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SAS 9.1.3 (9.1 TS1M3) Hot Fixes

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Hot Fix Bundle E9BX03 for SOLARIS FOR X64
with Asian Language Support

The following fixes are included in the E9BX03 Bundle for SOLARIS FOR X64:Introduced
SN-018202'Cannot start remote process' or 'spawner prompt not found' errors mightoccur when connecting to a UNIX spawner program (sastcpd)E9BX03 *
SN-019354An error occurs when you use SAS/CONNECT® software to sign on to a remote UNIX machine that is running a UNIX spawner programE9BX03 *
SN-020755SAS® Enterprise Guide® might generate memory leaks under UNIXE9BX03 *
SN-019223New SASMSG function added to support internationalizationE9BX03 *
SN-019946SASMSG FUNCTION causes memory leaksE9BX03 *
SN-021045The SASMSG function cannot differentiate traditional Chinese fromSimplified ChineseE9BX03 *
SN-021044The SASMSG function causes an access violation in batch mode when calledwith %SYSFUNCE9BX03 *
SN-021046An access violation might occur if the input data set is not created asexpectedE9BX03 *
SN-016428DBSLICEPARM creates incorrect syntax when DB2DECPT=,E9BX03 *
SN-020687Support for Oracle TIMESTAMP data types added in SAS 9.1.3E9BX03 *
SN-021053The SAS® Stored Process Server and SAS® Workspace Server load balancing is not distributed across hosts with thelowest cost algorithmE9BX03 *
SN-017410SAS OLAP Server process may crash if slicer contains infinite loopE9BX03 *
SN-017408Permission condition memory is not released when OLAP session closedE9BX03 *
SN-017409SAS OLAP Server performance enhancements available in SAS 9.1.3 ServicePack 4E9BX03 *
SN-018037PROC OLAP DEFINE statement can allow duplicate calculated members to becreatedE9BX03 *
SN-017931NUNIQUE values may be incorrect depending on the setting for "Maximumnumber of region execution threads"E9BX03 *
SN-017445Listing active queries on SAS OLAP Server can cause server crashE9BX03 *
SN-017523Selecting an OLAP Session in the OLAP Server monitor may cause SASManagement Console to hangE9BX03 *
SN-018020SAS OLAP Server may error when empty data is passed to certain SASfunctionsE9BX03 *
SN-017871Drilldown may cause calculated member values to return from the SASOLAP Server as missing in Service Pack 4E9BX03 *
SN-018018Complex MDX query within a WITH expression may generate an AccessViolationE9BX03 *
SN-018030SAS OLAP Server may abend with an OLS_NAMESPACEDELETE tracebackE9BX03 *
SN-017907OLAP cubes with deep hierarchies may return incorrect result setsE9BX03 *
SN-018089Detailed SAS OLAP Server logging now outputs SAS OLAP Server optionsettingsE9BX03 *
SN-018012Threadpool options for the SAS OLAP Server are being overwrittenE9BX03 *
SN-018198TKASSERT error might be received when querying an OLAP cube on Z/OSE9BX03 *
SN-017449NON EMPTY CROSSJOIN optimization in SAS OLAP ServerE9BX03 *
SN-018254MDX WHERE clause might return incorrect number of rows resulting in aperformance lossE9BX03 *
SN-018701Session and Global calculated members might be dropped when using NonEmptyOptimizationE9BX03 *
SN-018580Disabling NonEmpty Crossjoin optimization does not have any effectE9BX03 *
SN-018794DrillDownMemberTop function might cause crashes in the SAS® OLAP ServerE9BX03 *
SN-018702Global calculated members might cause crash in SAS OLAP Server withOptimization of Non Empty CrossjoinsE9BX03 *
SN-018795OLAP queries might return empty results if requesting missing valuesE9BX03 *
SN-018796MDX iif functions that return null values might incorrectly returnempty result setsE9BX03 *
SN-019048Calculated measures might be dropped from the OLAP result set when usingNon Empty Crossjoin OptimizationE9BX03 *
SN-019164Memory degradation or Access Violation could occur when querying an OLAPcube with Member Level Security appliedE9BX03 *
SN-018253DBCS drillthrough labels might not be rendered correctlyE9BX03 *
SN-019226Sorted OLAP queries might return incorrect resultsE9BX03 *
SN-019314Use of global MDX String functions could halt the SAS OLAP ServerE9BX03 *
SN-019418AGGREGATE MDX function might cause slow query performance when memberlevel security is defined to the OLAP cubeE9BX03 *
SN-019725AGGREGATE functions using calculated members containing NUNIQUE measures might cause SAS® OLAP Server to crashE9BX03 *
SN-019820NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN function might cause data loss in an OLAP QueryE9BX03 *
SN-020202Incorrect totals calculated when aggregate has members in same dimensionof the NUNIQUE measure being usedE9BX03 *
SN-020292SAS® OLAP Server performance might be worse after applying hotfix E9BA34 or laterE9BX03 *
SN-020291SAS® OLAP Server AGGREGATE function might return incorrect results on certain calculated membersE9BX03 *
SN-030537SAS MDX isEmpty function will not evaluate cells containing character dataE9BX03 *
SN-020146Total calculations might be incorrect when an NUNIQUE measure is usedE9BX03 *
SN-017784Item in Verion 6 Legacy Radio Box might become unselectable on LinuxE9BX03 *
SN-019976Delete key not working when maskCharacter attribute set for Text Entry ControlE9BX03 *
SN-018452Unauthorized access to metadata server contentE9BX03 *
SN-030465Adding new records to a metadata repository after performing a metadata restore adds multiple metadata objects with the same internal ID valueE9BX03 *
SN-015924DATETIMEw.d format can produce incorrect resultsE9BX03 *
SN-030622Error generated when MDYAMPM format is used in a FOOTNOTEE9BX03 *

E9BX03 * Indicates fixes that are appearing in a bundle for the first time.

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