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SAS Risk and Finance Workbench 3.2

Hot Fix Downloads for Windows for x64

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D4L001 was replaced by D4L003

D4L002 was replaced by D4L003

D4L003 for Windows for x64
SAS Risk and Finance Workbench 3.2
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
62896 Middle-tier and server component changes for SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench 3.2 (Revision 18w30) D4L001
63131 Users cannot check their roles and group memberships and administrative users cannot clear the cache after modifying roles and group memberships D4L002
63069 Model group runs and task scripts fail with UnknownHostException errors after you implement a reverse proxy DMZ configuration D4L002
63128 The "Not for Distribution or production use" watermark is displayed in GoJS diagrams D4L002
62872 Middle-tier and server component changes for SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench 3.1 (Revision 17w47) D4L003
63757 The STAGING_DIR_GET function returns one argument when two are expected in SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench D4L003
63245 The import of Microsoft Excel project data fails if worksheets have non-English names or cross-sheet formulas D4L003
63294 The user interface (UI) does not support the specified worksheet column formats D4L003
63467 The ALM 10.2018 package for the Data Sufficiency report fails with "ERROR...Exception while running report...StressException..." D4L003
63517 The dialog boxes for editing sheet templates and exporting sheets are not consistent and might show an incorrect number of sheets D4L003
63520 The OK (Save) button is not active after you edit script parameters D4L003
63521 The user interface (UI) stops responding when you attempt to import a file that requires cell overrides D4L003
63536 Memory leaks that cause a growing Java heap space can occur when you turn on detailed logging D4L003
63539 The middle tier becomes unresponsive when you double-click the Execute button for model group runs or the process task script D4L003
63544 Double-clicking the Execute button to execute a script launches multiple, simultaneous runs D4L003
63545 ALERT - Spreadsheet cell values that depend on a date do not resolve correctly in SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench D4L003
63594 An incorrect user interface (UI) message pops up when a task notification rule cannot resolve user IDs with email addresses D4L003
63631 The ID and date created values are not shown on the page that lists the sheet templates in SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench D4L003
63632 Validation failures occur in the C_101.00 and C_102.00 reports in SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench D4L003
63633 An erroneous cell reference is added to the worksheet if the in-place cell editor is activated in SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench D4L003
63639 Validation rules for the EBA Taxonomy 2.8 and the Reporting Framework 2.8 are not getting executed in FINREP modules D4L003
63665 There are duplicate entities in the "Entity" drop-down list in the New Package window of SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench D4L003
63666 Existence check rules are not executed for the Funding Plans (FP) module in SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench D4L003
63678 An API enhancement for SAS® Risk and Finance Workbench includes additional validations in XBRL and validation severities D4L003
63679 Leading and trailing spaces in list values are not handled correctly for script parameters in user-defined lists D4L003
63680 When you open the Refine window to further refine a hierarchy in a worksheet, the root name for the hierarchy is not displayed D4L003
63767 The user preference table in the database is updated for every keystroke after you update a filter D4L003
Released: March 01, 2019     Documentation: D4L003x6.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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