014420* Multiple select nodes in Campaign Studio may generate error indicating too many tables are open SP2
SN-014421* Calculated data item within Campaign Studio select node will not allow semicolon SP2
SN-014243* Missing Resource warning messages displayed in serverlet container log file SP2
SN-014330* Portal content adminstrators cannot delete shared page SP2
SN-014417* SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL is now available for AIX SP2
SN-013912* Locked out UNIX Accounts are allowed access to SAS Server session SP2
SN-014464* ALERT - Stored Process Server Alerts are not created properly on WebSphere SP2
SN-014321* ERROR: TKM: Memory Corruption Detected: Pool SP2
SN-014195* SAS Help does not work correctly with the Japanese locale SP2
SN-014302* A temporary LIBREF cannot be assigned because all of the LIBREFs are in use SP2
SN-014503* SAS/ACCESS Interface to Microsoft SQL Server available on Linux Itanuim SP2
SN-014418* Error creating a Teradata table with a DATETIME column via SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB SP2
SN-014234* "Error: The expression is invalid because its type is incorrect. Try setting the type to Numeric" when concatenating two character columns with SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC SP2
SN-014103* Two Microsoft Web Browser components in a single frame may cause an error SP2
SN-014180* OLAP server connection may remain open after using Visual Data Explorer to access a CUBE SP2
SN-014185* Remote File Selector in Web Report Studio may result in NullPointerException SP2
SN-014186* Drill Path breadcrumb disappears after applying totals in Visual Data Explorer SP2
SN-014188* Visual Data Explorer fails to display missing values for charts displaying relational data SP2
SN-014189* Calculated member may not appear when both a table and chart are selected SP2
SN-013754* ALERT - PROC SQL returns the incorrect results when a query contains a WHERE clause with "column = (select distinct...)" syntax SP2
SN-014471* ALERT - "Run-time error '53'" when viewing our .pdf files from the SAS Setup CD or the SAS Software Navigator CD using Adobe Reader 7.0.0 SP2
SN-014710* ALERT - Requirements for installing SAS 9.1.3 and SAS 9.1.3 Service Packs on Terminal Servers SP2
SN-014282* Mark block command not working properly in SAS 9 SP2
SN-013013* Attempting a SAS/CONNECT SIGNON to a remote Windows Server using SSPI authentication may fail SP2
SN-014090* SAS/CONNECT SIGNON may fail with 'Unrecognized Userid or Password' if user does not have interactive login rights to the server SP2
SN-013783* OLAP Cubes named with MDX reserved words will fail in Information Maps SP2
SN-014206* Advanced Aggregation Tuning Plug-in for OLAP Cube Studio SP2
SN-014348* Unable to add calculated members to a cube in a dependent repository SP2
SN-014338* SAS Services Application may fail to start as a Windows service SP2
SN-014379* Expired password causes an exception when logging into the Information Delivery Portal SP2
SN-014463* Creating bookmark for Word document inside Information Delivery Portal results in white screen SP2
SN-014286* SAS/CONNECT's PC Spawner Program crashes on Windows 64bit with multiple SIGNONs SP2
SN-013973* Errors were encountered configuring Java components for SAS on OpenVMS SP2
SN-014236* OpenVMS installation with an expired SID file causes errors SP2
SN-014287* VMS SAS/CONNECT spawner may fail to start when specifying the config for the Metadata server SP2
SN-010073* Using SAS DB2 LIBNAME statement to insert either NOT NULL WITH DEFAULT or GENERATED ALWAYS columns SP2
SN-014474* ALERT - Wrong number of records returned when ::ForeignKeys syntax is submitted to DB2 SP2
SN-013425* Autoexec may continue processing when leaving MENU entry defined to SHARE server in SAS/AF SP2
SN-013720* TSO may hang when leaving SAS after running SAS/AF application with SAS/SHARE SP2
SN-013630* Memory leak when running PROC SUMMARY or PROC MEANS in SAS 9.1 on Z/OS SP2
SN-013201* Email attachment records with a length of 70 characters result in concatentation of records SP2
SN-013448* Emails fails to be sent with EMAIL ACCESS METHOD if invalid email address listed SP2
SN-014002* SPDEUTILLOC must be used when adding DEFINE statements for existing cubes SP2
SN-013141* ALERT - Member <install path>.ITRM.CPMISC(R3CONN) contains a typographical error SP2
SN-014144* Memory Leak in XMS Access Method SP2
SN-014739* Possible performance issue when getting a list of DB2 tables using the DB2 engine SP3 (D9D202)
SN-010937* Support for Oracle 9i client on z/OS SP3 (D9OC04)
SN-015278* SAS/ACCESS 4.1 Interface to R/3 and SAS Data Surveyor 4.1 support for SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 2 SP3 (D9R301)
SN-014732* Using clustered servers or virtual IP addresses and a SAS OLAP Server SP3 (D9BA19)
SN-014756* ALERT - Unexpected results returned when ordering SAS OLAP data in SAS 9.1.3 SP2 SP3 (D9BA20)
SN-014942* New option to control subquery cache size for SAS OLAP Server SP3 (D9BA20)
SN-014946* PROC OLAP passing a value out of range to the GRPBYROWCACHE SPDE option SP3 (D9BA20)
SN-015121* "ERROR: The header of the cube utility file could not be validated." SP3 (D9BA20)
SN-014745* Out of memory when using LIKE statement in WHERE clause with large data sets on SAS 9.1.3 DBCS SP3 (D9BA21)
SN-014828* SASREPORT tagset generates incorrect XML with PROC TABULATE SP3 (D9BA23)
SN-014737* ALERT - PROC MEANS/SUMMARY incorrectly assigning missing value to weighted statistic SP3 (D9BA24)
SN-014844* Modifying report layout at run time in SAS/EIS may cause error SP3 (D9BA25)
SN-015352* SAS Risk Dimension 4.2: Java Client - "Corba Out Of Memory" Error may occur when accessing OLAP cubes or scoring algorithms SP3 (D9BA26)
SN-015034 "Floating point overflow" when using informat of 2E308 on Windows 64-bit systems SP3 (D9BA27)
SN-014929* SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 2 hangs when expanding results after ODS HTML used SP3 (D9BA28)
SN-015023* ALERT - Error occurs when attempting to perform an Undo Check Out on an object in a Project metadata repository SP3 (D9BA29)
