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SAS 9.1.3 (9.1 TS1M3) Hot Fixes

® Software
Hot Fix Bundle E9BX04 for SOLARIS 64BIT
with Asian Language Support

The following fixes are included in the E9BX04 Bundle for SOLARIS 64BIT:Introduced
SN-017049Deleted observations can get added to new data set when migratingE9BX01
SN-017176JDBC connection to SAS/SHARE Server encounters transcoding error fornon-English localeE9BX03
SN-017440SQRT function now supported in MDX code for SAS® OLAP ServerE9BX01
SN-017694Missing Output when specifying APPLEVEL parameter on IOM Serverdefinition in SAS Management Console or OBJECTSERVERPARMS SAS OptionE9BX01
SN-012817Drill-through in MDDB Report Viewer fails with multiple filtered itemsE9BX01
SN-017825Microsoft Security patch may cause errors with MDDB Report Viewer graphsE9BX01
SN-017801XMLSELECT with OMI_MATCH_CASE does not honor multiple attributes in asearchE9BX01
SN-017976Error about running out of space using PROC PRINT in certain situationsE9BX01
SN-018019The default value for the FTEXT= graphics option with the Japanese orKorean install is incorrectly setE9BX01
SN-013603IRR and INTRR function may generate INVALID ARGUMENT message in SAS 9.1E9BX01
SN-017208A long format length may cause a system error in PROC REPORTE9BX01
SN-018200FLOW option on DEFINE statement may cause system errorE9BX01
SN-018969Specifying an encoding for the _WEBOUT fileref does not work when yourun a stored process with the Stored Process ServerE9BX01
SN-019166Possible memory-related failures when using the CATALOG access methodE9BX01
SN-019227NOWARN option for PROC APPENDE9BX01
SN-017785Combo Box Control placed in an Extended Table object generates programhaltE9BX01
SN-019176Models in SAS/AF software that support multiple interfaces onlyrecognize one interfaceE9BX01
SN-019525Startup of elssrv may fail with 'ERROR: Cannot start thread supportservice' or 'ERROR: Communication error with launch server' on UNIXE9BX02
SN-019773Abend U1314 or traceback notes and messages attempting to read amigrated view from SAS® 8E9BX02
SN-019231JAVAOBJ component object fails to free semaphoresE9BX02
SN-019812Values are quoted when DBCS value has same hex code as delimiter characterE9BX02
SN-020755SAS® Enterprise Guide® might generate memory leaks under UNIXE9BX03
SN-017841Extraneous characters appear for catalog entry descriptions when usingPROC CIMPORTE9BX03
SN-020578PROC CIMPORT generates warning: "This transport file is from an earlierSAS® release"E9BX03
SN-020673Using PROC CIMPORT in DBCS version of SAS® may result in errors orgarbage characters if transport file contains data with indexesE9BX03
SN-020675Garbage characters may result when using PROC CIMPORT to import atransport file containing double-byte character set dataE9BX03
SN-019223New SASMSG function added to support internationalizationE9BX02
SN-019946SASMSG FUNCTION causes memory leaksE9BX02
SN-021045The SASMSG function cannot differentiate traditional Chinese fromSimplified ChineseE9BX03
SN-021044The SASMSG function causes an access violation in batch mode when calledwith %SYSFUNCE9BX03
SN-021046An access violation might occur if the input data set is not created asexpectedE9BX03
SN-019742An error occurs when attempting to connect to the SAS® Metadata Server and the METAUSER= system option contains an embedded spaceE9BX03
SN-021053The SAS® Stored Process Server and SAS® Workspace Server load balancing is not distributed across hosts with thelowest cost algorithmE9BX03
SN-017784Item in Verion 6 Legacy Radio Box might become unselectable on LinuxE9BX03
SN-019976Delete key not working when maskCharacter attribute set for Text Entry ControlE9BX03
SN-015924DATETIMEw.d format can produce incorrect resultsE9BX01
SN-030622Error generated when MDYAMPM format is used in a FOOTNOTEE9BX03
SN-018463Access Violation or 0C4 abend in module SASSFM01 when using proceduresthat use multi-label formatsE9BX01
SN-020189Statistic labels in PROC TABULATE not displayed in uppercase in tableoutputE9BX02
SN-020444Error in PROC TABULATE NLS versions after applying hot fix E9BB28E9BX02
SN-020359Variable labels that contain multi-byte character set strings do notsplit correctlyE9BX02
