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C9D204 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Mar 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
Engine File I/O Interface SN-014739 Possible performance issue when getting a list of DB2 tables using the DB2 engine C9D204
Install Instructions: C9D204os.txt
Download: C9D204 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 178K)
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C9TE01 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Mar 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
Engine File I/O Interface SN-014502 ALERT - Having maxdecimals set to 18 in Teradata can result in incorrect results C9TE01
Install Instructions: C9TE01os.txt
Download: C9TE01 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 224K)
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C9BA01 was replaced by C9BA27

C9BA02 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: May 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
OLAPSERVER SN-012217 ALERT - Drillthrough not honoring maximum number of flattened rows server option (MAXFLATNROWS) C9BA02
Install Instructions: C9BA02os.txt
Download: C9BA02 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 628K)
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C9BA05 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: May 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
TCP/IP SN-012337 ALERT - SAS 9.1 components on z/OS fail communication with TCP/IP C9BA05
Install Instructions: C9BA05os.txt
Download: C9BA05 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 83K)
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C9BA06 was replaced by C9BA37

C9BA07 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Jun 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SAS data library I/O SN-012437 ALERT - FORMAT WAS NOT FOUND OR COULD NOT BE LOADED errors when reading sequential format SAS Data library C9BA07
Install Instructions: C9BA07os.txt
Download: C9BA07 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 89K)
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C9BA08 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Oct 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
AF SN-011674 SCL code after ENDSUBMIT statement may execute prematurely C9BA08
Install Instructions: C9BA08os.txt
Download: C9BA08 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 181K)
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C9BA10 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Oct 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SQL SN-012651 Missed optimization opportunity in PROC SQL when joining three or more tables C9BA10
Install Instructions: C9BA10os.txt
Download: C9BA10 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 248K)
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C9BA12 was replaced by C9BA27

C9BA13 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Jul 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SAS data library I/O SN-012666 Utility file open failed when executing SAS Procedures that use Threaded Kernel Utility Files C9BA13
Install Instructions: C9BA13os.txt
Download: C9BA13 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 128K)
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C9BA14 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Sep 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SUMMARY SN-012943 ALERT - PROC MEANS/SUMMARY/REPORT/TABULATE may generate incorrect results on MVS when threading is used C9BA14
SUMMARY SN-013076 ALERT - PROC MEANS/SUMMARY/TABULATE/REPORT may generate incorrect results when threading is used with P2 quantiles C9BA14
SUMMARY SN-013077 ALERT - On MVS, the SUMMARY OBJECT is not releasing threaded kernel utility space in SAS 9.1 and 9.1.2 C9BA14
Install Instructions: C9BA14os.txt
Download: C9BA14 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 206K)
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C9BA15 was replaced by C9BA37

C9BA16 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Sep 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SERVER SN-012979 Deleted or unregistered repositories cause memory leak in the SAS Metadata Server C9BA16
Install Instructions: C9BA16os.txt
Download: C9BA16 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 823K)
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C9BA18 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Sep 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
Engine File I/O Interface SN-012222 'ERROR: Floating Point Exception' occurs using SAS/ACCESS engines C9BA18
Install Instructions: C9BA18os.txt
Download: C9BA18 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 134K)
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C9BA19 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Aug 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
Spawner SN-013162 System EC6 abend reason code FD0B or FF0B may occur in SAS 9 CONNECT SPAWNER C9BA19
Install Instructions: C9BA19os.txt
Download: C9BA19 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 191K)
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C9BA20 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Oct 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SQL SN-013350 Warning: INTO clause does not specify a valid sequence of macro variables C9BA20
Install Instructions: C9BA20os.txt
Download: C9BA20 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 247K)
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C9BA21 was replaced by C9BA37

C9BA23 was replaced by C9BA37

C9BA24 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Oct 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SUMMARY SN-013630 Memory leak when running PROC SUMMARY or PROC MEANS in SAS 9.1 on Z/OS C9BA24
Install Instructions: C9BA24os.txt
Download: C9BA24 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 167K)
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C9BA26 was replaced by C9BA37

C9BA27 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Mar 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
Where Processing SN-012148 ALERT - WHERE clause with IN: may not return all matching observations C9BA01
SAS data library I/O SN-012225 NOT A VALID ITEM STORE FORMAT message C9BA01
DATASETS SN-012740 ALERT - PROC DATASETS - Note: There were 0 observations read from data set LIBREF.dsname C9BA12
RSUBMIT SN-013705 Read Access Violation when remote submitting PROC UNIVARIATE code via SAS/CONNECT C9BA27
Install Instructions: C9BA27os.txt
Download: C9BA27 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 9.6M)
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C9BA28 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Dec 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SAS data library I/O SN-013514 Errors when reading a Version 6 sequential data library that is sorted by more than ten variables C9BA28
Install Instructions: C9BA28os.txt
Download: C9BA28 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 91K)
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C9BA31 was replaced by C9BA37

C9BA32 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Feb 2005
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
Spawner SN-014153 U999/S0C2 abends may occur during SAS/CONNECT spawned client session disconnect if not explicitly clearing LIBNAME before SIGNOFF C9BA32
Install Instructions: C9BA32os.txt
Download: C9BA32 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 158K)
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C9BA33 was replaced by C9BA37

C9BA35 was replaced by C9BA37

C9BA37 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Jun 2006
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
General System Issues SN-012414 SAS 9.1.2 install fails with S0C1/S0C4 in the SASINIT step of job SASINSTA due to Z-Series opcode on older hardware or on OS/390 operating system C9BA06
Installation Instructions SN-012375 Fix to disable NOTE: C TRANSIENT WILL BE LOADED FROM <> C9BA15
External File I/O SN-013063 FDELETE not working in SAS 9.1 with ACF2 security product C9BA15
External File I/O SN-012232 System ABEND S0C4 in function VXASGNC processing a VSAM dataset C9BA15
Informats SN-013539 S0C1 in SASVZ C9BA21
TCP/IP SN-013390 CTRANSLOC option ignored C9BA21
AF SN-013425 Autoexec may continue processing when leaving MENU entry defined to SHARE server in SAS/AF C9BA23
AF SN-013720 TSO may hang when leaving SAS after running SAS/AF application with SAS/SHARE C9BA26
General System Issues SN-014144 Memory Leak in XMS Access Method C9BA31
General System Issues SN-014644 The SAS/SHARE server cannot support concurrent HOST sorts C9BA33
External File I/O SN-014599 CAPSOUT option may not produce all uppercase output C9BA35
External File I/O SN-017395 BMC MAINVIEW Batch Optimizer & Data Accelerator Compression Software receive S0C4 ABEND C9BA37
Install Instructions: C9BA37os.txt
Download: C9BA37 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 4.8M)
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C9SH01 for z/OS (OS/390)
Released: Nov 2004
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
SERVER SN-013722 System abend OC4 in module SASIORMT when creating index using PROC DATASETS in SAS/SHARE environment C9SH01
Install Instructions: C9SH01os.txt
Download: C9SH01 for z/OS (OS/390)   (File Size: 171K)
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