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SAS Size Optimization 3.2_M4
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
52923 Category plan aggregation might be slow in SASŪ Promotion Optimization P21001
53172 An exception might be generated when you attempt to open the Store Groups detail view or the Size Profiling Home view P21001
53221 ALERT - Optimization results exported to a PDF file might incorrectly not include style-colors that exist in a multi-color pack P21001
53581 Rules-only pricing does not provide metrics to indicate whether prices are acceptable P21001
53881 An error status might be displayed incorrectly for a promotion in SASŪ Promotion Optimization P21001
54102 SASŪ Regular Price Optimization becomes unresponsive after you approve price changes P21001
54402 The number of price changes are not displayed after you optimize a regular price plan using the Rules-Only Pricing goal P21001
54611 Cannot configure captain specific tuning parameters P21001
55258 Model group template does not apply correctly P21001
55445 The file system tree does not refresh properly in the Analysis Manager P21001
55488 An exception might be generated when you open the Benefit Tracking view in SASŪ Regular Price Optimization P21001
55712 Approve to Budget functionality does not honor the location level approval filter P21001
55964 "This object has been deleted by another user and you can no longer work with it." might occur in the Markdown Approvals view P21001
55966 The Add Vehicles list incorrectly does not include vehicles that contain product-location scopes P21001
55710 KPIs in the Benefit Tracking view might be incorrect for date ranges that cover multiple weeks P21001
56612 An exception might occur when you attempt to apply a pricing strategy P21001
56634 Optimization fails with "ERROR: TKTException code = 6 (Access violation)" in SASŪ Markdown Optimization P21001
56668 "The price ending grid should generate multiple values..." message occurs in the Pricing Rules view when you create a price ending rule P21001
57215 The Promotion Blend (%) metric might be incorrectly reported as missing in calendar and category plans P21001
57438 Performance is slow when you approve promotions in SASŪ Promotion Optimization P21001
56081 Optimization/Evaluation fails with "ERROR: TKTException code = 6 (Access violation)..." P21001
57806 An exception might occur when you attempt to override inherited vendor deal support for a regional promotion P21001
58019 The currency metrics in the Plan Facts section in the Markdown Plans Summary view might be incorrectly converted to the global currency P21001
58070 An exception might occur when you open a promotion P21001
58200 Message generated when you export a vendor deal might be misleading P21001
58232 An exception might occur when you create a promotion from a vendor deal that includes a regular price override P21001
58309 An exception might occur when you create a promotion from a vendor deal that includes a regular price override P21001
58343 You cannot override vendor deal support to remove the support if the vendor deal is at the promotion level P21001
58344 The Assigned to list in the Owner section of the Vehicles Properties view is not sorted P21001
58392 An exception might occur when you copy the attribute value from the Attribute section of the Vehicle Group Properties page P21001
58844 Forecasts might not be available for products in regional promotions that were created from a copy P21001
59949 Number of units sold forecast adjustment defined for the master promotion might incorrectly be applied to regional promotions P21001
60030 Selected products might not be displayed in the Relationship values section in the Pricing Rules view for product relationship rules P21001
54119 The Overlapping Promotion column in the Promotion List view might not indicate promotions that overlap in scope P21001
55926 Incorrect component-specific values are presented for various model specifications P21001
56694 The %TKMI_JOB_RO etl_end_service task does not report an error in SASŪ Promotion Optimization P21001
57436 The %TKMI_JOB_RO waitfor_est_service task generates "ERROR: Assertion failed: pgl != NULL, file /sas/dev/mva-f4ro52/di/src/data_config.c, line 206" P21001