SN-030679Page dimension "and" in PROC TABULATE not displayed in uppercase in table outputE9BX03
SN-031053Threaded procedures might return incorrect values when the DESCENDING option is specifiedE9BX04 *
SN-018909"ClassFormatError exception is thrown" Java runtime error when string constants contain umlaut charactersE9BX01
SN-019115TRANWRD() function has different performance in SAS® 6, and SAS® 8 and SAS®9.1.3E9BX01
SN-031391Transcoding problem occurs between SAS® Japanese encoding shift-jis and EUCE9BX03
SN-017767Export and Import Wizards require Metadata Server fixesE9BX01
SN-017743Login to SAS® web application fails when using an email address as theuserid with LDAP authenticationE9BX01
SN-017761Jobs that are duplicated within a Project repository may lose theirconnection to Target objectsE9BX01
SN-017860BI Manager "Import" might cause metadata to be destroyed for all stored processes that contain parameters in SAS 9.1.3 Service Pack 4E9BX01
SN-017852External table objects may get inadvertently deleted from metadata whenimporting or exporting metadata multiple timesE9BX01
SN-017855Server code does not support exporting and importing from a metadata Project repositoryE9BX01
SN-017857Exception may occur while exporting a block of objects from the DataIntegration Studio custom treeE9BX01
SN-017854Incorrect behavior might occur when all items are not selected within apackage when performing a metadata importE9BX01
SN-018452Unauthorized access to metadata server contentE9BX01
SN-030465Adding new records to a metadata repository after performing a metadata restore adds multiple metadata objects with the same internal ID valueE9BX03
SN-031345Metadata objects stored in a custom repository are not returned by client applications or metadata query results when they should beE9BX04 *
SN-017125LOCATEC/N function is counting deleted rows in its searchE9BX04 *
SN-019947Writing a SAS® data set to a WebDAV library may failE9BX02
SN-020153"ERROR: An I/O error has occurred on file" when WebDAV server sends backan invalid or unexpected responseE9BX02
SN-030802A memory overwrite occurs when using WebDAV LIBNAME or FILENAME with hot fix E9BB30 appliedE9BX03
SN-032797HTTP requests to an HTTPS server fail when the requests are made through a proxyE9BX04 *
SN-033408An error might appear in the SAS log when using the Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDav) filename engineE9BX04 *
SN-016428DBSLICEPARM creates incorrect syntax when DB2DECPT=,E9BX01
SN-030942The WHERE clause strips trailing blanks from string literals that are concatenated with DBMS columns of type VARCHARE9BX03
SN-031862A U1314 abend might occur when a job sorts an SQL procedure view that references a DB2 table E9BX04 *
SN-017410SAS® OLAP Server process may crash if slicer contains infinite loopE9BX01
SN-017408Permission condition memory is not released when OLAP session closedE9BX01
SN-017409SAS® OLAP Server performance enhancements available in SAS 9.1.3 ServicePack 4E9BX01
SN-018037PROC OLAP DEFINE statement can allow duplicate calculated members to becreatedE9BX01
SN-017931NUNIQUE values may be incorrect depending on the setting for "Maximumnumber of region execution threads"E9BX01
SN-017445Listing active queries on SAS® OLAP Server can cause server crashE9BX01
SN-017523Selecting an OLAP Session in the OLAP Server monitor may cause SAS®Management Console to hangE9BX01
SN-018020SAS® OLAP Server may error when empty data is passed to certain SAS®functionsE9BX01
SN-017871Drilldown may cause calculated member values to return from the SAS®OLAP Server as missing in Service Pack 4E9BX01
SN-018018Complex MDX query within a WITH expression might generate an accessviolationE9BX01
SN-018030SAS® OLAP Server might abend with an OLS_NAMESPACEDELETE tracebackE9BX01
SN-017907OLAP cubes with deep hierarchies may return incorrect result setsE9BX01
SN-018089Detailed SAS® OLAP Server logging now outputs SAS OLAP Server optionsettingsE9BX01
SN-018012Threadpool options for the SAS OLAP Server are being overwrittenE9BX01
SN-018198TKASSERT error might be received when querying a SAS® OLAP cube on z/OSE9BX01
SN-017449NON EMPTY CROSSJOIN optimization in SAS® OLAP ServerE9BX01
SN-018254MDX WHERE clause might return incorrect number of rows resulting in aperformance lossE9BX01
