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B4N001 was replaced by B4N007

B4N002 was replaced by B4N007

B4N003 was replaced by B4N007

B4N004 was replaced by B4N007

B4N005 was replaced by B4N007

B4N006 was replaced by B4N007

B4N007 for Windows
SAS Enterprise Guide 7.15
Issue(s) Addressed:Introduced:
43655 An invalid-operation exception occurs when you invoke SAS® Enterprise Guide® B4N001
56015 You might experience scaling issues when you use SAS® Enterprise Guide® with a high-resolution monitor setting B4N001
60650 You cannot save SAS® Enterprise Guide® projects that are opened by another user in "Read-only" mode B4N001
61130 Files folder structure might change after upgrading SAS® Enterprise Guide® to release 7.13 HF6 B4N001
61224 In SAS® Enterprise Guide®, the Import Data task might fail to open Microsoft Excel 2016 (0365) files B4N001
61239 In SAS® Enterprise Guide®, the Query Builder might open slowly for queries that are based on a database table B4N001
61299 In SAS® Enterprise Guide®, the Send to Excel feature might not format all records when sending views or DBMS data B4N001
61300 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might paste values into the wrong row after appending a row in the data grid B4N001
61436 The SAS® Enterprise Guide® Import Wizard might not display all bytes for UTF-16 text files B4N001
61479 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might not allow changes to an imported text file B4N001
61491 SAS® Enterprise Guide® displays the error "The file could not be opened for reading. Type: Xceed.FileSystem.DiskFile FullName" when you open a project B4N001
61498 SAS® Enterprise Guide® and SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office continuously prompt for a Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate B4N001
61612 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might not support zero as the "Maximum number of rows to display in the data grid with SAS/ACCESS® data" B4N002
61618 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might not save projects after applying Hot Fix 1 for 7.15 B4N002
61536 In SAS® Enterprise Guide®, "InitializeControls() - Unable to setup image list" error might occur when scheduling a project B4N003
61873 The Import Data function in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 7.15 with Hot Fix 1 or 2 might fail with "Data not found in worksheets" B4N003
61964 When opening a project, SAS® Enterprise Guide® might unexpectedly, automatically connect to a workspace server B4N003
62007 SAS® Enterprise Guide® might not pass the OBS= option down to Amazon Redshift database tables B4N003
62015 When opening SSAS cubes, SAS® Enterprise Guide® ignores the option "Default Actions for Opening OLAP Cubes" B4N003
62106 Some cube view actions in the SAS® Enterprise Guide OLAP Analyzer might have slow performance B4N003
50157 The modified length for an existing column might not be retained in the SAS® Enterprise Guide® Query Builder B4N004
62427 SAS® Enterprise Guide® process flows might not execute all tasks as expected if any of the tasks use a FALSE condition B4N004
62867 SAS® Enterprise Guide® task drops MVS Bound Library name B4N004
62881 Properties for projects and documents stored in SAS® Folders cannot be modified using SAS® Enterprise Guide® or SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office B4N004
63040 SAS® Enterprise Guide® or SAS® Add-In for Microsoft Office no longer saves connection credentials B4N004
62237 Saving a SAS® Enterprise Guide® project might randomly fail with errors such as "Failed to save project" and "Cannot perform the requested operation" B4N005
49898 An "Unable to send" error occurs when you use the Send To feature in SAS® Enterprise Guide® B4N007
61753 Errors occur in SAS® Enterprise Guide® 7.1 when you try to open and save projects to certain network drives B4N007
63153 Entering any WHERE clause in the Data Grid window results in an unhandled thread exception in SAS® Enterprise Guide® B4N007
IMPORTANT: To determine which hot fix to download, open SAS Enterprise Guide and click Help => About SAS Enterprise Guide. If the Version field shows (32-bit) then use the "Windows" download. If the Version shows (64-bit) then use the "Windows for x64" download.
Released: November 26, 2018     Documentation: B4N007wn.html D       Download:  
D indicates that the Documentation has special pre-installation, post-installation or other unique instructions not commonly used for hot fix deployment.
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