Installation Instructions for Hot Fix C14005

64-bit Enabled AIX

Hot fix C14005 addresses the issue(s) in SAS Activity-Based Management 7.1 on 64-bit Enabled AIX as documented in the Issue(s) Addressed section of the hot fix download page:

C14005 is a "container" hot fix that contains the following "member" hot fixes which will update the software components as indicated. See the Container Hot Fixes section in the Maintenance Install Tool (MIT) Usage Guide for more information about container hot fixes.

C15004 for SAS Activity-Based Costing 7.1
C82006 for SAS Activity-Based Management Mid-Tier 7.1

Before applying this hot fix, follow the instructions in SAS Note 35968 to generate a SAS Deployment Registry report, then verify that the appropriate product releases are installed on your system. The software components and release numbers should match the list of software components updated by the individual hot fix installers.


  1. Files delivered in this hot fix will be backed up during the installation process. However, it is good general practice to back up your system before applying updates to software.

  2. You must have Administrator Privileges on your CLIENT or SERVER machine.

  3. All currently active SAS sessions, daemons, spawners and servers must be terminated before applying this hot fix.

  4. This hot fix should be installed using the same userid who performed the initial software installation.


This hot fix must be installed on each machine where the updated components of the product, listed above, are installed. The installation process will determine which components of SAS Activity-Based Management 7.1 are installed on each machine, and apply the appropriate updates.

If the updated components of this product are installed on multiple operating systems, you must download the hot fix for the appropriate operating system(s) and follow the installation instructions provided to complete the deployment of this hot fix.

The installer downloaded is C14005r6.bin.

When downloading SAS 9.2 hot fix packages, you must choose to Save the hot fix to disk, then execute the install from the saved location. Attempting to install a hot fix directly from the download page results in the error documented in SAS Note 37104.

To install the hot fix:

1. Verify that the installation binary has execute permission. If it does not, use the chmod command to make it executable.

$> chmod 755 C14005r6.bin
2. Set your $DISPLAY environment variable
export DISPLAY=<your_node_name>:0
3. Execute C14005r6.bin
    For example:

This will initiate the installation wizard, which will guide you through the hot fix installation process. During the installation you will be prompted for the SASHOME location to be updated. You should provide the path to the top level SAS directory where the deploymntreg directory exists.

See the Maintenance Install Tool (MIT) Usage Guide for more details on the installation of hot fixes.

This completes the installation of C14005. You must perform any "Post-Installation Instructions" documented below to successfully complete the deployment of this hot fix.


For each product installed, click the link to be redirected to post-installation instructions.

C15004 for SAS Activity-Based Costing 7.1
C88002 for SAS Activity-Based Management Client 7.1
C82006 for SAS Activity-Based Management Mid-Tier 7.1

C15004 for SAS Activity-Based Costing 7.1


C88002 for SAS Activity-Based Management Client 7.1

Updates to your SAS Activity-Based Management Client machines are also required. Since the clients can only be installed on Windows or Windows for x64, you must download C14005 for Windows to your client machines and apply the hot fix per the installation instructions provided.

C82006 for SAS Activity-Based Management Mid-Tier 7.1

Updates to the SAS Activity-Based Management Mid-Tier 7.1 provided in this hot fix require that Web Applications be rebuilt and redeployed. If this component is installed on Unix, follow the steps below to rebuild and redeploy the web application:


1. Delete


Re-build Web Application

In order for this step to execute correctly, the Metadata Server must be running.

1. Invoke the SAS Deployment Manager 9.2

From the SASDeploymentManager directory launch
SAS Deployment Manager is installed in the following default location:


2. Select a language in the Choose Language box

3. Select Rebuild Web Applications

4. Select Configuration Directory or Enter the Configuration Directory and Level that needs to be updated

5. Specify Connection Information, including the sasadm User ID and Password

6. Select Activity-Based Mgmt 7.1 as the Web Application to Rebuild

7. Verify the information on the Summary screen and select Start

8. Select Finish when the deployment is complete

This process will update the SAS Activity-Based Management Mid-Tier 7.1 ear in

A backup of the original ear file will be placed in the directory

9. In the sas.activitybasedmanagement7.1.ear that is rebuilt, remove lib/jsr173_api.jar. The jar should be removed from both the exploded and non-exploded ear, for example


Re-deploy Web Application

1. Re-deploy the web application using the process documented for the initial deployment process.

This completes the deployment of hot fix C14005 on 64-bit Enabled AIX.