SN-018701Session and Global calculated members might be dropped when using NonEmptyOptimizationE9BX01
SN-018580Disabling NonEmpty Crossjoin optimization does not have any effectE9BX01
SN-018794DrillDownMemberTop function might cause crashes in the SAS® OLAP ServerE9BX01
SN-018702Global calculated members might cause crash in SAS OLAP Server withOptimization of Non Empty CrossjoinsE9BX01
SN-018795OLAP queries might return empty results if requesting missing valuesE9BX01
SN-018796MDX iif functions that return null values might incorrectly returnempty result setsE9BX01
SN-019048Calculated measures might be dropped from the OLAP result set when usingNon Empty Crossjoin OptimizationE9BX01
SN-019164Memory degradation or access violation could occur when querying a SAS® OLAPcube with member-level security appliedE9BX01
SN-018253DBCS drillthrough labels might not be rendered correctlyE9BX01
SN-019226Sorted OLAP queries might return incorrect resultsE9BX01
SN-019314Use of global MDX String functions could halt the SAS® OLAP ServerE9BX01
SN-019418AGGREGATE MDX function might cause slow query performance when member-level security is defined to the OLAP cubeE9BX01
SN-019725AGGREGATE functions using calculated members containing NUNIQUE measures might cause SAS® OLAP Server to crashE9BX02
SN-019820NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN function might cause data loss in an OLAP QueryE9BX02
SN-020202Incorrect totals calculated when aggregate has members in same dimensionof the NUNIQUE measure being usedE9BX02
SN-020292SAS® OLAP Server performance might be worse after applying hotfix E9BA34 or laterE9BX02
SN-020291SAS® OLAP Server AGGREGATE function might return incorrect results on certain calculated membersE9BX02
SN-030537SAS MDX isEmpty function will not evaluate cells containing character dataE9BX03
SN-020146Total calculations might be incorrect when an NUNIQUE measure is usedE9BX02
SN-013365Drill-through and ROLAP aggregation tables can fail if the MDX query contains a numeric memberE9BX04 *
SN-020028Empty drillthrough result when format width for a column is too smallE9BX04 *
SN-017745WHERE clause processing against an SQL view can cause Read Access orSegmentation ViolationsE9BX01
SN-031607Using the BY statement with the formatted ODS destinations can generate incorrect outputE9BX04 *
SN-017962The first blank space in the name literal table names gets removed whenyou set the SYSLAST macro variable or _LAST_ system optionE9BX01
SN-017876Creating index may cause SAS® to loopE9BX01
SN-017981Incorrect output with WHERE and BY statementsE9BX01
SN-015813Read Access Violation in Task (CONNECT) caused by long commentsE9BX01
SN-018156Invoking an autocall macro which is stored as a SOURCE entry within acatalog may cause errorsE9BX01
SN-018305Garbage characters in SAS log when localized DBCS SAS is used withproducts related to the Workspace serverE9BX01
SN-018396Queries or WHERE clauses run against large data sets can causeSAS/SHARE® server to hangE9BX01
SN-019372Performance is poor in the SQL procedure when you use the COUNT(Distinctxxxx) functionE9BX02
SN-019601The option VALIDVARNAME=UPCASE is not working as expectedE9BX02
SN-019978Specifying LOGPARM system option may generate INSUFFICIENTAUTHORIZATION messagesE9BX02
SN-019984Output in the listing is truncated using the DBCS version of SASE9BX02
SN-019344SAS® may ignore indexes during query on 64-Bit UNIX systemsE9BX02
SN-019578Update Flags from PROC SQL views are propagated by SAS® procedures withOUT= optionE9BX02
SN-020208The ACCESS=READONLY option in the CATNAME statement is not workingcorrectlyE9BX02
SN-020562PROC APPEND step may damage BASE data setE9BX02
SN-021003Using the %v or #v LOGPARM path directive might cause the workspace server to fail to start and processes to stop respondingE9BX03
SN-030428Aliased constant values become missing in outer joins and unionsE9BX03
SN-030390Improvements are now available in relational database optimization via the SQL procedureE9BX03
SN-019655Filter behavior inconsistent between SAS® Web Report Studio 3.1 and SAS® Information Map StudioE9BX03
SN-031300Poor performance occurs when you use views that consist of inner joins from DBMS tablesE9BX03
