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SAS BI Dashboard 4.31_M2

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SAS BI Dashboard 4.31_M2
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
49166 Dashboards might not be editable when migrated or promoted from SASŪ BI Dashboard 4.3x to 4.31x N30001
50126 Spark table gauges might not print in color in SASŪ BI Dashboard N30001
50219 SASŪ OLAP cubes with shared dimensions might cause a memory error when they are used in an information map or in a SASŪ Web Report Studio report N30001
45877 SASŪ BI Dashboard attempts to connect to N30001
48363 Performance issues occur with SASŪ BI Dashboard when using SASŪ Information Maps in the Data Model N30001
48712 The Interactive Summary and Targeted Bar Chart might not function after you apply Hot Fix H57002 for SASŪ BI Dashboard 4.3_M2 N30001
49709 Dynamic Text indicators do not refresh after applying SASŪ BI Dashboard Hot Fix H57003 N30001
50544 Tooltips in SASŪ BI Dashboard 4.31_M2 display information that is not visible in the chart N30001
52257 Label information for SASŪ BI Dashboard indicator data might be ignored N30001
48093 Initialization errors occur in SASŪ Enterprise BI Server when you deploy the SASŪ BI Dashboard Event Generator application N30001
51136 In SASŪ BI Dashboard, library folders are sorted chronologically in the Table navigation pane N30001
51137 SASŪ BI Dashboard saves the most recently selected prompt values N30001
51545 The BI Dashboard portlet automatic refresh option does not refresh client-side filtered interactions for SASŪ BI Dashboard 4.31_M2 N30001
52258 SASŪ BI Dashboard might perform slowly when you use data from a SASŪ OLAP cube N30001
48715 Custom font settings might not display correctly in the Dashboard Designer in SASŪ BI Dashboard N30001
49068 Indicator data objects that are based on SASŪ Information Maps and that use an inner join might not work correctly after you apply Hot Fix H57002 N30001
49073 When data caching is enabled for SASŪ BI Dashboard, refreshing a dashboard retrieves the cached copy of that dashboard N30001
49814 ALERT - Certain content in the SASŪ BI Dashboard portlet is vulnerable to session hijacking attacks N30001
52061 In SASŪ BI Dashboard, small images might be truncated in the BI Dashboard Builder N30001
52375 SASŪ BI Dashboard might not honor sort settings for tile charts N30001
52379 In SASŪ BI Dashboard, the "Include (all) selection" option for dynamic prompts automatically places the ALL value as the last item in the prompt list N30001
52396 SASŪ BI Dashboard chart indicators might sort numeric X axis values as string values N30001
52397 SASŪ BI Dashboard initially displays unfiltered results from information map data sources N30001
52398 Gauge properties for Spark Tables might not be included in SASŪ BI Dashboard export packages N30001
52400 SASŪ BI Dashboard security has been enhanced N30001
48463 The SASŪ BI Dashboard Web Part might display an exception N30002
49066 Links from SASŪ BI Dashboard to a SASŪ Web Report Studio report might not work as expected when you attempt to return to the dashboard N30002
53861 In SASŪ BI Dashboard, interactions and filtered links might not work as expected if you specify a Spark Group By value for a spark table N30002
54107 SASŪ BI Dashboard might not render interactive indicators N30002
54278 SASŪ BI Dashboard might display the wrong preview image when you navigate between linked dashboards N30002
54279 SASŪ BI Dashboard might not display the full dashboard on the monitor N30002
44399 Static content images might be overwritten in SASŪ BI Dashboard N30003
55835 SASŪ BI Dashboard might display a NullPointerException after you successfully log on N30003
56219 SASŪ BI Dashboard indicators might not work as expected when the indicator displays a single observation of data and the mouse scroll wheel is used N30004
51543 ALERT - The BI Dashboard portlet automatic refresh option does not work for SASŪ BI Dashboard 4.31_M2 N30006
57572 In SASŪ BI Dashboard, dynamic prompts that are configured to list ALL as the first item still use the first available filter value as the default N30006
Windows for x64 Released: March 02, 2016     Documentation: N30006x6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled Solaris Released: March 02, 2016     Documentation: N30006s6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: March 02, 2016     Documentation: N30006r6.html D       Download:  
HP-UX IPF Released: March 02, 2016     Documentation: N30006hx.html D       Download:  
Linux for x64 Released: March 02, 2016     Documentation: N30006la.html D       Download:  
Solaris for x64 Released: March 02, 2016     Documentation: N30006sx.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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