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F9L001 was replaced by F9L007

F9L002 was replaced by F9L007

F9L003 was replaced by F9L007

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SAS Visual Analytics 7.5
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
61680 In the modern version of SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer, slider values might not refresh properly after filters are applied F9L001
64637 SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer fails to render reports and unexpectedly displays "A SAS licensing problem has been detected" F9L001
64765 SAS® Visual Analytics contains an authorization-bypass security vulnerability F9L001
64896 Some hierarchy levels are unexpectedly collapsed in a SAS® Visual Analytics crosstab after applying and then clearing a section filter F9L001
64905 Linked objects result in an empty set of data in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer when the report is saved at the lowest level of the hierarchy F9L001
64918 Removing data items from the Data Tip Values role for a graph corrupts the SAS® Visual Analytics report and negatively impacts performance F9L001
65296 SAS® Visual Analytics Transport Service does not provide tokenized cross-site request forgery (CSRF) protection F9L001
64371 Custom sorts are sorted incorrectly when used in a hierarchy in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer F9L001
64685 List control values are duplicated or appear as blanks in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer F9L001
64940 SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer displays incomplete results for custom graphs F9L001
64961 Drilling into a hierarchy on a geo region map in SAS® Visual Analytics returns "RuntimeError: memory access out of bounds" F9L001
64370 SAS® Visual Data Builder queries with special characters in their names cannot be scheduled F9L001
64814 SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer displays "Unresolvable entities for scope: SASReport" after deleting a report object that contains a page link F9L001
64939 SAS® Visual Data Builder saves jobs, deployed jobs, and deployed flows in My Folder F9L001
63547 Promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports display the original data source name even if a data source with a different name is selected during import F9L002
64418 Line style unexpectedly changes from solid to dashed in promoted SAS® Visual Analytics reports F9L002
64904 The calendar control available with SAS® Visual Analytics sliders makes incorrect suggestions about valid date ranges F9L002
64937 Some SAS® web applications do not open when SAS® Home is not installed F9L002
65033 The Data pane sometimes selects the wrong data source in SAS® Visual Analytics reports that contain more than 20 data sources F9L002
65057 SAS® Web Report Studio reports cannot be opened from SAS® Home using the Recent list or by browsing F9L002
65232 The "Advanced edit" option is not available for filters based on aggregated measures in SAS® Visual Analytics F9L002
65235 Code is missing from SAS® Visual Data Builder queries after upgrading to SAS® Visual Analytics 7.5 F9L002
65237 The Reload option is not available in SAS® Visual Data Builder when re-importing a data source to a Base SAS® library F9L002
65186 Some fonts display the incorrect font preview when using a text object in SAS® Visual Analytics F9L002
64645 Custom sorts are incorrectly applied to heat maps in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer F9L002
65299 The Open Data Source window in SAS® Visual Analytics unexpectedly shows duplicate table listings F9L003
63784 Report objects load more slowly in SAS® Report Viewer than they do in SAS® Visual Analytics F9L004
64849 SAS® Visual Analytics Designer 7.5 unexpectedly does not restrict importing data to only SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server libraries F9L004
65201 SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer does not open the linked page when double-clicking the Other slice in a pie chart F9L004
65328 Saved default value for a single-selection list control is not displayed in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer F9L004
65330 Report objects that contain a large amount of data take longer to render in SAS® Visual Analytics 7.5 than in SAS® Visual Analytics 7.4 or earlier F9L004
65354 Totals for list tables display incorrect values when system data limits are exceeded in SAS® Visual Analytics F9L004
64841 Alert-evaluation tasks for rules that no longer exist exhaust the SAS® environment F9L004
65369 The Data Pane in SAS® Visual Analytics takes longer than expected to calculate cardinality for category data items F9L005
62999 Printing a SAS® Visual Analytics report fails with "TransportWarning::INVALID_ARGUMENTS" or "TransportWarning::SERVICE_FAILURE" F9L006
65554 The ranking group "All Other" is incorrectly sorted in crosstabs in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer F9L006
65869 SAS® Visual Data Builder does not enable you to schedule with multiple time-event triggers F9L006
65588 The Description field is unexpectedly blank in the Open Data Source dialog box in SAS® Visual Analytics F9L006
65725 The New Hierarchy dialog box displays only the first 100 available data items when creating a hierarchy in SAS® Visual Analytics F9L006
65828 SAS® Visual Analytics Designer does not print reports to PDF when a reverse proxy is in use F9L006
65909 SAS® Visual Analytics Designer 7.5 responds slowly when you edit large or complex reports F9L006
65135 Geomap functionality in SAS® Visual Analytics contains a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability F9L007
65352 SAS® Visual Analytics does not support navigating to a file location when importing data from a server F9L007
65515 Links that use protocols other than HTTP fail to open in SAS® Visual Analytics F9L007
65607 SAS® Visual Analytics unexpectedly displays hidden pages if they are opened more than twice F9L007
65679 Specifying the order of data items in data tips is not honored in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer or SAS® Report Viewer F9L007
66000 Values might not be passed in an external link in SAS® Visual Analytics Viewer F9L007
Windows for x64 Released: June 23, 2020     Documentation: F9L007x6.html D       Download:  
Linux for x64 Released: June 23, 2020     Documentation: F9L007la.html D       Download:  
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