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SAS Size Optimization 3.4

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SAS Size Optimization 3.4
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
53535 The Get Purchase Order Export method might erroneously generate duplicate pack configuration information W19001
56642 The Profiles view in SASŪ Size Profiling might become unresponsive W19001
57079 ALERT - The status of a purchase order plan might be displayed incorrectly when you have selected multiple plans to optimize or disaggregate W19001
59325 "Could not synchronize database state with..." error might occur when you attempt to delete a store grouping rule W19001
56761 ALERT - The status of a purchase order plan might incorrectly be displayed as "Optimization Failed" or "Disaggregation Failed" W19003
57325 The Imputation Removed Sales Units values in the Size Sets table in the Profiling Scenario details page might be incorrect W19003
56351 ALERT - A "Failed to connect to server" error might be encountered after logging in to the SASŪ Merchandise Solutions Configuration Workbench W19004
56640 An "ORA-00936: missing expression..." error might occur in SASŪ Pack Optimization W19005
53920 "java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string..." might be encountered when you attempt to view grouping assignment properties W19005
54022 The Size Name column might not sort correctly in SASŪ Size Profiling W19005
57592 ALERT - Manually created store groups might be missing from the PROFILE_CLUSTER table W19005
58724 SASŪ Size Profiling might generate a large number of Imputation Added Sales Units when using Clustering (Cross-Store) Imputation Methods W19005
58786 Custom size sets might be missing manual store groups in the PROFILE_CLUSTER table W19005
58902 The plots for Sales Units and Demand Units might not be correct in the Sales versus Demand plot when there are no additional units added by imputation W19005
58910 The %DI_JOB_SO DERIVE_STOCKOUT_GP_STATUS task treats initial inventory records with zero available quantity as start of active period W19005
56735 The %DI_JOB_SO geo_synch task generates "ORA-00942: table or view does not exist" W19005
58939 ALERT - The error "ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource" might occur in SASŪ Pack Optimization W19006
57778 ALERT - An "ORA-00913: too many values.." error might occur after opening the Pack Optimization Products view W19007
58934 ALERT - The %DI_JOB_SO geo_synch task might drop store groups when there is a new store within a store grouping rule W19007
58628 Generating a VAAR report gives "an error occurred while generating the report" in SASŪ Pack Optimization W19009
59555 In SASŪ Size Profiling, purging Inventory fact data might run longer than expected when many data partitions exist W19009
59610 ALERT - The Pre-Pack Quantity and Bulk Pack Quantity units in the SASŪ Pack Optimization Scorecard report in SASŪ Visual Analytics might be incorrect W19010
59794 A "java.util.ConcurrentModificationException" error might occur when you select the Project SKU Exclusions dialog box W19010
59560 ALERT - Purging sales fact data might take longer than expected when many data partitions exist in SASŪ Size Profiling W19010
59777 The %DI_JOB_SO batch job does not generate an error when you specify an invalid task name for the RUN_ONLY argument W19010
60207 ALERT - An exception might occur when you create a like product or a child product in SASŪ Pack Optimization W19011
59842 ALERT - SASŪ Merchandise Intelligence ETL and purge jobs might generate "ERROR: A lock is not available for " before a success lock is obtained W19011
59978 Filter preferences might not be honored W19012
60140 The MINIMUM_ORDER_THRESHOLD and MAXIMUM_ORDER_THRESHOLD global setting values are not applied on the Purchase Order Plan Properties view W19012
60052 You are able to incorrectly enter a maximum order threshold value that is greater than 100 in SASŪ Pack Optimization W19012
59958 "ERROR: ORACLE execute error: ORA-00001: unique constraint (DI_DM.SYS_XXXXXXX) violated" might occur when you generate store groups W19012
60089 A profile lookup might return an incorrect profile when an attribute is used as both the filtering attribute and partitioning attribute W19012
60109 SASŪ Size Optimization reports viewed in the SASŪ Visual Analytics Report Viewer might contain no data W19012
60282 ALERT - The product and location permission hierarchies might not be populated in the Permissions dialog box in the SASŪ Merchandise Intelligence Plug-in W19012
60477 Attribute values might be duplicated in the Attribute List in the Exclude Store Attribute view in SASŪ Size Profiling W19013
60724 Deleting projects might take a long time in SASŪ Size Optimization W19013
60640 SASŪ Size Optimization fails when publishing profiles with "ERROR: ORACLE prepare error: ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000" W19013
60996 The SASŪ Pack Optimization Scorecard Report is not available in SASŪ Pack Optimization 3.4 W19014
60839 The Imputation Added Sales Units column in the Size Sets table might incorrectly display negative values W19014
60928 Custom sort order is not honored in SASŪ Size Optimization reports viewed in SASŪ Visual Analytics Administration and Reporting W19014
61602 ALERT - In SASŪ Pack Optimization, using the Request API for allocations with DC Splits might miscalculate pack quantities for stores W19015
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Linux for x64 Released: December 21, 2017     Documentation: W19015la.html D       Download:  
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