SN-032375Errors might occur reading XML files using the XML engine with very long stringsE9BX04 *
SN-017667Segmentation Violation in task [ DATASETS ] using DELETE statementE9BX01
SN-020233Increasing timeout value on UNIX may improve performanceE9BX02
SN-020274Grid sign-on fails to honor the TCPPORTFIRST and the TCPPORTLAST optionsE9BX02
SN-020438Unix cleanwork utility does not remove UTILLOC directoriesE9BX02
SN-019386SAS/CONNECT may issue "Segmentation Violation In Task [ Program ]"E9BX03
SN-020817Using the JOBNAME= option to specify a job name in the GRDSVC_ENABLE call routineE9BX03
SN-021112A SAS/CONNECT® software session might result in orphaned processes on a remote UNIX serverE9BX03
SN-031400Resetting system time backwards causes negative "real time" value in STIMER outputE9BX04 *
SN-032113The $EBCDIC format/informat generates incorrect results if ENCODING=UTF8 is setE9BX04 *
SN-032521A Multi-Processing (MP) CONNECT session might not respond in UNIX environmentsE9BX04 *
SN-032547Data sets written to tape in SAS® 8.2 are not readable in SAS 9.1.3E9BX04 *
SN-032177Negative percentages might be displayed in parentheses when using some language settingsE9BX04 *
SN-017906The I/O subsystem has returned error message 'WHERE clause is notallowed with preset index.'E9BX04 *
SN-017800WHERE clause is not allowed with preset indexE9BX01
SN-032112Performance degradation might occur with the SAS® Metadata Server E9BX04 *
SN-017915Memory leak in transcoding routine from MBCS to MBCSE9BX03
SN-020676PROC CIMPORT may fail or generate errors when the file contains SBCSKatakana dataE9BX03
SN-030987Performance problems occur in DBCS SAS® software when you use the RLINK or DLM= options in the FILENAME statementE9BX03
SN-019088KCVT function has problem handling trailing null characterE9BX01
SN-032426Selection lists or pop-up menus might display behind SAS/AF® framesE9BX04 *
SN-032570PROC COPY might not honor the OBS= optionE9BX04 *
SN-017241"ERROR: System abend 0C4 occurred in module SASYHRE8 function YHRMHMR atoffset 000420"E9BX01
SN-032682Error causes SAS/SHARE® server running with the TTCP option to fill log with error messagesE9BX04 *
SN-031851User accounts might show as in the SAS® OLAP Server Monitor in SAS® Management Console E9BX04 *
SN-018857WebDAV FILENAME needs additional functionalityE9BX01
SN-032831An error might occur if you use the Web-based Distributed Authoring and Versioning (WebDAV) FILENAME statementE9BX04 *
SN-017704An update to ensure proper authentication logging on to an IntegrationTechnology ServerE9BX01
SN-020384If your z/OS user ID begins with special characters, you cannot see pre-assigned libraries from SAS® Enterprise Guide® 4.1E9BX02
SN-020418"ACCESS DENIED" authentication error is not displayed as expected whenthe Metadata server using a Japanese version of WindowsE9BX02
SN-031165IOM messages are truncated in the SAS® Metadata Server logE9BX03
SN-018812SAS® Information Map might fail to open in SAS® Enterprise Guide®E9BX01
SN-020496SAS® Information Map Libname Engine might generate "ERROR: Write AccessViolation in Task"E9BX03
SN-020991SAS® Information Maps with more than 1000 data items might fail to open with the SAS Information Map Libname Engine (IMLE)E9BX03
SN-030898Slow processing when using PROC INFOMAPSE9BX04 *
SN-019093Measure captions are limited to 30 characters for OLAP information mapsE9BX04 *
SN-030897Error with PROC INFOMAPS when the data source is an OLAP Cube and the password is not stored in the metadataE9BX04 *
SN-032856Denying ReadMetadata on a column does not always prevent denied users from seeing the columnE9BX04 *
SN-020378A segmentation violation might occur during execution of the DOWNLOADprocedureE9BX03
SN-031087A floating-point exception error might occur if you use the DOWNLOAD procedure to move a file that is larger than 2 GBE9BX03
SN-032983Invalid results occur when you use the DOWNLOAD procedure with the V6TRANSPORT option in SAS® 9.1.3 in the z/OS environmentE9BX04 *
SN-018202'Cannot start remote process' or 'spawner prompt not found' errors mightoccur when connecting to a UNIX spawner program (sastcpd)E9BX02
SN-019354An error occurs when you use SAS/CONNECT® software to sign on to a remote UNIX machine that is running a UNIX spawner programE9BX01
