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Release 8.2 Hot Fixes

® Software
Hot Fix Bundle 82BX09 for COMPAQ TRU64 UNIX
with Asian Language Support

The following fixes are included in the 82BX09 Bundle for COMPAQ TRU64 UNIX:Introduced
SN-005868New procedure CV2VIEW is available to assist in converting SAS/Access view descriptors to LIBNAME views 82BX01
SN-006241Memory Leak may be experienced in WebAF when accessing MDDB 82BX01
SN-005030Using the DROP= (or KEEP=) option with NODUPKEY in PROC SORT may require FORCE option 82BX02
SN-005408$ASCIIw. informat may overwrite other variables 82BX01
SN-006836$BINARYw. format produces incorrect results under DBCS environment 82BX01
SN-007030TRANWRD performance problems on DBCS systems 82BX01
SN-007057Segmentation Violation may occur with multiple array aliasing in PROC NLIN 82BX01
SN-006088Using FILENAME FTP with MACH= option causes Error: Unknown .netrc keyword 82BX01
SN-008686Only one revision is saved when entry name length is greater than 40 82BX04
SN-006100Invalid package files (*.spk) are generated when running with Asian Language Support (DBCS) installed 82BX01
SN-006320PROC PRINT does not honor SPLIT= option (DBCS compliant version only) 82BX01
SN-006321Japanese version of SAS 8.2 cannot read a back slash correctly from a directory server 82BX01
SN-006322Byte order of UCS2 character is wrong with the KCVT function (DBCS compliant version only) 82BX01
SN-008405Write-access violation error message appears when reading file with URL engine 82BX05
SN-008973Problems reading redirected web pages with the URL engine 82BX05
SN-008974Problems using the URL engine to read web pages from sites that set cookies 82BX05
SN-009209HTTP 1.1 support for URL access method 82BX05
SN-009286Lack of transcoding support for GBK charset causes problems 82BX05
SN-009445TOOLKIT engine may not properly handle member names over 8 characters 82BX05
SN-005210LINE statement may display incorrect data with COMPUTE BEFORE and the FLOW option 82BX04
SN-005223BREAK statement and GROUP under an ACROSS may cause an error 82BX04
SN-005211GROUP values under ACROSS may be missing if BREAK/COMPUTE AFTER variable is requested 82BX04
SN-005767Nested ACROSS variables may result in system specific errors 82BX04
SN-005770Row variable values may be printed under wrong variable column 82BX04
SN-005766Rows of data may be missing from output with multiple ACROSS variables in PROC REPORT 82BX04
SN-007784PROC REPORT quantile values may be incorrect 82BX04
SN-007785ACROSS values may be missing in the REPORT WINDOW of PROC REPORT 82BX04
SN-007786BY statement in PROC REPORT may cause memory problems 82BX04
SN-007888All but the first column under an ACROSS variable may contain missing values 82BX04
SN-005776CALL DEFINE specified in COMPUTE block may produce an abend 82BX04
SN-009218Data missing when ANALYSIS variable is requested over multiple ACROSS variables 82BX05
SN-009829PROC REPORT _PAGE_ location LINE statements are missing when only summary rows are printed on a page 82BX07
SN-010063PROC REPORT option NOCOMPLETECOLS may apply only to last variable listed under a nested ACROSS 82BX07
SN-010051Label for OTHER format range may display in RBREAK summary line 82BX07
SN-010380The FLOW option on a DEFINE statement may generate garbage characters 82BX07
SN-007086KANJI conversion works until subsequent windows are opened after invoking SAS 82BX01
SN-007277SAS/Integration Technologies Object Spawner does not honor expired passwords when using SASAUTH authentication 82BX08
SN-010961SAS Servers do not honor expired passwords when using C2 Enhanced Security on Compaq Tru64 UNIX 82BX08
SN-010238SAS Clients fail to authenticate when using blank or empty password 82BX08
SN-010386"ERROR: Invalid Argument" or incorrect results when using ZIP code functions 82BX06
SN-004359PROC MEANS/SUMMARY/TABULATE/REPORT may produce additional classification groups and not apply format to printed output 82BX01
SN-005747PROC MEANS/SUMMARY may produce incorrect output with numeric CLASS variables 82BX01
SN-010802PROC MEANS/SUMMARY produces null ID values in output data set 82BX07
SN-004574Spanned headers in PROC REPORT may cause incorrect cellwidth when using ODS 82BX01