SN-015083* INDEXSORTSIZE= option on PROC OLAP statement may be ignored SP3 (D9BA30)
SN-015021* VIEWTABLE abends after second change to edit mode on data set with referential constraint SP3 (D9BA31)
SN-015111* Concatenation of libraries with multiple engines may produce incorrect error SP3 (D9BA31)
SN-015021* VIEWTABLE abends after second change to edit mode on data set with referential constraint SP3 (D9BA31)
SN-015111* Concatenation of libraries with multiple engines may produce incorrect error SP3 (D9BA31)
SN-015160* Unexpected behavior in macro when dealing with nested functions SP3 (D9BA32)
SN-015283* PROC SORT allocates twice as much memory as set by SORTSIZE on AIX 5.3 SP3 (D9BA34)
SN-015436* ALERT - Incorrect results can be returned from PROC SQL queries using SQL views which consist of set operators and contain column aliases SP3 (D9BA36)
SN-014779 %SYSLPUT and %SYSRPUT parameters containing spaces may be removed within the DBCS Edition SP3 (D9CT02)
SN-015149 Enterprise Reporter does not start for DBCS version of SAS 9.1.3 SP3 (D9ER01)
SN-014047* Floating point zero divide error with TESTALL or PERMS= options in PROC HAPLOTYPE SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-013997* ALERT - The sum of the haplotype frequencies may not be equal to one when using the NSTART= option SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-014046* Out of memory error message for large data sets using GENOCOL option in SAS Genetics procedures SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-014048* Floating point zero divide error in PROC PSMOOTH with TPM option SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-013655* PROC FAMILY may generate read access error if the TRAIT statement has character variable SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-013998* PROC FAMILY does not recognize numeric TRAIT variables less than 8 bytes long SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-014047* Floating point zero divide error with TESTALL or PERMS= options in PROC HAPLOTYPE SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-013997* ALERT - The sum of the haplotype frequencies may not be equal to one when using the NSTART= option SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-014046* Out of memory error message for large data sets using GENOCOL option in SAS Genetics procedures SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-014048* Floating point zero divide error in PROC PSMOOTH with TPM option SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-013655* PROC FAMILY may generate read access error if the TRAIT statement has character variable SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-013998* PROC FAMILY does not recognize numeric TRAIT variables less than 8 bytes long SP3 (D9GN01)
SN-014935* Thin vertical lines may appear in a graph created with PROC GPLOT SP3 (D9GR01)
SN-015462* Floating Point Exception Error may occur with PROC HPFDIAGNOSE SP3 (D9HP01)
SN-014428* Nonlinear constraints may cause Read Access Violation in SAS/IML SP3 (D9ML01)
SN-015008* ALERT - Incorrect values in matrix may occur when using the READ statement with the ROWNAME= option in PROC IML SP3 (D9ML02)
SN-014938* ALERT - Incorrect control limits with SMETHOD=MVGRANGE and varying subgroup sizes SP3 (D9QC01)
SN-014849* PDF files not available as Save type in Enterprise Reporter after installing Adobe 6.0 or later SP3 (25ER01)
SN-015110* Application Server (ex. SASMain) is deleted from the repository when the input to a Data Validation transform is deleted from SAS ETL Studio job SP3 (32ETLS02)
SN-014559* ALERT - Hotfix required for Enterprise Miner 5.1 after installing Service Pack 2 SP3 (513DMT01)
SN-014539* MDX query may fail with the following error: "An exception occurred while attempting to access data", "Syntax error" SP3 (913BIQ03)
SN-014539* MDX query may fail with the following error: "An exception occurred while attempting to access data", "Syntax error" SP3 (913BIQ03)
SN-014519* Slow performance with WEB viewers when a hierarchy is selected on the slicer SP3 (913BIQ04)
SN-015072* DBCS characters in the Solutions Applications portlet are garbage SP3 (913IDP01)
SN-015073* Logoff response time in the Information Delivery Portal is degraded if Service Pack 2 has been applied SP3 (913IDP01)
SN-015074* ALERT - Java.lang.ClassCastException may occur when attempting to use the subscription feature in the Information Delivery Portal SP3 (913IDP01)
SN-014708* Object could not be found message sporadically occurs SP3 (913IDP01)
SN-015086* Connections fail for authorized users logging on through Web Report Studio or Information Delivery Portal SP3 (913JPS02)
SN-015086* Connections fail for authorized users logging on through Web Report Studio or Information Delivery Portal SP3 (913JPS02)
SN-015404* SAS Foundation EventViewer does not synchronize threads properly SP3 (913JPS03)
SN-015303* Unsupported query containing an in-line view causes invalid aliasing which results in suboptimal performance SP3
SN-015347 ALERT - The alias rather than the column name is passed to the DBMS causing a performance issue SP3
SN-015395* ALERT - An incorrect table name may be generated in a subquery expression when using implicit Pass-Through causing a performance degradation SP3
SN-015398* Added the BL_RECOVERABLE option in order to improve direct load performance SP3
SN-014658* Errors validating SAS/ACCESS Interface with MySQL with SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 2 SP3
SN-015299* ERRORS during DB2 bulkload process are not returned to SAS SP3
SN-015301* Pass the SAS strip function to DB2 for processing SP3
SN-015399* BL_SUPPRESS_NULLIF option added to suppress NULLIF for Oracle's bulkloader SP3
SN-004028* FRAME entry with custom tab order may become corrupted after synchronization SP3
SN-011339* SAS/AF FRAME entry may remain in background after event is received SP3
SN-012911* Ending from Output window may change execution order of AF windows on UNIX SP3
