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SAS Revenue Optimization 5.2

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H63001 was replaced by H63003

H63002 was replaced by H63003

SAS Revenue Optimization 5.2
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
47063 Building base data in the SAS® Merchandise Solutions Configuration Workbench might take a long time H63001
47247 Using the %TKMI_JOB_RO macro's waitfor_est_service task in the SAS® Revenue Optimization Suite generates the error "Model_Group_Id=..." H63001
47249 ALERT - The %TKMI_JOB_RO waitfor_est_service task generates the error "Error in TKMIWorker..." H63001
47223 Load_STG2DM_Geo_prod generates the error: "BY variables are not properly sorted on data set WORK.LAST_GPS" H63001
47323 ALERT - Unable to successfully promote scenarios from Holdout Forecast Analysis H63001
47328 Expanded PS_x, CPS_x, and HOLIDAY_x default specification values are incorrectly saved using values for PS_1, CPS_1 and HOLIDAY_1, respectively H63001
47332 "Failed to connect to server" error is encountered after logging in to the SAS® Merchandise Solutions Configuration Workbench H63001
47405 The global setting HD_TOTAL_LENGTH is ignored H63001
47334 ALERT - Holdout Forecast Analysis specifications are not saved to the data mart H63001
47070 The Conditional Price Override dialog box is incorrectly populated with price point grid values H63001
47178 Pricing rules validation is incorrect for the uniform pricing product level and the inventory pooling product level H63001
47183 ALERT - A force markdown by date that is in the past is erroneously displayed as effective in the last week of plan H63001
47327 ALERT - The error "java.lang.NumberFormatException..." is generated when attempting a price override on a manual plan that was migrated H63001
47366 ALERT - The value specified for the FCST_BESTN_LIST model specification might not be honored H63002
47368 ALERT - Forecasts might be incorrect when FCST_DISAGG=1 and FCST_DISAGG_METHOD=1 H63002
47370 ALERT - Forecasts might be incorrect when forecast disaggregation and baseline offset are both enabled H63002
47372 ALERT - Forecast Analysis Accuracy scenario "Completed with error" when baseline offset and forecast disaggregation are both enabled, and FCST_DISAGG_METHOD=2 H63002
47820 ALERT - Current unconditional promotions are not visible H63002
47393 "java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space..." error might be encountered H63002
47937 Model specification values are not updated when you promote models from Model Analysis H63002
47957 ALERT - Creating a new Model Analysis Manager project generates a "" error H63002
48407 ALERT - Metrics in the Markdown Approvals view might be incorrect when a list of plans, products, or locations is displayed at an aggregate level H63003
53882 Sales forecasts might not match between a promotion and the sales forecast export  H63003
48254 ALERT - The nightly %TKMI_JOB_RO etl_end_service task truncates GEO_PROD_AGG and GEO_PROD_MTS tables H63003
Windows Released: November 14, 2012     Documentation: H63003wn.html D       Download:  
Windows for x64 Released: November 14, 2012     Documentation: H63003x6.html D       Download:  
64-bit Enabled AIX Released: November 14, 2012     Documentation: H63003r6.html D       Download:  
Linux for x64 Released: November 14, 2012     Documentation: H63003la.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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