SN-004501PROC TABULATE repeats statistics in all ODS destinations except listing and output data sets 82BX01
SN-005261The CHARSET= and ENCODING= ODS options are ignored by the HTML and XML destinations 82BX01
SN-005850DBCS characters may not display properly when using ODS RTF 82BX01
SN-005851Certain DBCS characters prevent RTF files from being opened by Microsoft Word 82BX01
SN-005425Invalid files generated for ODS printer destinations in Asian encodings 82BX01
SN-005950ODS PDF does not render Latin1 (ISO 8859-1) encoding correctly 82BX01
SN-005951ODS PDF and RTF can not produce double-byte encoded output 82BX01
SN-005949ODS PDF will only use Times, Helvetica, and Courier as default font 82BX01
SN-005596Output data set may not be generated when using the ODS OUTPUT statement 82BX01
SN-007190Incorrect Japanese character appears in ODS RTF output on DBCS systems 82BX01
SN-007191Generating ODS/RTF output using the ESCAPECHAR option causes errors on DBCS systems 82BX01
SN-009281The OVERPRINT system option does not work correctly with the ODS PRINTER and PDF destinations 82BX07
SN-010318User-defined format can not be updated when applied to a variable created with ODS OUTPUT 82BX07
SN-010411Customized template may cause observations to not appear in ODS PRINTER output 82BX07
SN-005994Using a PREIMAGE= specification and STARTPAGE= with ODS PRINTER causes errors 82BX07
SN-009366ODS PRINTER does not close registry keys properly 82BX08
SN-004576IN operator in PROC SQL sometimes gives incorrect results 82BX01
SN-011805Result of assignment of an array element may be incorrect 82BX08
SN-004892Long encrypted message can cause errors in spawner 82BX08
SN-010951SAS/CONNECT client times out or fails to authenticate when supplying valid credentials to UNIX SAS Job Spawner 82BX08
SN-011433SAS/CONNECT Spawner & Client session "hang" after executing erroneous code 82BX09 *
SN-004606PROC TABULATE abnormally terminates when the PRINTMISS option is used 82BX09 *
SN-005685PROC TABULATE may generate unweighted percentage with weighted analysis variable 82BX09 *
SN-007709PROC TABULATE prints 'AND' in page heading section of table in listing output 82BX09 *
SN-011373Pages are ordered incorrectly when using ALL in the page dimension in TABULATE 82BX08
SN-012302PROC TABULATE fails to produce error in the ODS destinations in SAS 8.2 regarding limit on potential interactions 82BX09 *
SN-004155Value in combo box may display incorrectly when using Pageup/Pagedown keys 82BX01
SN-006146May receive ERROR: Parameter 1 to method setcamText was not character 82BX01
SN-010956Memory is not freed when terminating all objects in a Work Area 82BX07
SN-004969Incorrect results returned when using the LIBNAME statement or ACCESS view to query a DBMS 82BX01
SN-006278"ERROR: The maximum number of DBMS opens for this engine has been reached" 82BX01
SN-006761The case of DBMS column and table names is not preserved when using the DBCS image 82BX01
SN-006874The option DBGEN_NAME= renames variables incorrectly 82BX01
SN-005276Error joining multiple ACCESS views or DBMS tables from different librefs with CONNECTION=GLOBALSHARED 82BX01
SN-009683New DB2 LIBNAME option to reduce number of concurrent DB2 threads 82BX09 *
SN-012757SAS/ACCESS query may return incorrect results when duplicate variable names exist 82BX09 *
SN-004264-LOG, -ALTLOG, -PRINT, and -ALTPRINT system options require a file (not a directory) in V8 82BX01
SN-004914I/O Errors on UNIX encountered due to out of space conditions 82BX01
SN-004509SAS/SHARE secured server fails to honor host security file access 82BX01
SN-005204Nesting the %QLEFT function inside the %QTRIM function causes unexpected errors 82BX01
SN-005283External I/O performance degradation 82BX01
SN-005048Incorrect output results from PROC FORMAT with the MULTILABEL option 82BX01
SN-004316WHERE returns incorrect number of observations 82BX01
SN-005243CALL EXECUTE may truncate or repeat generated code 82BX01
SN-005631$EBCDIC informat uses incorrect translation table (DBCS compliant version only) 82BX01
SN-004992Interrupting and cancelling a DATA step replaces exiting data set 82BX01
SN-005655SAS loops when the X server is terminated 82BX01
SN-005744WHERE statement returns incorrect results 82BX01