SN-013940* Decimal value entered in Table Viewer cell may not match decimal value displayed SP3
SN-014134* Slow performance with FWRITE function in SAS Component Language SP3
SN-015377* ALERT - PROC CDISC creates incorrect XML output for integers, time, date or datetime values SP3
SN-009675* Informat reads trailing minus sign for numerics SP3
SN-015253* "ERROR: Invalid number" issued when re-ordering columns and using the old metadata update with PROC METALIB SP3
SN-015287* PROC METALIB added to SAS 9.1.3 SP3 SP3
SN-015373 Row class labels are not suppressed when the TABLE statement INDENT= option of PROC TABULATE is specified with the SASREPORT ODS destination SP3
SN-014571* SORTEDBY= option value stored incorrectly for SPDE engine data set SP3
SN-011498* Setinit Warning has incorrect hardcoded "30 days" in text SP3
SN-013832 "WARNING: the XXXX product with which XXXXXX is associated will expire within 30 days" should instead say 45 days SP3
SN-015082 "ERROR: Character is unclassifiable" when applying a SID file SP3
SN-015561 PROC SQL syntax error when using unary minus sign on SELECT clause SP3
SN-015279* Integrity constraint properties for variables not properly reported in the SAS Explorer window SP3
SN-013851* Simultaneously adding a new product and a new localization to an existing installation fails with the error "No such file or directory" SP3
SN-014541* ALERT - Service Packs SP1 and SP2 may overwrite your !SASROOT/sasv9.cfg file SP3
SN-015368* SAS invocation scripts and environment files created multiple times during installation on Unix SP3
SN-015356* WHERE with NOT CONTAINS operator may select incorrect index SP3
SN-015358* WHERE with multiple LIKE operators may return incorrect results SP3
SN-015280* Notes in the SAS Log may not be accurate for the SYSTASK COMMAND statement SP3
SN-015252* Resizing windows using DM WDEF commands is not working properly SP3
SN-015400 Incorrect number of observations returned using compound WHERE statement with IN operator SP3
SN-011250* SAS/CONNECT's WAITFOR _ANY_ statement only waits for asynchronous processes SP3
SN-015036 MP Connect session causes 'Disk I/O error' if SIGNOFF is not performed SP3
SN-015397 INHERITLIB option does not work if SIGNOFF is not issued before ending SAS SP3
SN-012948* Backround color shows through other elements when TRANSPARENCY graphics option is set SP3
SN-015310 BACK= option may be reset to zero when doing BY-group processing SP3
SN-015336 ACCUMULATE= option on ID statement does not use documented default value SP3
SN-015337 ALERT - Forecasts are incorrect if future values of inputs are not provided SP3
SN-015309* JDBC Driver does not handle setting of string nulls SP3
SN-015312 ERROR: Send attempted in receive state SP3
SN-015308* Publish Framework requires exact login credentials as stored in Metadata SP3
SN-015049 Running the Stored Process Server on a network that uses NAT (Network Address Translation) SP3
SN-015349 " The object Column: cannot be updated or deleted because it was previously locked by xxx" SP3
SN-012268* Slow performance time when exporting Stored Processes. SP3
SN-015341 Abnormal audit data sets crash the Metadata Server SP3
SN-015343 Importing of cubes across repositories may fail SP3
SN-015357 Import Table feature may fail with error in LIBNAME statement SP3
SN-015596 The same userid cannot be used for all of the administration roles SP3
SN-015167 Default hierarchy creation in OLAP Cube Studio SP3
SN-015238 Cube Import/Export functionality added with Service Pack 3 SP3
SN-015424* Memory leak may occur when deleting a cube with multiple aggregations SP3
SN-015426* Drill-through table properties may program halt in OLAP Cube Studio SP3
SN-015442* Member property formats can not be modified SP3
SN-015443* Generated code will not contain formats for member properties and levels SP3
SN-015445 Duplicate aggregations generated by Aggregation Tuning plug-in SP3
SN-015446* Code generated by SAS OLAP Cube Studio may have an invalid format option SP3
SN-014765* NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN with a set count greater than two will return invalid results SP3
SN-015204* SAS OLAP Server may hang when retrieving property for empty members SP3
SN-015425* EMPTY= option ignored in flattened row sets SP3
SN-015444* Parent level information for ragged hierarchies may be incorrect SP3
SN-015447* MDX aggregation functions may return invalid values when used with two different measures SP3
SN-013289* ROLAP Tables with additional dimension members may cause errors SP3
SN-014670 "Access to member is not allowed" error message in the OLAP Server log SP3
SN-015168* Hidden dimension names may be returned by the OLAP Server SP3
SN-015170 Option to synchronize existing cubes and input data table metadata SP3
SN-015202* Total number of dimensions and hierarchies cannot exceed 128 in a SAS OLAP cube SP3
SN-015206 NUNIQUE measure functionality added to PROC OLAP SP3
SN-015207* Measures may not be returned if restrictions are placed on the first measure defined SP3
SN-015234* Data loss may be encountered for OLAP Cubes with multiple hierarchies SP3
SN-015235 Cubes built with NUNIQUE can not be modified by earlier releases of SAS SP3
SN-015236 ADDNWAYINDEX option added to PROC OLAP with Service Pack 3 SP3
SN-015243* HOLAP_COMPUTED_COLUMNS_EXPAND attribute not working as documented SP3
SN-015274* 2048 character length limit on MDX string passed to the DEFINE statement SP3
SN-015276 The generated aggregations list is not updated when a new ARM log is processed SP3
SN-015332 Query results are empty when you change to measure with constant value SP3
SN-015412 "ERROR: The class ordinals cannot be initialized." may be received when building an OLAP cube SP3
SN-015413 MDX COUNT function with distinct set and EXCLUDEEMPTY option will not count missing values SP3
SN-015414 The error "An OLAP server thread has failed" may be received when querying an OLAP cube SP3
SN-015427* Expands that return over 32767 cells may return an error SP3
SN-015428* Duplicate calculated member names not available through OLAP Server SP3
