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K63001 was replaced by K63002

SAS Data Integration Studio 4.6
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
48084 A new database library cannot be created when you invoke the Advanced Options feature during setup in SAS® 9.3 Management Console K63001
48858 The Data Validation transformation does not move records to the Error Records table K63001
49995 Code for the macro variable OPTEmitSQL is incorrect when the prompt type Data Source Column is used with the option "Emit SQL Syntax for column" K63001
50006 "Error writing to output file..." occurs when using the WebSphere Queue Reader transformation K63001
50055 A SAS® Data Integration job fails with an error when you are using the Table Loader transformation K63001
50056 The Metadata Importer comparison mode in SAS® Data Integration Studio fails when Integrated Windows Authentication is used K63001
50207 A .sas file that is associated with the SAS® Data Integration Studio Deployed Job object can be written to the wrong SAS® Workspace Server K63001
50215 The Teradata Loader transformation generates code that will not run in the database K63001
50637 Performance degradation occurs when using a SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server table in SAS® Data Integration Studio K63001
50650 The SCD Type 2 Loader might incorrectly update records in the target table K63001
50652 Jobs that contain Business Rule transformations might be incomplete after promotion across metadata environments K63001
50667 The SQL Join transformation generates incorrect code for SAS® Data Integration jobs migrated to SAS® Data Integration Studio 4.3 or later K63001
50684 Source code is missing for a user-written External File that is migrated to SAS® Data Integration Studio 4.2 or later K63001
50685 The variables Etls_Table and Lib are set to 0 in the Job Status table K63001
50832 Using User Written External File objects trigger unnecessary SAS® Workspace Server sessions K63001
50860 Prompts that reference a dynamic list from a data source fail with an error in SAS® Data Integration Studio K63001
50866 Errors occur when you promote metadata content from SAS® Data Integration Studio 3.4 to a later release with National Language Support K63001
50874 The Insert Rows transformation does not generate code for status handling in SAS® Data Integration Studio K63001
50876 Job Statistics Reporting might report incorrect statistics for the record count K63001
50925 The Import SAS Code Wizard fails when the code contains a SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server library or a database management system library K63001
50970 The SCD Type 2 Loader incorrectly resolves a macro variable reference for database management schema names K63001
51647 Message reads are not backed out when errors occur during WebSphere Queue Reader transformation processing K63001
59403 "Error reading metadata: Insufficient memory" occurs when you rename a library in SAS® Data Integration Studio K63002
Windows Released: January 03, 2017     Documentation: K63002wn.html       Download:  
Windows for x64 Released: January 03, 2017     Documentation: K63002x6.html       Download:  
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