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SAS Enterprise Guide 7.12
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
50135 SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.3.05 and 7.11 might show errors when you perform a copy/paste operation between applications Y39001
57607 The Between and Not Between operators in the Filter and Sort task might not work in the SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office and SAS® Enterprise Guide® Y39001
57689 In SAS® Enterprise Guide®, date values that are copied from Microsoft Excel into the data grid might be displayed as missing values Y39001
55997 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might lock up when you try to view XML data Y39002
57840 SAS® Enterprise Guide® uses excessive memory Y39002
57847 Tasks might execute out of order in scheduled SAS® Enterprise Guide® 7.11 and 7.12 projects Y39002
57979 Deleting a code node from a SAS® Enterprise Guide® process flow might generate an error Y39002
58043 Links between an import task and the output data might become broken in SAS® Enterprise Guide® Y39002
58195 "File has been modified outside of the editor..." might appear when saving a new SAS® program in SAS® Enterprise Guide® Y39002
58207 Computed column names might change after migrating a SAS® Enterprise Guide® project Y39002
58365 An error might occur during automation if the SAS® Enterprise Guide® project contains unlinked tasks Y39002
58247 Unhandled Exception error might occur when scheduling a SAS® Enterprise Guide® project or process flow on Microsoft Windows 10 Y39003
58367 A migrated SAS® Enterprise Guide® project might display "The output location is not valid" in the Query Builder Y39003
58698 The Query Builder in SAS® Enterprise Guide® might return incorrect output Y39004
58699 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might display "Error Adding Table" when you attempt to modify a query Y39004
58833 When creating a SAS® Stored Process, SAS® Enterprise Guide® might generate an incorrect LIBNAME statement Y39004
59042 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might execute Email as a Step in Project out of order Y39005
59152 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might perform slowly when opening a project containing multiple external files that are located on a server Y39006
59308 The Replace dialog box might not work properly when you search for or replace Korean characters in SAS® Enterprise Guide® Y39006
59442 For migrated SAS® Enterprise Guide® projects, an email step might run twice in automation Y39006
59732 Scheduled SAS® Enterprise Guide® projects might not correctly execute conditional logic Y39007
60336 Certain Microsoft Excel filenames cause an error in SAS® Enterprise Guide® when using Get Values in the Query Builder Y39008
61239 In SAS® Enterprise Guide®, the Query Builder might open slowly for queries that are based on a database table Y39009
IMPORTANT: To determine which hot fix to download, open SAS Enterprise Guide and click Help => About SAS Enterprise Guide. If the Version field shows (32-bit) then use the "Windows" download. If the Version shows (64-bit) then use the "Windows for x64" download.
Windows Released: October 31, 2017     Documentation: Y39009wn.html       Download:  
Windows for x64 Released: October 31, 2017     Documentation: Y39009x6.html       Download:  
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