SN-004633"Error: The yieobtn function is not supported by the SASE7 engine" might appear when you examine remote SQL views via the SQL dictionary table 82BX01
SN-005975ERROR: Macro variable name & must start with a letter or underscore 82BX01
SN-006109Exiting SAS within a macro window causes an infinite loop 82BX01
SN-006963Values within %SYSFUNC on a %DO loop are incorrectly uppercased 82BX01
SN-006566SAS SHARE server abends with S0C4 in VSRACR1 82BX01
SN-006847COMPRESS=BINARY may cause problems 82BX01
SN-007013ERROR: Read Access Violation In Task ( SAS/EIS ] Exception occurred at (630133A0) 82BX01
SN-007001Missing semicolon on a %LOCAL statement causes system specific errors 82BX01
SN-007193"Erroneous internal condition encountered" when using SAS/SHARE 82BX01
SN-007983Effective group id not honored properly on UNIX 82BX02
SN-007953SAS/SHARE server fails after multiple client attempts to update data set 82BX02
SN-006932Floating exception(coredump) produced when division by 0 occurs on Tru64 82BX02
SN-008119Error message generated when creating a V6 SAS data set from a DBMS table containing a character column greater than 200 bytes 82BX04
SN-004165Catalog becomes corrupted leaving header information unreadable 82BX04
SN-008571Potential performance improvements for SAS batch jobs that create large *.log or *.lst files 82BX04
SN-008902Segmentation Violation or other abend possible when running SAS macro code from within Risk Dimensions 82BX04
SN-008911Macro causes errors when tokenizer reads past an end of line 82BX04
SN-008919WHERE with user-written informat produces incorrect results 82BX05
SN-009155Lack of transcoding support for GBK charset causes failure from jdbc 82BX05
SN-009349Errors from EFI, PROC IMPORT, or PROC EXPORT following hot fix installation 82BX05
SN-009294Long character value may not be visible in the FSVIEW window 82BX05
SN-009299PROC UNIVARIATE may abend with the PLOTS option and BY statement 82BX05
SN-009625PROC TRANSPOSE produces errors when VALIDVARNAME=V6 is specified and 82BX04 HotFix is applied 82BX05
SN-010150Interrupting a SAS process can result in compromised data integrity 82BX07
SN-010057"ERROR: I/O error has occurred" when using SASFILE statement on Tru64 82BX07
SN-011025X Windows server disconnection leaves a defunct process on UNIX systems 82BX08
SN-011148PROC APPEND Abends with S0C4, U2096, Segementation Violation, Stack Overflow or Read/Write Access Violations in Task Append 82BX08
SN-011219Error condition not trapped when 2K byte parameter limit of SAS/Integration Technologies Stored Process facility is exceeded 82BX08
SN-011250SAS/CONNECT's WAITFOR _ANY_ statement only waits for asynchronous processes 82BX08
SN-012376SURVEYSELECT may produce incorrect results 82BX09 *
SN-012745$EBCDIC. informat does not produce correct results in SAS 8.2 82BX09 *
SN-013275DATETIME() function might return incorrect values over Daylight Savings cutovers for long-running processes such as SAS/SHARE servers 82BX09 *
SN-006334Ending from Output window may return to Program Editor instead of the AF window 82BX09 *
SN-008832SAS code in SUBMIT block may suspend execution 82BX09 *
SN-007336Program Editor window may display on top of fullscreen window 82BX09 *
SN-013577WHERE clause returns incorrect results with overlapping ranges 82BX09 *
SN-012911Ending from Output window may change execution order of AF windows on UNIX 82BX09 *
SN-004499The UNIX and PC Spawner program using the -INHERITANCE option causes VQTCP FATAL ERROR messages 82BX01
SN-010354ERROR: Administrator permission denied 82BX07
SN-011759WSAECONNREFUSED when using SAS Connect in 3270 Full Screen Mode (TN3270) 82BX09 *
SN-004241PROC SQL may return incorrect number of observations when using unique index 82BX01
SN-003976Inconsistent results returned from the PROC SQL pass-through facility versus the LIBNAME Access engine 82BX01
SN-005899PROC SQL set operators UNION and OUTER UNION CORRESPONDING return the wrong number of rows when used with subqueries 82BX01
SN-005712ERROR: where clause processing could not obtain memory 82BX01
SN-006247Reflexive join operations which execute successfully using the SQL procedure in previous releases of SAS fail in Release 8.2 82BX01
SN-006274Error: sqlplan internal error: cannot find symbol RIFNOTE, var=1 tag=3 occurs using SQL view 82BX01