SN-016689SAS/CONNECT® software spawner does not invoke SAS without the full path to SASE9BX04 *
SN-017270Style not applied properly when sending ODS emailE9BX01
SN-017354SMTP email only uses the e-mail user ID (rather than the full e-mail address) for authenticationE9BX01
SN-007782Time stamp calculation when emailing from OS/390E9BX01
SN-019638Sending e-mail attachments using SMTP causes a read-access violationE9BX02
SN-020323SAS® 9.1.3 and earlier SMTP e-mails do not timeout when block waiting for a response from a SMTP serverE9BX02
SN-018044Using SMTP e-mail with SAS® 9.1.3 (English version with DBCS and Unicode support) might cause truncated or missing e-mail outputE9BX03
SN-031148Unable to authenticate e-mail on z/OSE9BX03
SN-033129The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) e-mail facility stops sending all e-mails when it encounters an invalid addressE9BX04 *
SN-010962SMTP e-mail might stop when an invalid address is encounteredE9BX04 *
SN-033077A Read-access violation occurs when a Zip file is attached to e-mail in a DBCS SAS® sessionE9BX04 *
SN-031241"ERROR: Library LIBREF is not assigned" when running the METALIB procedureE9BX04 *
SN-017581ERROR: Invalid physical name for library XXXX is displayed when usingUpdate Table Metadata or PROC METALIB with concatenated librariesE9BX01
SN-017580ERROR: This Library is already assigned or cannot be reassignedE9BX01
SN-017849PROC METALIB fails to update an SPDS library table metadata with "Error:Invalid Option User."E9BX01
SN-019486"ERROR: Invalid memptr" and SAS® session hangs when trying to access aview via a libref with the META LIBNAME engineE9BX02
SN-020460Joining two tables can cause your system to stop responding or can cause an access-violation problemE9BX04 *
SN-031002Database passwords are displayed in the SAS® log in clear textE9BX04 *
SN-032284A Read-access violation occurs when running PROC METALIB to update tables that originate from an Adabas databaseE9BX04 *
SN-016116Pre-Assigned Library fails with an unexpected error has occurredE9BX04 *
SN-032376Access violation occurs when updating metadata for a table that contains multiple indexes with long index namesE9BX04 *
SN-033461The METAOPERATE procedure does not set the value of the SYSERR automatic macro variable when an error occursE9BX04 *
SN-017873Extra WHERE clause may get added to query passed to databasesE9BX01
SN-017888Segmentation Violation error issued when using PROC SQL and SAS/ACCESS®with a LENGTH= option larger than 32E9BX01
SN-018108Segmentation violation when executing multiple queries against a PROCSQL view containing a LIBNAME statementE9BX01
SN-018176Import of table through Information Map Library Engine deletes physicaltableE9BX01
SN-020479Batch jobs might end with a return code of 4 with no warning in the SAS®logE9BX03
SN-018487Compress() function returns incorrect results when used on PROC SQLINSERT statement after applying SAS® 9.1.3 Service Pack 4E9BX01
SN-016074"WARNING: At least one nonessential grouping column reference has beenremoved from a GROUP BY's reference list"E9BX01
SN-019170Errors issued when integer references for column is used in a PROC SQLGROUP BY statementE9BX01
SN-019372Performance is poor in the SQL procedure when you use the COUNT(Distinctxxxx) functionE9BX02
SN-019527Specifying the NOIPASSTHRU option in PROC SQL does not disable implicitpassthruE9BX02
SN-016547Correlated subqueries using column aliases may not be passed to yourdbms when using SAS/ACCESS LIBNAME statementE9BX02
SN-019930Using more than 36 tables in a UNION operation within an SQL proceduregenerates an error messageE9BX02
SN-020130Aliases columns or aliased tables in the SQL procedure blocks ImplicitPass-ThroughE9BX03
SN-030428Aliased constant values become missing in outer joins and unionsE9BX03
SN-020126SAS/ACCESS® software now provides full support of the INNER JOIN syntaxE9BX03
SN-020162Using functions without parameters in WHERE clauses can block ImplicitPass-ThroughE9BX03
SN-020116SAS/ACCESS® software fails to use table aliases correctly when you use in-line SELECT statementsE9BX03
SN-020123Incorrect SQL text is generated when inner and left joins are usedE9BX03
