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SAS Anti-Money Laundering 2.1

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21AML01 was replaced by 21AML02

Issue(s) Addressed :Introduced:
SN-019541The REPLICATETRANSACTION macro in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering fails when the transaction key is larger than 8. format21AML01
SN-034848A sort error might occur in the OWNER_REPORT macro when there is a blank USER_LONG_ID field21AML01
SN-034987The SEND_ALERT_REMINDER macro does not support e-mail addresses that contain special characters21AML01
SN-019367The WC_NORMALIZE_WATCH_LIST_DATA macro causes a read-access or segmentation violation for world-check processing21AML01
SN-019544The alert generation process might have problems handling numeric formats that are not set to the BEST32. format 21AML01
SN-020671Risk factor scenarios SAS10023 and SAS10024 may produce incorrect results if the number of months parameter for the scenarios is greater than the number of months available in the profile data sets.21AML01
SN-018064ORA-00918 error messages surface in several places in the SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering user interface21AML01
SN-019397In SASŪ Anti-Money Laudering, INSTALL.SAS program copies !SASROOT/.../.../SASMACR.sas7bcat to !AMLROOT/custom/source21AML01
SN-039076Errors occur when you use the SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering macro FIND_ALERT_NEAR_NEIGHBORS21AML01
SN-019389A read access violation or segmentation violation occurs with WC_NORMALIZE_WATCH_LIST_DATA 21AML01
SN-019228SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering dynamic URL queries might generate an error if they contain (<) or (>) symbols21AML01
SN-019229The SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering user interface provides the ability to launch external applications21AML01
SN-019590A missing sample program in SASŪ software might generate an error during execution of the program21AML01
SN-019591The sasaml.neighbor.sql query might generate an error message21AML01
SN-019304The calculation for scenario 91 in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering is incorrect21AML01
SN-019306The DISTINCT clause in the riskranking SQL query might cause performance issues21AML01
SN-019341ALERT - An error occurs when the target FSC_PARTY_DIM record undergoes a type-2 change21AML01
SN-019343BL_TEMP=YES causes an SQLLDR error on the Microsoft Windows operating system21AML01
SN-020055The SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering client does not run on WebSphere or Weblogic servers if Java 2 security is enabled21AML01
SN-019361Single-column sorting on the Closed Alerts or the Suppressed Alerts pages removes multicolumn sorting on the Available Alerts page21AML01
SN-019364Alerts in the alert generation process are routed to logically deleted user IDs21AML01
SN-019366Records might disappear from the user interface after you upgrade to SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 and purge the FSC_TRANSACTION_DIM table21AML01
SN-019368The SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering scenario, SAS10023, calculates the wrong average when the party profile has fewer months than requested21AML01
SN-019391Duplicate risk scores might occur in the Alert History window21AML01
SN-019395SEND_ALERT_REMINDER and NOTIFY_MANAGER modules in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering do not support special characters in e-mail addresses21AML01
SN-019396Bypage help is added for two FINTRAC Investigation user interface windows21AML01
SN-019592The update of the Fsc_location_watch_list_dim program does not work when you delete countries21AML01
SN-019416Re-name STR bypage Help files to include name of country21AML01
SN-019421Add configuration property to enable conditional display of U.S. SAR links in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering21AML01
SN-019534In SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1, data stored in Oracle 10G is not viewable via Apache Tomcat when you click the Near Neighbors link21AML01
SN-019599The program is missing unknown foreign key updates21AML01
SN-019535Incorrect post-processing macro name in the macro FIND_REPORT_NEAR_NEIGHBORS in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.121AML01
SN-019589PUT_AML_ERROR.SAS does not display hot fix information in error messages21AML01
SN-019600The version number in the SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering Help system and About page is not correct21AML01
SN-019537Image paths in the SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 Help system should use forward slashes21AML01
SN-019603The bypage help for the SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering Custom tab uses an incorrect template21AML01
SN-019538The SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 transaction query for the Norwegian system activity report should include trade transaction data21AML01
SN-019539.JSP program references need to be fixed for the modified Custom Tab application in the SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering Help system21AML01
SN-019545The SAVE_TRANSACTION_KEY macro might generate an error on large transaction key values21AML01
SN-019605You cannot set the number of report groups in the SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering report for Active Alerts distribution21AML01
SN-019552Hash tables for certain external-party scenarios might exceed the 2-gigabyte memory limit on the Windows operating system21AML01
SN-019553The COMBINE_ALERTS macro fails because the SQL Pass-Through code does not contain a SCHEMA parameter21AML01
SN-019555The Scenario Administrator in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 might fail to promote a large list of scenarios21AML01
