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SAS Marketing Optimization 6.4

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U54021 for Windows
SAS Marketing Optimization 6.4
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
55536 Changes to your host and password might fail when you use SAS® Deployment Manager to update your SAS® Marketing Optimization installations U54001
55468 The SAS® Customer Intelligence Common server configuration step finishes with warnings if the ru_RU locale is set in Linux operating environments U54001
55316 A delay occurs before the value appears in the field when you enter a value in a Select node in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio U54001
56265 The Publish Solution menu item and buttons are inactive when you use MOMA input data in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio U54002
56066 You cannot save a filter in SAS® Marketing Optimization when you have special characters in filter values U54004
56586 SAS® Marketing Optimization might produce incorrect results when you use customer constraints when using prioritization optimization U54004
56776 Polish interface is available for SAS® Customer Intelligence 6.4 products U54005
54063 An error occurs when you refresh SAS® Marketing Optimization input data U54006
57732 When you import SAS® Marketing Optimization scenarios that are located on a shared drive, the import fails with an error U54007
57360 You cannot log on to SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio after you remove the configuration for other SAS® Customer Intelligence components U54007
57546 The progress indicator runs continuously when you upload input data in SAS® Marketing Optimization U54007
58239 SAS® Customer Intelligence contains security vulnerabilities that have been identified by IBM Security AppScan U54008
58266 Creating a "Customer Indicator Measure" field and including missing values (IS MISSING expression) fails in SAS® Marketing Optimization U54010
58237 An error occurs in SAS® Marketing Optimization when you enter a formatted value for limit constraints and the decimal separator is a blank space U54010
58790 SAS® Marketing Optimization document is missing the "Offer Summary Raw Data" tab U54011
58908 The date modified value is incorrect for imported Optimization Scenarios in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio U54011
58968 Optimizing a SAS® Customer Intelligence campaign group results in a segmentation violation U54011
59169 Character truncation occurs for a SAS® Marketing Optimization Communication indicator measure when the expression contains more than 2048 bytes U54011
59078 Flash-based components can be manipulated by an external configuration file U54011
58793 A contact policy violation occurs when you use mandatory cell communications in SAS® Marketing Optimization U54012
59051 Saving a scenario to another SAS® Marketing Optimization input data creates incorrect calculated measures U54012
59715 The "Optimize Now" functionality in SAS® Marketing Optimization fails when the INPUT_DATA_MOMA_PARAMETERS data-store table contains blank values U54012
59618 PDF documents that are created in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio do not render correctly when you use the Google Chrome browser U54012
59791 A Read-access violation might occur when you optimize a scenario in SAS® Marketing Optimization U54013
59861 Sensitivity Analysis graphs do not show updated constraint values in SAS® Marketing Optimization U54013
59994 Refreshing the SAS® Marketing Optimization input data no longer refreshes the metadata in SAS® Marketing Optimization 6.1 or later U54013
60325 An error occurs in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio if you do not log on as a member of the SAS® Marketing Optimization users group U54013
60763 An error occurs when you enable sensitivity analysis on constraints in SAS® Marketing Optimization U54015
61576 Optimizing MOMA input data fails and generates the error "Not able to optimize the campaign group" in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio U54016
61627 When you execute SAS® Marketing Optimization input data, data store lock messages occur U54017
61733 Incorrect results are generated when you use a priority-based optimization method on a campaign group in SAS® Customer Intelligence U54018
62202 SAS® Marketing Optimization enables you to specify the share-server port number only in SAS® Management Console U54018
62050 Displaying optimization scenarios in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio takes a long time U54018
62391 A Write-access error occurs (for the table) when you execute a campaign group in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio U54019
63126 The SAS® Marketing Optimization Constraint Summary report truncates the customer filter U54019
62502 Generating input data for a MOMA campaign group might fail in a clustered, middle-tier environment U54019
NOTE: If you install this hot fix and have SAS Marketing Automation 6.4 installed, you must also install hot fix U53021 for SAS Marketing Automation.
NOTE: If you install this hot fix and have SAS Digital Marketing 6.4 installed, you must also install hot fix U55019 for SAS Digital Marketing.
Released: May 08, 2019     Documentation: U54021wn.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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