SN-006741PROC SQL syntax errors occur when using SET operators UNION and/or OUTER UNION CORR within subqueries 82BX02
SN-004536PROC SQL UPDATE statement may use excessive CPU time 82BX02
SN-006773Calls to the CONSTANT function can cause READ ACCESS violations in PROC SQL 82BX02
SN-004451Query submitted to DBMS may generate incorrect results 82BX02
SN-006403"ERROR: Invalid position -2147483308 for utility file" may be issued when using PROC SQL against SAS/ACCESS SQL views 82BX02
SN-006582Opening a PROC SQL view twice using %SYSFUNC(OPEN()) causes SAS to terminate and the Display Manager windows to disappear 82BX02
SN-006768Incorrect results from PROC SQL when a query contains the UNION operator and subqueries 82BX02
SN-006624SQLPLAN Internal Error occurs when grouping by variable created by subquery 82BX02
SN-006772Incorrect results from PROC SQL when UNION operator used in a subquery 82BX08
SN-005608SQL views cannot be used with procedures that do multipass processing 82BX02
SN-005808PROC SQL ORDER BY uses additional disk space to cache intermediate utility file 82BX01
SN-006829SAS 8.2 PROC SQL appears to loop when using multiple reflexive join references 82BX02
SN-007824Incorrect implicit pass-through SQL can be generated from PROC SQL queries leading to incorrect results 82BX02
SN-007820Dataset options IDXWHERE and IDXNAME available for use with PROC SQL 82BX02
SN-007319Downloading a SAS Version 6 data set using the V6TRANSPORT option may corrupt data 82BX02
SN-007829PROC SQL query containing boolean logic can return incorrect results in specific cases 82BX02
SN-007827Segmentation violation produced from PROC SQL query containing subqueries where both a SAS data set and a DBMS table are referenced 82BX02
SN-007831PROC SQL join of a view and a SAS data set can return different results 82BX02
SN-007822Access violation or system abend when executing a PROC SQL direct join against an Oracle table 82BX02
SN-007636DISTINCT keyword in SQL subquery produces incorrect results or no results in SAS/ACCESS to ODBC or SAS/ACCESS to DB2 82BX02
SN-007826PROC SQL generates incorrect pass through code when there are multiple OR'd expressions in the WHERE clause 82BX02
SN-007871Password value is displayed in SAS log when defining an SQL view with a USING clause which contains a password parameter 82BX02
SN-008356Integer divide by zero error when displaying column with length of 32767 82BX06
SN-008314SASHELP.VTABLE displays data set labels unexpectedly 82BX06
SN-007222Outer join of two (2) DBMS tables via a LIBNAME engine with WHERE clause subsets may generate incorrect results 82BX06
SN-009491Implicit SQL Passthru may drop important parenthesis from WHERE condition 82BX06
SN-009727Aliased columns in SQL views which perform a simple calculation may lose part of the condition 82BX06
SN-009529Performing a COUNT or COUNT DISTINCT on a renamed column that is part of a view may result in performance degradation 82BX06
SN-008877Incorrect results or abends in PROC SQL working with shortened numerics 82BX06
SN-010745Part of join criteria is lost joining DBMS tables via LIBNAME engine 82BX08
SN-011220Numeric literals in an ON clause with outer join of some DBMS tables may not return correct results 82BX08
SN-011239Final WHERE clause not included in the SQL to be proccessed by the database when using the LIBNAME ACCESS engine 82BX08
SN-011210Incorrect results from PROC SQL using WHERE= option with indexed tables 82BX08
SN-011802"Error: sqlplan internal error" when joining a table with an inline view 82BX08
SN-012854Using LIBNAME engine may result in an incorrect query being generated 82BX09 *
SN-009514Accessing DBMS tables with column aliases defined via a view may prevent implicit pass-thru 82BX09 *
SN-012757SAS/ACCESS query may return incorrect results when duplicate variable names exist 82BX09 *
SN-012760Applying hotfix 82BB70 causes SQLPLAN Internal Error 82BX09 *
SN-004451Query submitted to DBMS may generate incorrect results 82BX02
SN-013656Using PROC SORT with the TAGSORT option causes a bus error or unaligned access messages 82BX09 *

82BX09 * Indicates fixes that are appearing in a bundle for the first time.

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