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D8T001 was replaced by D8T012

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D8T012 for HP-UX IPF
SAS Middle Tier 9.4_M6
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
63154 Workspace server connection issues occur in SAS® Studio when you use a proxy for Integrated Object Model (IOM) communication D8T001
63434 Advanced options for a Join transformation are not retained after a job is saved, closed, and reopened D8T001
63642 The SAS® Job Flow Scheduler Orchestrator does not allow you to retrieve a password from metadata D8T001
63643 You cannot store a flow on the WebDAV server in a Microsoft Windows environment when your Windows user name contains a backslash D8T001
65077 SAS® Enterprise Case Management does not report an error when you attempt to attach a file with a blocked file extension D8T001
65078 SAS® Enterprise Case Management does not respond properly when disallowed file uploads are blocked D8T001
64540 You see an "access is denied" error when you try to view a workflow diagram with SAS® Workflow Administrator on SAS® 9.4 (TS1M6) D8T001
65712 The "Register Tables" or "Update Metadata" function can fail with the error message "Invalid connection options. Lack USER option." D8T001
63459 SAS® 9.4 Logon Manager contains a version of JQuery that has reached end-of-life status D8T001
63684 Changing the status of a job returns the error "The job ID specified is not found" D8T002
63685 Setting the "Maximum Jobs" value to 0 for a queue causes SAS® Job Flow Scheduler to stop responding D8T002
63686 SAS® Job Flow Scheduler does not schedule jobs from queues with equal priority on a FIFO basis D8T002
63687 A SAS® Grid Manager grid queue fails when it is preempted by multiple queues D8T002
63625 A null pointer exception occurs and SAS® Management Console stops responding when you select a server object in the Server Manager plug-in D8T002
63779 ALERT - SAS® Management Console can be slow to connect when the metadata contains a large number of project repositories D8T002
63232 "Client connection for user XXXX closed" messages do not always appear in the SAS® Metadata Server log file D8T003
63761 SAS® Visual Analytics delivers more copies of distributed reports than expected D8T003
63894 Rescheduling a flow on the Distributed In-Process Services Scheduling Server causes jobs to be run on both the old and new schedules D8T003
58589 Increasing numbers of entries in the SAS® audit tables can affect Java Virtual Machine (JVM) performance D8T004
64176 Setting the Policy.ConcurrentUserLogins policy to the values DENY or LOGOFF causes authentication failure with the SAS® LASR™ Authorization Service D8T004
64181 SAS® Visual Analytics fails to import data when running in Google Chrome 74 D8T004
64184 A long delay occurs in SAS® 9.4M6 (TS1M6) when you open the Schedule Manager plug-in D8T004
64172 Registering OLE DB tables using SAS® Management Console in SAS® 9.4M6 (TS1M6) fails when the authentication domain is not set D8T005
64606 File events for Platform Process Manager flows are not mapped correctly after you import a SAS® package file D8T006
64834 SAS® Lineage is not showing all columns for SAS® Data Integration jobs when you use automatic relationship loading D8T007
64857 Contacts that are associated with SAS® Business Data Network terms are incorrectly removed by the Batch Relationship Cleaner tool D8T007
55537 ALERT - A reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability has been identified in SAS® Logon Manager D8T008
64331 SAS® Job Flow Scheduler does not support UNC paths properly on a Microsoft Windows system D8T008
65196 SAS® 9.4M6 Logon Manager contains a reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability via the referer header D8T008
65200 SAS® Web Report Studio scheduling and distribution fails when using the report output generation tool and the Platform Suite for SAS® D8T008
65203 The authinfo file for SAS® Job Flow Scheduler causes authentication errors when the user name for the authinfo file is case-sensitive D8T008
65206 A daily flow in SAS® Job Flow Scheduler does not run on Mondays, even when you select the "Every Weekday" option D8T008
65207 Communications between IBM Platform Process Manager and SAS® Management Console are not encrypted D8T008
60622 Redeploying a job using SAS® Management Console fails with the "UNKNOWN_ORIGINAL_SOURCE_FILE" error when the deployed job is defined by importing D8T008
65589 Library templates for Google BigQuery and Snowflake databases are missing in the New Library Wizard D8T009
65614 SAS® 9.4 Logon Manager is incorrectly identified as being impacted by CVE-2019-11358 D8T009
65676 Library templates for MongoDB and Salesforce databases are missing in the New Library Wizard D8T009
65710 The New Library Wizard does not have a library template for the JSON engine D8T009
61010 Incorrect values are stored for the common data model when it is used in a SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio campaign D8T011
65918 SAS® Workflow Services fails to respond after a error occurs for a workflow instance D8T011
64195 SAS® Analytical Data Set Builder gives "an error occurred when loading data" D8T012
64812 You see an "unexpected server error" message when you create a new business object in a content release on the SAS® Risk Governance Framework D8T012
65868 Saving a report distribution in SAS® Visual Analytics Designer fails with "The name is invalid" D8T012
66134 SAS® Management Console contains an XML External Entity (XXE) processing vulnerability D8T012
62370 OLAP dimensions defined with a period for the All level cannot be resized in SAS® Web Report Studio D8T012
NOTE: If you install this hot fix, you must also install hot fix E3I010 for SAS Job Flow Scheduler Orchestrator 9.46.
Released: June 15, 2020     Documentation: D8T012hx.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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