SN-019662The Alert History window in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 displays an incorrect creation date21AML01
SN-019556Users need to be able to select a delimiter for exporting files in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.121AML01
SN-019557The CREATE_NEAR_NEIGHBOR_SETS macro in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 generates an error if an account number contains characters21AML01
SN-019663A transaction-details query from the All Available Transaction tab might generate an Oracle timeout error message21AML01
SN-019664Selecting the Interbank Application tab in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 might generate an error21AML01
SN-019667The Scenario Administrator does not allow SAS employees to use an employee SID for both SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering and SASŪ Money Laundering Detection21AML01
SN-019668An undefined catalog START_SHARE generates an error message in the Scenario Administrator when the calendar utility is invoked21AML01
SN-019669Code that extracts data and populates the Alert Regulatory Report window runs twice when it is invoked21AML01
SN-019848The GET_ENTITY_INFO macro in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering fails on execution21AML01
SN-019670The program FIND_ALERT_NEAR_NEIGHBORS.SAS uses the incorrect schema to create the WORK.FSK_NN_PARTY table21AML01
SN-019672The SEND_ALERT_REMINDER macro generates an incorrect SYMBOLGEN message21AML01
SN-019673The BUILD_MATCH_CODES macro in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 is not building match codes for mailing addresses21AML01
SN-019674Column requirements (parts G and H) in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.1 are limited to 400 characters21AML01
SN-020025User interface advanced query generates a data type mismatch error21AML01
SN-019845Filtering occurs on an incorrect risk score in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.121AML01
SN-020057The APPEND procedure fails when you run the ADD_HISTORIC_TARGET module21AML01
SN-020077Incorrect transaction counts are returned for Account, Customer, and Household in the All Available Alerts tab21AML01
SN-020073FINTRAC SAR queries should include data from FSK_ACCOUNT_TRADE_ALERT table21AML01
SN-019849If the USER_FIELD_ID field is blank a sort order problem can occur in the OWNER_REPORT program21AML01
SN-019850The FIND_ALERT_NEAR_NEIGHBOR.SAS macro now supports multibank applications21AML01
SN-019880Put the correct SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering version number in SASML.WAR's manifest file21AML01
SN-020027FIND_ALERT_NEAR_NEIGHBOR module might generate an error if 0 rows or 0 unsupressed alerts are returned from the input data set21AML01
SN-019881Missing alert data causes errors in the owner_report module21AML01
SN-033587Scenario SAS10009 might fail if the TRANSACTION_LIST_SIZE variable is not defined as global21AML02
SN-033400The promote_scenarios macro might cause an integrity constraint violation21AML02
SN-033141The code fails when invoking the SCENARIOCODGEN macro without specifying the PRODUCT_TYPE parameter 21AML02
SN-019665Numeric formats should be set to BEST32. to ensure that long surrogate keys are handled properly in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering 2.121AML02
SN-033274The Bayes reports do not display the source of the metrics used to generate the report21AML02
SN-034851ALERT - Invalid results might occur due to the GETRUNDATE macro not checking for negative values in the business_day_count field of the job calendar table21AML02
SN-033532Using the replicateTransactions macro to specify which date key to use for table replication21AML02
SN-033280Scenarios SAS10023 and SAS10024 calculate the wrong risk factors when the number of months requested is greater than number of profile months21AML02
SN-033287Scenario SAS10009 is filling up the transaction save area with duplicate triggering transactions21AML02
SN-033522Scenarios might generate erroneous alerts due to duplicates in the alert list21AML02
SN-033540Scenario SAS10015 incorrectly compares debit count to credit threshold21AML02
SN-030805ALERT - Saving a manual alert with an account number that is zero or less generates an invalid number error message21AML02
SN-033586The daily aggregate total values for scenario SAS10020 are larger than expected21AML02
SN-033308Scenarios SAS10005 and SAS10007 are testing for Currency Transation Reports that are greater than, or equal, to $10,000 21AML02
SN-034517Pages are still available for viewing after logging out of the SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering Investigation client21AML02
SN-033475The RISKRANKING module might produce unexpected results if the any character other than 'Y' is entered for the RISKONLY parameter21AML02
SN-034565The party_watchlist_header code in SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering and SASŪ Money Laundering Detection might generate a character length-exceeded error21AML02
SN-034454The SASŪ Anti-Money Laundering Investigation user interface might generate errors due to the missing SASAML.BROWSER.CACHE property21AML02
WindowsReleased: Feb 2009
Install Instructions: 21AML02wn.pdf
Download: 21AML02 for Windows   (file size: 51.5M)
HPUX 64bitReleased: Feb 2009
Install Instructions: 21AML02h6.pdf
Download: 21AML02 for HPUX 64bit   (file size: 50.8M)
Solaris 64bitReleased: Feb 2009
Install Instructions: 21AML02s6.pdf
Download: 21AML02 for Solaris 64bit   (file size: 50.8M)
AIX 64bitReleased: Feb 2009
Install Instructions: 21AML02r6.pdf
Download: 21AML02 for AIX 64bit   (file size: 50.8M)
LinuxReleased: Feb 2009
Install Instructions: 21AML02lx.pdf
Download: 21AML02 for Linux   (file size: 50.8M)
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