55602 Time Series (TS) and Regression (REG) component model specification values do not persist correctly from a new model group template to a model group P21001
56613 Parameter Boundary Analysis shows incorrect labels P21001
57926 The Monitoring Analysis Results table in the Forecast Monitoring view might contain results for model groups that have been previously deleted P21001
58065 The SKU count might be zero for a promotion that contains regional promotions P21001
58229 An exception might occur when you drill into the Targets and Metrics table in the Category Plan Details view P21001
58349 No products are returned when you select products by attribute and the attribute value contains a comma P21001
57534 The CPS_1, PS_1, and HOLIDAY_1 model specifications cannot be edited in the Model Group Details editor P21001
58805 The Grid Execution Results dialog box might contain rows for partition IDs that do not contain data for the submitted model groups P21001
59926 Building base data completes with an error P21001
52820 "Error" might incorrectly be displayed in the distribution columns in the Profile Distribution "“ Store Detail table P21001
53068 "ERROR: The ID value 'DIST_SG_0' occurs twice in the same BY group" might occur when you are using store grouping rules P21001
52249 ALERT - Stores with a desired target quantity of 0 might receive units after optimization in SASŪ Pack Optimization P21001
52391 ALERT - SASŪ Pack Optimization might violate the minimum store quantity constraint P21001
52645 SASŪ Pack Optimization might generate different bulk packs for the same SKU P21001
54004 Nonzero forecasts are generated incorrectly for events when you use system-generated DOW profiles in the SASŪ Revenue Optimization Suite P21001
54088 The job generates the error "BY variables are not properly sorted on data set WORK.COMP_CONSTRAINTS" P21001
54355 ALERT - Duplicate ATTR_PROD_DM.PROD_HIER_SK values exist across partitions in the analytical product hierarchy P21001
54612 The SASŪ Revenue Optimization job Load_STG2DM_Promotion_fact runs slowly P21001
55901 ALERT - %DI_UTIL_SUBSET_DATAMART might generate "ERROR: The following columns were not found in the contributing tables: TABLE_NAME." P21001
56091 The Load_DM_Geo_prod_exception ETL job might generate "ERROR: No data in ..." P21001
57821 ALERT - The Load_STG2DM_Geo_prod_price_fact job might not load expected records into the partition PRICE_FACT_FUTURE table P21001
53535 The Get Purchase Order Export method might erroneously generate duplicate pack configuration information P21002
53131 An exception might be generated when you attempt to move a vehicle to a model vehicle in a promotion from the Promotion List view P21003
53180 An exception might be generated when you delete a vehicle group from a marketing calendar with total spots approved labels P21003
53216 An exception might be generated after you click the Competitor Price Count hyperlink in the Competitor Pricing view P21003
53248 ALERT - Optimization results exported to both an Adobe PDF file and a Microsoft Excel file might contain mismatched data P21003
53244 ALERT - A purchase order plan containing bulk packs might include discontinued SKUs in the pack recommendation P21003
53412 Style Pack settings might not override delivery level settings for bulk packs P21003
53688 Overrides specified in Style Pack settings for purchase order deliveries might not be honored P21003
53689 Style-color level pack settings might not override delivery level settings for selected packs P21003
52930 Optimization results in SASŪ Regular Price Optimization might be incorrect when the plan contains competitive price rules P21003
53232 The DI_ETL_Geo_prod_purge_job runs long P21003
53959 ALERT - Optimization results for Pack Configurations might incorrectly display the same values for Product ID, Product Description, and Product Name P21004
53965 SASŪ Pack Optimization might not generate packs that are specified on the Style-Color Pack setting for selected colors P21004
53980 The SZPF_GP_STATUS_DERIVATION_UNIT task might generate "ERROR: A lock is not available for DI_DM.PRF_GEO_PROD_STATUS_META.DATA" P21004
53921 Optimization might fail with "ERROR: Pack Optimization has violated a constraint. Output includes 0 of SKU XX at store X..." P21004
54685 ALERT - Error "java.lang.NullPointerException" might be generated when attempting to view competitor prices in SASŪ Regular Price Optimization P21005