SN-015431 Star Schema options may be reset within the Cube Designer SP3
SN-015448* Access to calculated members or named sets may be denied to all users SP3
SN-015449* Options for drill-through tables are ignored in PROC OLAP SP3
SN-015452 "An OLAP server thread has failed" error received following sort on member property SP3
SN-015453 Formatted values are not always returned on the drill-through data SP3
SN-015482 Querying cube built using star schema fails under certain circumstances SP3
SN-015622* Package Viewer may not display graphic images correctly SP3
SN-014106* The JVM option is invalid: -server. Could not create the java virtual machine. SP3
SN-014694* Description and location information is displayed below content items in Information Delivery Portal's portlets SP3
SN-014747* Executing InitPortalData tool causes logging failure when running with restrictive java permissions SP3
SN-014815* Login to Portal is slow after deleting page entries SP3
SN-015315* The Information Delivery Portal needs to free sockets quickly using Publish and Subscribe packages SP3
SN-015318* In the Portal preferences screen, the locale used for long date/time is in US format SP3
SN-015319* Nested group identity listed twice in Portal's group select box SP3
SN-015320* Portal Preferences does not allow you to easily restore your defaults to what the browser has set SP3
SN-015321* A Portlet is needed to display the dashboard view of an Information Map SP3
SN-015322* Portlets do not span multiple columns SP3
SN-015323* Deletion of content by a content administrator casues exceptions when a user tries to view that content SP3
SN-015324* Running a Stored Process to create an alert generates an exception in Weblogic or WebSphere SP3
SN-015325* Bookmarks and Alerts portlets lose their style sheets when viewed from Search SP3
SN-015327* If the WebDAV content Portlet encounters a "mailto" tag, https:// or ftp://, it will incorrectly rewrite the URL as if it were a file link. SP3
SN-015328* Exception occurs when a non-integer value or very long integer value is entered for the Page Rank in the Portal SP3
SN-015333* Remove button and Unselect/Select All checkbox not working correctly in Alerts portlet. SP3
SN-015334* The Portal may not shutdown correctly SP3
SN-015338* Portal's Winter Theme may flicker when rendered SP3
SN-015354* Winter Theme does not display "Welcome userid" banner SP3
SN-015355* Winter Theme covers part of Logo and Options Menu. Default Theme has "look through" appearance. SP3
SN-015313* Cross Java Virtual Machine content sharing is broken SP3
SN-014810* SAS Sourcing Strategy support for SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 2 SP3
SN-014809* SAS Supplier Relationship Management ranking support for SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 2 SP3
SN-014601* SAS Supplier Relationship Management support for SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 2 SP3
SN-014811* Power and Sample Size support for SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 2 SP3
SN-015311* Install creates directories with write permissions for Group in SAS 9.1.3 on Unix SP3
SN-014664* ALERT - Calendar Date Field (Caldt) may be incorrect when using SASECRSP to access APERDES and QPERDES SP3
SN-015222* Changes in the Default ACT may not be saved SP3
SN-014871* Reports cannot be printed SP3
SN-014827* Sensitivity plot is bumpy and no legend is displayed in the graph SP3
SN-015106* Queries that apply a slicer to a hierarchy take a very long time to generate SP3
SN-015392* After updating Management Console to SP2, jobs may be missing from flows in Schedule Manager SP3
SN-015339* "ERROR: UUID is only guaranteed to be unique on this node" SP3
SN-014881* Specifying the second dimension of an array starting at zero may result in ERROR: Array subscript out of range SP3
SN-014812* The VERBOSE option causes the EMAILSYS option value to become corrupted SP3
SN-014931* SAS Strip function passed to Teradata SP3
SN-015178* OLAP Server Connection left when HttpSession expires in Information Delivery Portal when using VDE SP3
SN-015513* SAS Foundation and SAS/Enterprise Guide DVD autoplay cannot locate/view Acrobat 7 files SP3
SN-013594* JRE or SDK 1.4.2_05 causes register failure in SAS SP3
SN-015353* Filters used in IMPORTAD.SAS sample do not work with Active Directory 2003 SP3
SN-015351* OMABKUP fails on Windows NT Server running SAS 9.1.3 SP2 SP3
SN-014454* "The JVM option is invalid: -XX+UseConcMarkSweepGC. Could not create the Java Virtual Machine" SP3
SN-014749* Wrapper.Conf.Orig contains invalid reference to log file location SP3
SN-015626* Exception may occur when using JAVA classes defined in a JAR file SP3
SN-015408* Using SPD Server 4.1 with implicit Passthru GROUP BY may return incorrect results SP3
SN-015248* "Unable to allocate graphics device I/O" or empty HTML file when creating an ODS HTML file with static images on OpenVMS Alpha SP3
SN-015249* ALERT - SAS 9 on OpenVMS 8.2 requires Service Pack 3 SP3
SN-015250* ALERT - PROC SCHEDULER fails to run all days in weekly recurrence SP3
SN-015241* ALERT - Oracle minimum requirements change with Service Pack 3 on z/OS SP3
SN-015369* Running Oracle 9i on z/OS 1.6 can result in various error SP3
SN-015266* Some function keys may be blank when editing PROGRAM or SCL entries on the mainframe SP3
SN-012582* Fatal Unrecoverable I/O error detected in the execution of a DATA Step when using FTP SP3
SN-014297* z/OS INFILE options may cause FLOWOVER behavior SP3
SN-014599* CAPSOUT option may not produce all uppercase output SP3
SN-015139* S002-A0 abend processing DSCB of a RECFM=VB PDSE library SP3
SN-014643* HPVALID job fails with RC=254 for the following encodings WA, W3,W5,W6,W7,W8,W9 SP3
SN-014662* USSUNTAR job yields RC 304 with certain addon products SP3
SN-014663* $USSUNTAR member missing HFSCREAT and HFSMOUNT jobs SP3
SN-014750* If SAS IntrNet is licensed Action D fails when trying to find the &prefix.SL.WEB.TAR data set SP3
SN-013724* System Abend S01D Reason D30A0E11 when encrypting a member of a hiperspace library SP3
