Installation Instructions for Hot Fix B61002


Hot fix B61002 addresses the issue(s) in SAS Formats Library for Teradata 1.8 on UNIX as documented in the Issue(s) Addressed section of the hot fix download page:


  1. You must have SAS Formats Library for Teradata 1.8 installed on your system before applying this hot fix. Refer to SN-35968 for instructions on how to determine which product releases you have installed.

  2. You must have Administrator Privileges on your CLIENT or SERVER machine.

  3. This hot fix should be installed using the same userid who performed the initial software installation.


1. The hot fix downloaded is a tar file called B61002sx.tar.

2. Extract the contents of B61002sx.tar into a temporary directory. Assuming the tar file is downloaded to the user's $HOME directory, execute the following

> cd /tmp
> tar -xvf $HOME/B61002sx.tar
This will extract the contents of the tar file to a /tmp/B61002ux directory:

3. Since this is a server-side install, FTP or SCP the RPM file to a location on the target Teradata Database server.


1. Verify that the database is started:
pdestate -a
Expected results:
      PDE state is RUN/STARTED.
      DBS state is 4: Logons are enabled - Users are logged on
      PDE state is RUN/STARTED.
      DBS state is 5: Logons are enabled - The system is quiescent
2. Use the Teradata Parallel Upgrade Tool (PUT) to install the SAS formats library from the hotfix distribution. See the instructions in the README file for the SAS formats library. If previous version of SAS formats library is jazxfbrs-9.2-1.9, TPUT will replace it with Hotfix version.

3. Verify that the correct version of the SAS formats library is installed and active:
Check the package version:
psh "rpm -qa" | grep jazxfbrs
Expected results (one line per Teradata node):

Checksum the library file in the file system:
psh sum /usr/local/lib64/
Expected results (one line per Teradata node):
      22232 1502
      22232 1502
This completes the installation of hot fix B61002 on UNIX.