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SAS Revenue Optimization 5.2_M1

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J17001 was replaced by J17003

J17002 was replaced by J17003

SAS Revenue Optimization 5.2_M1
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
48586 Due dates and lock dates might not persist in SAS® Promotion Optimization J17001
48611 "ObjectNotFoundException: ProductModel2: element with key 1 is not found at permission WRITE..." generated when attempting to change promotion scope J17001
48642 Fiscal week 1 might be incorrectly labeled fiscal week 53 in the Calendar Details view when a calendar spans 2 different years J17001
48970 You cannot create a copy of an existing forecast analysis scenario successfully J17001
48971 A configuration group cannot be deleted in the SAS® Merchandise Configuration Workbench J17001
48368 The error "Statement is not valid or it is used out of proper order" might be generated when you run the %TKMI_JOB_RO fcst_export task J17001
48406 Product-location counts that are displayed in the SAS® Merchandise Solutions Configuration Workbench might be incorrect J17001
48698 Optimization/Evaluation results from approved and tentatively approved promotions might be incorrect if the promotions include cross effects J17001
48730 ALERT - Markdown spend is zero in the first week of a markdown plan when markdowns are present J17001
48881 SAS® Promotion Optimization online optimization generates ERROR: TKTException code = 6 (Access violation) J17001
48972 Reference price used in estimation is incorrectly set to 0 for future active products when REFERENCE_PRICE_TYPE equals 1 (cost) or 3 (regular price) J17001
49299 Performance metrics are all displayed as 0 after promotion evaluation in SAS® Promotion Optimization J17001
49300 The Expected Margin ($) might be incorrect in SAS® Promotion Optimization J17001
48660 %TKMI_JOB_RO benefits_track_highlvl_agg task generates error "" J17001
48891 ALERT - On-Demand dippr_extract and dippr_update macros might produce unexpected results for a promotion that has an alternate promotion J17001
48892 ALERT - On-Demand dippr_extract and dippr_update macros might generate the message "ERROR: Subquery evaluated to more than one row" J17001
48908 SAS® Promotion Optimization Vehicle Export and Price Change Export might be empty when exporting at the lowest level J17002
48913 Load_STG2DM_Rpp_plan job might fail with "ERROR: Duplicate values not allowed on index IN_PLAN_ID for file RPP_PLAN_SUM." J17002
49019 Stores might receive units better suited for other stores J17002
48895 ALERT - Optimization/evaluation might fail with "ERROR: TKTException code = 6 (Access violation)..." J17002
48934 %TKMI_JOB_RO rpp_alert task fails with "ERROR: File DI_PART.PRICE_FACT_CURRENT.DATA does not exist." J17002
48103 Status column in Purchase Order Plans view might not update properly J17003
48904 Purchase order plans might not be imported correctly in SAS® Pack Optimization J17003
49035 Forecast Analysis might fail when USE_MODEL_GP_STATUS=1 and GEO_GROUP_LVL is higher than the lowest level in the Model_geo_prod_status_spec table J17003
49420 Successful Forecast Analysis scenario run results are not saved when one of the scenario runs fails in SAS® Merchandise Configuration Workbench J17003
49049 The exception "Failed to execute runnable..." might be generated when opening an evaluated promotion that contains a simple price and price points J17003
49136 ALERT - Margin calculations in category and calendar plans are calculated incorrectly when USE_BASED_COST_ACCT=0 J17003
Windows Released: March 15, 2013     Documentation: J17003wn.html D       Download:  
Windows for x64 Released: March 15, 2013     Documentation: J17003x6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: March 15, 2013     Documentation: J17003r6.html D       Download:  
Linux Released: March 15, 2013     Documentation: J17003lx.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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