SN-014860* Attempt to apply SETINIT which results in message ERROR: WRITE ACCESS DENIED SP3
SN-014956* SAS Transient library 7.50F available via Hot Fix SP3
SN-014153* U999/S0C2 abends may occur during SAS/CONNECT spawned client session disconnect if not explicitly clearing LIBNAME before SIGNOFF SP3
SN-014919* System abend EC6 reason code FD0B in SAS/IntrNet's Load Manager 9 for z/OS SP3
SN-014644* The SAS/SHARE server cannot support concurrent HOST sorts SP3
SN-015525* XMS SAS/SHARE servers may abend with a B78-5C SP3
SN-015615 Unix ODBC drivers compiled to use 32-bit function calls will not work with SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC in SAS 9 SP3
SN-015672* "Out of memory" error while executing a DATA Step MODIFY against DB2 table SP4 (D9D203)
SN-015672* "Out of memory" error while executing a DATA Step MODIFY against DB2 table SP4 (D9D204)
SN-013504* SQL3061N received bulkloading to a DB2 table in a DBCS database SP4 (D9D204)
SN-015699* Unable to insert byte(0) character into a MySQL table with the SAS/ACCESS Interface to MySQL SP4 (D9YQ03)
SN-016549* LIBNAME statement for SAS/ACCESS Interface to OLE DB with ODBC data source returns Floating Point Exception errors SP4 (D9OL01)
SN-014952* "Oracle prepare error" when Oracle password due to expire or in password grace period SP4 (D9OC06)
SN-016589* Missing or dropped Sybase VARCHAR or CHAR column if the length is larger than 255 SP4 (D9SB02)
SN-015575* ALERT - Using DBSLICEPARM=ALL (FASTEXPORT) is unable to extract VARCHAR data correctly SP4 (D9TE05)
SN-015878* FastExport may hang on a busy system on a busy Teradata system SP4 (D9TE05)
SN-015575* ALERT - Using DBSLICEPARM=ALL (FASTEXPORT) is unable to extract VARCHAR data correctly SP4 (D9TE03)
SN-015878* FastExport may hang on a busy system on a busy Teradata system SP4 (D9TE06)
SN-015923* ALERT - Workunit Journaling enabled Metadata Server may fail to initialize SP4 (D9BA40)
SN-015976 SAS: WINDOW FULL dialog window hangs session with Japanese version of SAS SP4 (D9BA41)
SN-015818* A stray character may appear in the code generated by an autocall macro when running MVS using SAS 9 SP4 (D9BA42)
SN-016256* Unable to read the server client update information SP4 (D9BA43)
SN-015970* Jaws Screen Reader might have trouble reading Log window SP4 (D9BA47)
SN-016077* ALERT - Disk full condition may silently corrupt SPDE data set SP4 (D9BA48)
SN-016206* Abend System 0C4 in SASDSX function DSEGNAM SP4 (D9BA49)
SN-016222* ALERT - Transaction fails "because it attempts to implicitly update an associated object in repository XXXX and this repository does not have a dependency defined in the repository identified in the XML" SP4 (D9BA50)
SN-011110* Using KEY= and UNIQUE options on SET or MODIFY statements with SPDE data set does not work SP4 (D9BA52)
SN-016234* READ ACCESS VIOLATION in SAS 9 PROC SQL when joining four or more large tables SP4 (D9BA53)
SN-016244* ALERT - Successive signons/signoffs to Grid Server will cause the server to crash with a Segmentation Violation SP4 (D9BA54)
SN-015469* Error: Access Denied using LDAP as the authentication provider SP4 (D9BA55)
SN-016381* FATAL ERROR on AIX with a DATA step view SP4 (D9BA56)
SN-016351* Match-merge produces incorrect results on AIX when DESCENDING option is specified on BY SP4 (D9BA56)
SN-016388* PRE-ASSIGNED Libname may fail with ERROR: Attribute not found. SP4 (D9BA57)
SN-016222* ALERT - Transaction fails "because it attempts to implicitly update an associated object in repository XXXX and this repository does not have a dependency defined in the repository identified in the XML" SP4 (D9BA50)
SN-016447* ERROR: Object is already locked SP4 (D9BA58)
SN-016520 KCTV function does not transcode some Simplified Chinese characters SP4 (D9BA60)
SN-016410* SAS data libraries created with Release 6.06 not readable in Version 8.2 and above SP4 (D9BA61)
SN-016377* User Completion Code=0913 "viddb : wmalloc for idb failed" SP4 (D9BA62)
SN-016667 Possible performance problems with DBCS SAS 9.1.3 after Service Pack 3 is applied SP4 (D9BA63)
SN-016657* Repeat of INCLUDE command frees PDS allocation SP4 (D9BA64)
SN-016704 NLDATMw. format produces incorrect results SP4 (D9BA65)
SN-016761* ADDNWAYINDEX option generates Read Access Violation for PROC OLAP SP4 (D9BA66)
SN-016767* ALERT - No response from SAS OLAP Server after multiple connections made from a Java client SP4 (D9BA66)
SN-016599* ALERT - IGNORE_MISSING_DIMKEYS option may cause data integrity problems or Write Access Violation with PROC OLAP SP4 (D9BA66)
SN-013853* "ERROR: The number of members in the 'hier-name' hierarchy exceeds the maximum number allowed." SP4 (D9BA66)
SN-016780* In Enterprise Miner, Thai characters are changed to question marks whe code windows are reopened SP4 (D9BA67)
SN-016863* Graphs produced with ODS PDF and PROC GREPLAY use more CPU time SP4 (D9BA68)
SN-016086* MODIFY may generate READ ACCESS VIOLATION and FILE libref.member.DATA IS DAMAGED messages SP4 (D9BA69)
SN-016973* ALERT - Inappropriate file access allowed on Unix SP4 (D9BA72)
SN-017003* Metadata server can crash or hang when loading marketing automation campaign SP4 (D9BA73)
SN-016247* GRDSVC_ENABLE call does not correctly close connections to the Metadata server after each request SP4 (D9CT03)
SN-015919* ALERT - BACK= option ignored if TASK=SELECT(MINOBS=n) option is in effect SP4 (D9HP02)
SN-015919* ALERT - BACK= option ignored if TASK=SELECT(MINOBS=n) option is in effect SP4 (D9HP02)
SN-016939* Read Access or Segmentation Violation Error may occur with PROC HPFDIAGNOSE SP4 (D9HP03)
SN-016778* ALERT - Server NOALLOC option not completely honored in certain cases SP4 (D9SH02)
SN-012578* ALERT - TYPE3 and CONTRAST results incorrect with DIST=NB and SCALE=P or D SP4 (D9ST02)
SN-016336* ALERT - Error when switching repositories when the BI Manager plugin (sas.smc.bimanager.jar) is installed. SP4 (121JPS01)
SN-015914* Error occurs when calling the DI_JOB_RUN_ESTIMATION macro SP4 (12DI01)
SN-015507* "Item Paste not found" error when editing a broadcast in Korean version of SAS Email Marketing SP4 (21BES01)