54846 A NullPointerException might be encountered when you attempt to delete a profiling project in SASŪ Size Profiling P21005
53906 The Benefit Tracking view might not refresh correctly after extending the date range for the view P21006
53950 An exception might be generated when you attempt to export the Benefit Tracking table to Excel P21006
53955 An exception might be generated when you attempt to filter the product scope below the product partition level in the Benefit Tracking view P21006
54684 Performance might be slow in the Purchase Order Plan Buys page and the Purchase Order Plan Deliveries page for very large plans P21006
54737 An out-of-memory exception might be generated when you drill in the Targets and Metrics table in a category plan P21006
54856 A memory leak might occur in the Promotion List view after evaluating promotions from the context menu P21006
54943 "java.lang.StackTraceElement-java.lang.NullPointerException" might be generated due to null values in MPLN_ACTUAL_MTS table P21006
55280 The table in the Unused Spots tab in the Promotion Overview view does not contain a scroll bar P21006
55025 ALERT - Online optimization requests might be slow P21006
55080 Category plan aggregation might incorrectly have an error status with no hyperlink details P21006
53971 ALERT - A large number of Imputation Added Sales Units might be generated during imputation P21006
54332 Attr_hier_job generates "ERROR: There are xxx differences between the lowest level nodes of PRODUCT_HIER_ASSOC_DM and ATTR_PROD_HIER_ASSOC_DM" P21006
54738 Performance in SASŪ Promotion Optimization might be slow when loading promotions that include vendor deals P21006
54965 %DI_UTIL_SUBSET_DATAMART with RPO_PLAN_SK option fails with "FATAL: Insufficient memory..." error P21006
55065 %DI_ETL_Geo_prod_purge_job might generate "ERROR: File LIBXXX.PRF_SALES_FACT.DATA does not exist." P21006
56039 %DI_JOB_SO PURGE_MODEL_MEMBERS task might generate "ERROR: ORA-01795: maximum number of expressions in a list is 1000." P21007
57592 ALERT - Manually created store groups might be missing from the PROFILE_CLUSTER table P21008
57801 The DERIVE_STOCKOUT_GP_STATUS task sets the product-location status for the style/colors uniformly, not individually for SKUs P21008
54022 The Size Name column might not sort correctly in SASŪ Size Profiling P21009
58931 Product pricing relationship rules that contain attribute values that include a comma might not be created and displayed as expected P21009
52482 Some model groups might have a geography label displayed in the Product Node column instead of a product label P21009
57852 The %TKMI_JOB_RO rpo_alert task generates "ERROR: Insufficient space in file WORK.'SASTMP-...UTILITY" P21009
58850 Holdout Forecast Accuracy scenarios might fail in a multi-captain environment P21009
58786 Custom size sets might be missing manual store groups in the PROFILE_CLUSTER table P21009
58902 The plots for Sales Units and Demand Units might not be correct in the Sales versus Demand plot when there are no additional units added by imputation P21009
58910 The %DI_JOB_SO DERIVE_STOCKOUT_GP_STATUS task treats initial inventory records with zero available quantity as start of active period P21009
56735 The %DI_JOB_SO geo_synch task generates "ORA-00942: table or view does not exist" P21009
58395 The %TKMI_JOB_RO fcst_export task generates an incomplete export file P21009
58939 ALERT - The error "ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource" might occur in SASŪ Pack Optimization P21010
58724 SASŪ Size Profiling might generate a large number of Imputation Added Sales Units when using Clustering (Cross-Store) Imputation Methods P21010
58934 ALERT - The %DI_JOB_SO geo_synch task might drop store groups when there is a new store within a store grouping rule P21010
58904 SASŪ Size Profiling does not allow you to set the CLOSING_DT to null in the DI_DM.GEOGRAPHY table P21010
59794 A "java.util.ConcurrentModificationException" error might occur when you select the Project SKU Exclusions dialog box P21011
60089 A profile lookup might return an incorrect profile when an attribute is used as both the filtering attribute and partitioning attribute P21011
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