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I97001 was replaced by I97006

I97002 was replaced by I97006

I97003 was replaced by I97006

I97004 was replaced by I97006

I97005 was replaced by I97006

SAS Enterprise Miner 12.1 hot fix for SAS Enterprise Miner 12.1_M1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
48894 Creating a new project gives an authorization error, opening an existing project gives an authentication domain error I97001
49755 The Rule Builder node generates an "Exception in thread ..." Java exception when you use Java 7 I97002
49774 Using SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm) with Java 7 I97002
50079 A blank Explore window is displayed in SAS® Enterprise Miner I97002
50257 Interactive windows fail with a java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException error when you use Java 7 I97002
50479 Creating a new project generates the error "The application could not log on to the server ... The server process did not start ..." I97002
51539 The error "Can't find resource for bundle java.util.PropertyResourceBundle..." occurs when you start SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm) using Java Web Start I97004
52191 Creating a model package (SPK file) is slow in a multi-tier environment when the middle tier and the compute tier are on separate machines I97005
53017 Launching SAS® Enterprise Miner(tm) with Java Web Start fails with the various errors depending on the version of Java Runtime Environment in use I97006
NOTE: If you install this hot fix and have SAS Text Miner 12.1 or 12.1 M1, you must also install hot fix I99005. I99005 can be applied to both SAS Text Miner 12.1 and to SAS Text Miner 12.1 M1.
Windows Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006wn.html D       Download:  
Windows for x64 Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006x6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled HP-UX Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006h6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled Solaris Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006s6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006r6.html D       Download:  
Linux Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006lx.html D       Download:  
HP-UX IPF Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006hx.html D       Download:  
Linux for x64 Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006la.html D       Download:  
Solaris for x64 Released: May 29, 2014     Documentation: I97006sx.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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J33001 was replaced by J33006

J33002 was replaced by J33006

J33003 was replaced by J33006

J33004 was replaced by J33006

J33005 was replaced by J33006

SAS Enterprise Miner 12.1_M1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
49177 Procedures that are run using SAS® In-Database give "Base table or view already exists" errors J33001
49150 A "Failed to fetch SQL results" error occurs when SAS® In-Database runs the procedures DMREG, DMDB, or DMINE J33001
48830 The Variable Selection node results might not include all significant variables J33002
49549 The Interactive Grouping node Gini values are 0 when Constrained Optimal Binning is used J33003
51072 ALERT - The Scorecard node adverse characteristic report values might be incorrect J33004
52021 Interactive Grouping and Interactive Binning nodes give a "Variable is not on file ..." error, or the Gini coefficient value is not correct J33005
52080 Dropped variables reappear after changes are made using Interactive Binning or Interactive Grouping J33005
52112 The Scorecard node adverse characteristics might be incorrect when special codes are used J33005
52435 ALERT - Interactive Grouping and Interactive Binning Event Count and Non Event Count values might be incorrect for target variable order Ascending J33006
Windows Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006wn.html       Download:  
Windows for x64 Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006x6.html       Download:  
64-bit Enabled HP-UX Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006h6.html       Download:  
64-bit Enabled Solaris Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006s6.html       Download:  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006r6.html       Download:  
Linux Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006lx.html       Download:  
HP-UX IPF Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006hx.html       Download:  
Linux for x64 Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006la.html       Download:  
Solaris for x64 Released: March 14, 2014     Documentation: J33006sx.html       Download:  
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