SN-015508* Response tracking records not written when SAS Email Marketing writes to an Oracle or DB2 table SP4 (21BES01)
SN-015402* ALERT - Syntax error when querying Broadcast Responses in SAS Email Marketing if response table is within a MYSQL database SP4 (21BES01)
SN-015411* Null Pointer Exception generated in SAS Email Marketing when selecting the Summarize Window SP4 (21BES01)
SN-015509* Login fails with a remote exception error when logging into SAS Email Marketing server SP4 (21BES01)
SN-015419* ALERT - No such file or directory error within SAS Email Marketing when selecting the EDUMation Monthly User Newsletter dynamic sample SP4 (21BES01)
SN-015391* Exception occurs when testing redirect URL in SAS Email Marketing Console for tracking servlets deployed under IBM Websphere SP4 (21BES01)
SN-015671* "Sending failed" exception when testing static broadcasts within SAS Email Marketing SP4 (21BES01)
SN-015535* SAS Email Marketing Client does not retain new reply rules added SP4 (21BES01)
SN-016805* VDE Bookmark Pane displays incorrectly at low resolutions SP4 (21WEBOLAPVR01)
SN-015999* Users can see each other's personal folders in SAS Web Report Studio SP4 (21WRS01)
SN-016307* The Visual Data Explorer servlet should use the encoding passed in SP4 (913CDD01)
SN-015977* Personal metadata space created by VDE under the BIP tree insecure SP4 (913CDD02)
SN-015993* VDE allows saving Reports and Data Explorations outside of BIP Tree and in Users folder SP4 (913CDD02)
SN-015978* Unable to prevent opening a cube from the Remote File Selector in VDE SP4 (913CDD02)
SN-015977* Personal metadata space created by VDE under the BIP tree insecure SP4 (913CDD02)
SN-015993* VDE allows saving Reports and Data Explorations outside of BIP Tree and in Users folder SP4 (913CDD02)
SN-015978* Unable to prevent opening a cube from the Remote File Selector in VDE SP4 (913CDD02)
SN-016273* Cubes with ragged hierarchies may not list all values in the in the filter list SP4 (913CDD03)
SN-016272* Applying filter to the slicer dimension through the VDE Navigator panel only works the first time SP4 (913CDD03)
SN-016453* Remote Portlets are not displayed correctly when SSL is configured on the Mid Tier SP4 (913IDP02)
SN-016455* Cross site scripting vulnerability for specific Portal access patterns SP4 (913IDP02)
SN-016307* The Visual Data Explorer servlet should use the encoding passed in SP4 (913IDP02)
SN-013102* COULD NOT AUTHENTICATE USER message may appear when attempting to log in to the Information Delivery Portal using a valid userid and password SP4 (913IDP03)
SN-016453* Remote Portlets are not displayed correctly when SSL is configured on the Mid Tier SP4 (913IDP03)
SN-016455* Cross site scripting vulnerability for specific Portal access patterns SP4 (913IDP03)
SN-013102* COULD NOT AUTHENTICATE USER message may appear when attempting to log in to the Information Delivery Portal using a valid userid and password SP4 (913IDP03)
SN-016453* Remote Portlets are not displayed correctly when SSL is configured on the Mid Tier SP4 (913IDP03)
SN-016455* Cross site scripting vulnerability for specific Portal access patterns SP4 (913IDP03)
SN-016805* VDE Bookmark Pane displays incorrectly at low resolutions SP4 (913IDP04)
SN-016080* Performance Problems and Memory Consumption when using Demand Intelligence SP4 (913JDBC01)
SN-015932* Some double byte characters may disable color features in SAS Java client editors SP4 (913JDE01)
SN-016403* The event broker's Alert Notification e-mails default to U.S. ascii SP4 (913JPS04)
SN-016449* "ERROR: Object is already locked" when attempting to check out a job in SAS ETL Studio 3.3 software SP4 (913OMA01)
SN-015854* Deployment of SAS/SECURE in BEA Weblogic 8.1 causes exception SP4 (913SEC01)
SN-015854* Deployment of SAS/SECURE in BEA Weblogic 8.1 causes exception SP4 (913SEC02)
SN-015182* ALERT - "Acrobat Reader required" when opening PDF user's guides for Web Report Studio, Financial Management, and Peformance Management SP4 (913WEBDOC01)
SN-015269* Cannot create SQL Server table if LIBNAME option IGNORE_READ_ONLY_COLUMNS=YES is set SP4
SN-006997* The PROC SQL limit on values that a Hash Join will generate for an IN clause has been raised from 200 to 1024 SP4
SN-016013* Incorrect value being returned in SYSDBRC when specifying an invalid Sybase database SP4
SN-016014* SAS STRIP() function passed to Sybase SP4
SN-016015* Unable to drop a Sybase table using the DELETE statement with PROC DATASETS SP4
SN-015712* Teradata reserved words can be used as table or column names when using the LIBNAME access method SP4
SN-015793* MODE=Teradata does not allow Teradata case insensitive behavior when comparing character strings in the WHERE clause SP4
SN-016140* Read access violation when terming a modified object that is created programmatically SP4
SN-016372* Special circumstance may clear a DropDownComboBox selection in a Table Viewer Control in SAS 9.1.3 SP3 SP4
SN-016426* Special circumstance may clear a DropDownComboBox selection in a Table Viewer Control in Release 8.2 SP4
SN-015187* Current token length warning when remote submitting long SAS statement from SCL program SP4
SN-001706* Dw.s format does not display special missing values or honor the MISSING= option SP4
SN-015801* Dw.d format writes missing numeric as a blank SP4
SN-016184* INTNX function with SAMEDAY alignment does not support multiple, shifted, time, or datetime intervals SP4
SN-016012 WevDAV LIBNAME engine does not support Proxy servers SP4
SN-016141* Update to the metadata fails when the Oracle password contains a > SP4
SN-015475 When used with PROC REG, path in LIBNAME statement cannot contain DBCS characters SP4
SN-015703* Specifying Thai encoding and a file containing Thai characters on the INFILE statement causes error on Unix SP4
SN-013638* OPTIONS NOBYLINE changes Table of Contents information in HTML and PDF SP4
SN-015540* ODS PRINTER may truncate long data values SP4
SN-015618 PROC REPORT with long format on BY variable may produce a memory error in ODS HTML SP4