SN-020125Using implicit pass-through might cause an incorrect table referenceassignmentE9BX03
SN-020129An incorrect Implicit Pass-Through query is generated when you use acombination of inner and outer JoinsE9BX03
SN-020122Performance issues occur because SQL code is not passed to the databaseE9BX03
SN-030390Improvements are now available in relational database optimization via the SQL procedureE9BX03
SN-019655Filter behavior inconsistent between SAS® Web Report Studio 3.1 and SAS® Information Map StudioE9BX03
SN-020635Incorrect textualization of SQL Implicit Pass-Through queries occurswhen you combine multiple inner joins with one or more outer joinsE9BX03
SN-032085Incorrect SQL optimization may produce incorrect resultsE9BX04 *
SN-030942The WHERE clause strips trailing blanks from string literals that are concatenated with DBMS columns of type VARCHARE9BX03
SN-030923Aliased summary functions in Base SAS® software are not passed to databasesE9BX03
SN-030893Using an ORDER BY clause in the SQL procedure causes performance problemsE9BX03
SN-031102A segmentation-violation error might occur after you apply Hot Fix E9BA83 and you access OracleE9BX03
SN-031191Support is now available for the PROC SQL CREATE TABLE statement for the SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server® E9BX03
SN-031122SQLPLAN internal errors might occur when you select columns from an SQL viewE9BX03
SN-031121Implicit Pass-Through errors occur when accessing Oracle tables E9BX03
SN-031291Errors occur in SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server® for numeric columns that are defined with the MISSING statement when it is used in WHERE processingE9BX03
SN-031211Errors occur in the SQL procedure's Implicit Pass-Through facility after you apply hot fixes E9BB72, E9BB76, and E9BB80E9BX03
SN-031249SQLPLAN errors occur when you reference a calculated column on an SQL WHERE clause E9BX03
SN-031905Enhancements to the Implicit SQL Pass-Through facility enable more of a query to be passed to a databaseE9BX04 *
SN-031863Using the EQT operator in the SQL procedure incorrectly classifies rows with missing values as a matchE9BX04 *
SN-031564Performance problems occur when you use the CASE expression with DBMS tablesE9BX04 *
SN-031825After applying hot fixes E9BB98 and E9BB99, column aliases are passed to the SQL GROUP BY clause in place of the corresponding real column namesE9BX04 *
SN-033763Using the CALCULATED keyword in a WHERE clause in a PROC SQL inner join generates a cartesian productE9BX04 *
SN-033649Calculations that involve DBMS datetime values can return incorrect resultsE9BX04 *
SN-033073Using the CALCULATED keyword in a WHERE clause generates a Carteisan productE9BX04 *
SN-032636A Read-access violation might be generated after you apply hot fixes E9BB80, E9BB98, and E9BB99E9BX04 *
SN-032537Incorrect query results might be generated after you apply hot fixes E9BB80, E9BB98, and E9BB99 or you run SAS® 9.2 E9BX04 *
SN-032925An error occurs when you use the IDXNAME= and the WHERE= data set options in an SQL procedure queryE9BX04 *
SN-032472Concatenating libraries can result in Read-access violations in the SQL procedure E9BX04 *
SN-032545An SQLPLAN error might occur after you apply hot fixes E9BB98 and E9BB99 E9BX04 *
SN-032406Outer joins that contain a WHERE clause with the STRIP() and PUT() functions cause abnormal endingsE9BX04 *
SN-032542An error message incorrectly appears when you use the IDXNAME= and the WHERE= option data set options together in an SQL procedureE9BX04 *
SN-011210Incorrect results from PROC SQL using WHERE= option with indexed tablesE9BX04 *
SN-033094Incorrect results might be generated when you use the LIBNAME statement to join multiple Oracle tables E9BX04 *
SN-018254MDX WHERE clause might return incorrect number of rows resulting in aperformance lossE9BX01
SN-018911"ERROR: System Exiting Status=401" message occurs when multipleprocesses update a SPD Engine data setE9BX01
SN-032674PROC OLAP stops responding even though CPU usage is highE9BX04 *
SN-033673Encountered error in DA-subsystem.E9BX04 *

E9BX04 * Indicates fixes that are appearing in a bundle for the first time.

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