Installation Instructions for B8T004_cloudera

Hadoop on Linux x64

B8T004_cloudera addresses the issue(s) in SAS Threaded Kernel DS2 and FedSQL Language Processors 9.41_M2 for Hadoop on Linux x64 as documented in the Issue(s) Addressed section of the hot fix download page:


  1. Follow these instructions if you used the SAS Deployment Manager to install the in-database deployment package for Hadoop on your Cloudera cluster. If you used the manual deployment method, you must use the instructions here.

  2. You must have Administrator Privileges on your CLIENT or SERVER machine.

  3. All currently active SAS sessions, daemons, spawners and servers must be terminated.


  1. Before applying the hotfix, remove the existing SASEP service and parcel by following the instructions here

  2. Create /tmp/sasep_hotfix on the Linux workstation where Cloudera Manager is installed

  3. Download the B8T004hl_cloudera.tar and copy it to /tmp/sasep_hotfix

  4. CD to /tmp/sasep_hotfix directory

  5. Run a tar command to extract the B8T004hl_cloudera.tar
    tar xvf B8T004hl_cloudera.tar
  6. CD to new directory /tmp/sasep_hotfix/B8T004_cloudera

  7. Grant permission to the user account that you use to run the script. The user account must have super user (sudo) access or root access and must have Execute permission on the script.

  8. From the /tmp/sasep_hotfix directory, run the following command:
    ./ -v distro
    The variable distro represents one of the following Linux distributions:
    redhat5, redhat6, redhat7, suse11x, ubuntu10, ubuntu12, ubuntu14, debian6, or debian7.
    Select the appropriate value.

    Here is an example: ./ -v redhat6

  9. When prompted to restart Cloudera Manager, select y.

  10. Follow the instructions here to deploy the new SASEP parcel and service.



This completes the installation of B8T004_cloudera on Hadoop on Linux x64.

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