SN-016391* Floating Point Exception error occurs when PICTURE format maps missing values SP4
SN-016698* PROC MEANS/SUMMARY/TABULATE produce no output when THREADS and CPUCOUNT are used SP4
SN-012912* FTP engine may cause SAS to terminate abnormally SP4
SN-017271* Dummy device in FILENAME statement causes error in SAS Enterprise Guide SP4
SN-015833* Performance degradation with BY and WHERE SP4
SN-015203* IDXNAME= index may be incorrectly rejected SP4
SN-016056* Ampersand in Stored Process prevents display of report in SAS Web Report Studio SP4
SN-015674* PROC DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD causes 'Floating Point Overflow' error SP4
SN-016248 GRDSVC_NNODE used with a data step does not return the correct information SP4
SN-005062* "Warning: Current token length of x is not supported; token has been truncated" SP4
SN-015492* Unix Spawner may hang when erroneous code has been remote submitted SP4
SN-009136* ALERT - GARCH parameter estimates table is incorrect when multiple equation syntax is specified SP4
SN-009189* ALERT - Output is incorrect when a RESTRICT statement is used with a GARCH model SP4
SN-015530* Invalid Operation and Termination due to Floating Point Exception errors when OUTSTAT= option specified SP4
SN-015588 SAS/ETS 9.1.3 Proc VARMAX - Forecasts and their Standard Errors are Incorrect when DIFY= and ECM= options are both specified on the MODEL Statement SP4
SN-016341* Read Access Violation error may occur with VAR model SP4
SN-015489* The EXPLODE option on the PIE statement of PROC GCHART may be ignored when using the ACTIVEX device driver SP4
SN-013115* EMF, PNG, and JPEG not recognizing aggregate storage locations SP4
SN-014382* Constellation and treeview graphs may not display correctly with French browser SP4
SN-012367* Errors with filter functionality in MDDB Report Viewer SP4
SN-017174 Publishing Framework does not recognize the METAUSER and METAPASS options SP4
SN-016048* New Base Path dialog is launched when Enable WebDAV Support is unchecked SP4
SN-016852* Generic Library can not be modified in SAS Management console when locale is not en_US SP4
SN-015760 "ERROR: An OLAP server thread has failed" from PROC OLAP when adding a set to a cube SP4
SN-017141* Visualtotals members in an OLAP Cube are not sorted or filtered correctly SP4
SN-017142 MDX queries containing NUNIQUE and no members from other dimensions may cause OLAP Server to crash SP4
SN-017143* Calculated members in certain OLAP queries may contain the wrong value SP4
SN-016404 IGNORE_MISSING_DIMKEYS=VERBOSE returns incorrect value for character keys SP4
SN-016775* Drillthrough to non-SAS RDBMS tables does not correctly reference table name SP4
SN-016868 PROC OLAP options CONCURRENT, INDEXSORTSIZE, and MAXTHREADS may not always be updated in metadata SP4
SN-016869* LIBNAME for drill-through and aggregation tables is now dynamically assigned SP4
SN-017139* Multidimensional Data Provider is unable to display a repository list containing many items SP4
SN-016911* Macro not resolved error when calling the Earned Value Management macros SP4
SN-017178 Errors in the wik_readme.html have been corrected in Service Pack 4. SP4
SN-015374* "ERROR: The resource was not found" message when attempting to use WebDAV portlets in Information Delivery Portal SP4
SN-016000* Information Delivery Portal session timeout and the browser BACK button causes unintended results SP4
SN-016001* Preferences web application in the Information Delivery Portal may show a mix of English and non-English language SP4
SN-016002* DAVContent portlet in the Information Delivery Portal will always be displayed in English SP4
SN-016170* Bookmark being added to the wrong bookmark portlet SP4
SN-016198* OutOfMemoryException may occur in the Information Delivery Portal SP4
SN-016374* Information Delivery Portal requires additional policy file entries when using Websphere through SSL SP4
SN-015734* Themes may not display in the SAS Preferences dropdown box in the Information Delivery Portal when using SSL and Websphere SP4
SN-016046* Portal userid information wraps when browser is resized SP4
SN-016040* ALERT - Incorrect Library Engine type displayed in New Library Wizard when changing Engine types SP4
SN-016888 Incorrect information displayed in cube view with secured hierarchy on the slicer SP4
SN-016031* The SAS STRIP function is passed to MySQL as the MySQL TRIM function SP4
SN-015906* Incorrect values may be assigned to floating point numeric variables SP4
SN-016270* "String index out of range: 5" when setting the BIP Tree to use File System for content SP4
SN-016132* Multiple queries are executed when expanding levels in OLAP data SP4
SN-014368* Sorting on horizontal matrix affects vertical matrix in Web Report Studio SP4
SN-016130* "Save report failed" when user is not report author in SAS Web Report Studio SP4
SN-016186* Report linking is not fully implemented with cross-tabulation tables in SAS Web Report Studio SP4
SN-016687* "Error Rendering Report (Rendering Content) Expression should not contain typed aggregations" when viewing a report in SAS Web Report Studio SP4
SN-014514* Scatter plot missing from report printed from SAS Web Report Studio SP4
SN-014507* Conditional highlighting does not show in place of value if the value is also linked in SAS Web Report Studio SP4
SN-016137* Totals based on NUNIQUE summarization may not be correct SP4
SN-015474* LDAP_PRIV_PW cannot be encrypted SP4
SN-015974* Access to puddle may be granted to unauthorized user SP4
SN-016010* [AWT-EventQueue-0] ERROR - Error encountered destroying a session context SP4
SN-015314* Direct ACE (Access Control Entry) may not override permissions defined in ACT (Access Control Template) SP4
SN-015998* Macros can be used to apply ACT to prevent users from changing their personal information in metadata SP4
SN-016009* Newly created permission is not available in Authorization tab SP4
SN-017169* SAS Metadata Server performance affected when multiple dependent repositories are defined and a user has multiple group memberships SP4
