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SAS Middle Tier 9.4_M5

Hot Fix Downloads for Solaris for x64

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B6K001 was replaced by B6K009

B6K002 was replaced by B6K009

B6K003 was replaced by B6K009

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B6K009 for Solaris for x64
SAS Middle Tier 9.4_M5
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
61412 Application server contexts are not visible in the Refresh Application Server dialog box in SAS® Management Console B6K001
61866 SAS® Enterprise Miner™ desktop client has an information-disclosure vulnerability B6K002
60545 Values for the date-and-time range are displayed incorrectly in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio B6K003
61729 "Illegal character in the entity name" error might occur in SAS® Web Infrastructure Platform Services if metadata folders contain special characters B6K003
62390 OLAP-based SAS® Web Report Studio reports that include multiple prompted filters might exhibit poor performance B6K003
62324 The SAS® 9.4 Deployment Backup and Recovery tool prints SAS® encoded password values in the backupserver.log file B6K003
61924 SAS® Stored Process dynamic prompts require user access to the Standard Logical Workspace Server B6K004
62425 A cross-site scripting vulnerability exists in the SAS® BI Dashboard Adobe Flash component B6K004
62688 Deploying a SAS® stored process as a web service in SAS® Management Console generates an error when you try to deploy another stored process B6K005
62763 You receive a "Failed to commit flow: Duplicate flow" error after you manually reschedule a flow to an IBM Platform Process Manager server B6K005
55537 ALERT - A reflected cross-site scripting vulnerability has been identified in SAS® Logon Manager B6K006
58589 Increasing numbers of entries in the SAS® audit tables can affect Java Virtual Machine (JVM) performance B6K006
62987 SAS® BI Web Services contains an XML External Entity (XXE) vulnerability B6K006
63048 An endless-loop condition occurs in SAS® Workflow Services when a workflow template contains a policy to copy a data object to itself B6K006
63051 A date prompt for a report incorrectly displays August instead of September when you use the Russian locale B6K006
63154 Workspace server connection issues occur in SAS® Studio when you use a proxy for Integrated Object Model (IOM) communication B6K006
60407 SAS® Data Integration Studio stops responding when you attempt to open a job B6K007
62082 The metadata-generation job "Create job for scheduling" fails when you attempt to open the job's properties B6K007
62382 The 'Create job for scheduling' metadata-generation job fails in SAS® Customer Intelligence Studio B6K007
63232 "Client connection for user XXXX closed" messages do not always appear in the SAS® Metadata Server log file B6K007
63338 Applications that use the comments service contain a security vulnerability with the use of comments B6K007
63459 SAS® 9.4 Logon Manager contains a version of JQuery that has reached end-of-life status B6K007
62370 OLAP dimensions defined with a period for the All level cannot be resized in SAS® Web Report Studio B6K008
64195 SAS® Analytical Data Set Builder gives "an error occurred when loading data" B6K009
64176 Setting the Policy.ConcurrentUserLogins policy to the values DENY or LOGOFF causes authentication failure with the SAS® LASR™ Authorization Service B6K009
64181 SAS® Visual Analytics fails to import data when running in Google Chrome 74 B6K009
Released: June 21, 2019     Documentation: B6K009sx.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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