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S15001 was replaced by S15006

S15002 was replaced by S15006

S15003 was replaced by S15006

S15004 was replaced by S15006

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S15006 for Windows
SAS Model Manager 13.1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
54463 Creating a Model Profile report returns "ERROR: Expected an element name ..." S15001
54680 Removing Netezza scoring function "ERROR: invalid database name 'SASLIB', does not exist" shows in log, but not in SASŪ Model Manager S15001
54681 Variable Distribution and Stability Charts show a different number of data points from the input Characteristic and Stability data sets S15001
54714 Stability and Characteristic carts might contain too many points S15001
54715 The Variable Distribution chart uses only the first 200 records from the mm_charsummary data set S15001
54716 Duplicate percentile observations are displayed in the Lift Chart for a retrained model S15001
54081 The post-installation instructions for SASŪ Model Manager hot fix J29004 have a typographical error in Step 3.6 S15001
55293 SASŪ Model Manager incorrectly displays the variables in the Input variables list when you create a scoring output table definition S15002
55286 If you use the %mdlmgr_AddProject macro to create a project, then the Inputs or the Outputs of the created project might not be complete S15002
56855 "Database" is displayed instead of "Directory Path" in the Remove Published Models window S15003
56657 The SASŪ Model Manager %run_report macro deletes some data sets from SASŪ work library S15003
56712 Publishing a SASŪ Model Manager project to a Teradata database does not work properly if the Teradata database is not a user database S15003
56715 SASŪ Model Manager fails to publish a project to a Teradata database and an error "Invalid option name @ ..." is displayed S15003
56729 Retraining a model in SASŪ Model Manager returns "ERROR: MM_SetModelMapping: Procedure failed, RC = -S- ..." S15003
56854 Creating a dashboard in SASŪ Model Manager fails, and the SASŪ log displays "java.lang.NumberFormatException ..." S15003
56716 User ID and Password fields do not accept the @ sign or other special characters in the Remove Published Models dialog box in SASŪ Model Manager S15003
57456 Executing SASŪ Model Manager batch-code fails and the error "RegSpk: Procedure failed... TRACE: MM_Register: Model Manager Logout completed..." occurs S15004
59171 Clicking Log On gives "Libref INDB is not assigned... ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement ..." S15005
59172 Clicking Generate Dashboard Reports gives a "dashboard reports could not be created" message S15005
59137 Clicking Manage Definitions under Dashboard gives "An error has occurred ... Please contact your system administrator ... error 1034" S15005
59198 The Select Model Manager Project dialog box in SASŪ Customer Intelligence Studio takes a long time to populate S15005
Released: January 09, 2017     Documentation: S15006wn.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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