SN-015305* Changes made to the SAS Data Step Batch Server command line in SAS Management Console are not saved SP4
SN-016828* ALERT - Read permission must be granted on maps folder after SP4 upgrade SP4
SN-015868* Information Delivery Portal pages that contain a navigator portlet may cause a navigation.jsp exception SP4
SN-016554* SAS 9.1 htmSQL on LINUX returns missing date values as "*BadDate", missing numeric values as "nan" SP4
SN-016032* Read Access Violation occurs when accessing a MySQL mediumtext field that exceeds 1024 SP4
SN-016053* "Error binding parameters: [ODBC SQL Server Driver] Attempt to bulk-copy a NULL value into a Server column which does not accept NULL values" SP4
SN-016830* "Invalid Sequence of Commands" error from DATA Step using data set created from JMP File SP4
SN-014775* IBM Thinkpad trackpoint scroll and middle-mouse button in VIEWTABLE might cause SAS crash and data loss SP4
SN-016665* SAS Generated Map not updated when changes are made to the cube structure SP4
SN-016353* English appears in AppDev Studio (WebAF) run in Japanese locale SP4
SN-016664* Problem exporting to Microsoft Excel from webAF software or webEIS software in non-English locales SP4
SN-014981* SAS/ACCESS interface to ODBC may cause truncation with MS Access 2000 character data SP4
SN-015792* Red X shows in HTML files where gif image should be SP4
SN-016153* Message that there are duplicate files on CD when installing Service Pack 3 for SAS Foundation CD SP4
SN-014624* SASIQ fails to validate a Credit Score file updated as part of SAS 9.x (Japanese) installation SP4
SN-015232* SASIQ reporting failures after hot fixes applied and then SAS 9 Service Pack 2 installed SP4
SN-016099* Migrated diagram with SPLIT or LIMIT node following AND may fail SP4
SN-016526* ArrayIndexOutofBounds exception while editing layout of complex diagram SP4
SN-015894* Unprintable characters appear in gantt chart of schedule window for Campaign Studio SP4
SN-015123* Authentication via the PC Spawner program will only allow 14 character maximum for password SP4
SN-013357* The Update Table Metadata option in SAS ETL Studio software will not work if the table is remote SP4
SN-015457* The SAS ETL Studio External File Importer resets logical record length SP4
SN-016460* Expression Builder may generate source code with excessive line lengths SP4
SN-016461* SQL Join transformation may generate source code with excessive line lengths SP4
SN-016523* Option value does not get set correctly in the generated code when using the Lookup option in a user-defined transformation in SAS ETL Studio software SP4
SN-016525* ALERT - All objects in a SAS ETL Studio job may appear in upper left corner of the Process Flow Diagram (PFD) SP4
SN-016625* Transformations within a job do not inherit authorization settings SP4
SN-016676* Update Table Metadata fails with "ERROR: Error trying to establish connection: Unable to prompt for connection information" SP4
SN-016855* ALERT - Update Table Metadata fails when a table resides in a pre-assigned library SP4
SN-016856* In SAS ETL Studio, a new path specification does not automatically become the selected item and may not even appear within available items SP4
SN-016692* Output data from Stored Process may not display in SAS Enterprise Guide SP4
SN-016101* ALERT - "Error: Forecast Studio requires a minimum of version 312. Please close Forecast Studio and contact your system administrator" SP4
SN-014928* Exception errors may occur when using PROC GCHART with the ACTIVEX device driver SP4
SN-016550* No axis labels on a graph in Simplified Chinese system environment SP4
SN-016193* Application Server File Upload feature has a data integrity problem SP4
SN-016419* SAS Object Spawner invocation options may not function when installed as a Windows service. SP4
SN-015026* A user-defined format may not appear in the list of available user-defined formats with Information Map Studio SP4
SN-015127* SAS Information Map Studio buttons may change color, disappear, or change positions after a screen saver engages SP4
SN-016635* Single quotes in data item name will cause error in Information Map SP4
SN-013960* DEFINE Statements generated by OLAP Cube Studio may have extra quotes SP4
SN-017138* Non-English locales may cause OLAP Cube Studio to drop dimension type SP4
SN-011460* ALERT - Incorrect results or an abend may occur when bulkloading to an existing DB2 table SP4
SN-016159* Using PROC METALIB for z/OS SAS Library requires update access to the library (DISP=OLD) SP4
SN-015852* Using the NOSORTEQOP SAS System option with a host sort utility in SAS 9 may result in a bad sort order and truncated variables SP4
SN-016900* Unable to Reorder Columns in the LIBNAME window with W3 encoding SP4
SN-017033* Timestamp on emails are 30+ minutes off from the time it was sent SP4
SN-014801* Specifying FIRSTOBS= option and PDS member name on INFILE statement returns incorrect results SP4
SN-016064* SC03 and U998 system abends may occur when opening external files using the BPAM and BSAM access methods SP4
SN-016488* Only the current generation of a Genaration Data Group (GDG) will be read when the Base GDG is allocated on an INFILE statement SP4
SN-015956* ALERT - USSUNTAR jobs may complete with RC=0 when the TAR EXTRACTION job fails SP4
SN-015716* Possible incorrect DATETIME/TIME values returned when leap seconds defined SP4
SN-016357* In SAS Fraud Management for Card Portfolios 1.0, Enhanced Editor does not have color-coded syntax checking SP4
SN-016738* SAS 9.1 IOM and CONNECT Spawner sessions fail with security violations under z/OS 1.7 SP4
SN-015779* "No logical assign for filename" error with second graph in BY-group SP4
SN-016062* Userids containing variant characters fail authentication to SAS/SHARE 9.1 server when using XMS communication access method SP4
SN-016418* PROC SYNCSORT for SAS 9.1 can result in user INFORMATs being truncated SP4
* Indicates that the fix for the issue described in this SAS Note does not apply to all Operating Systems.

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