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SAS OpRisk Monitor 3.4.1

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341ORM02 was replaced by 341ORM12

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Issue(s) Addressed :Introduced:
SN-031026Latest revised target date for a SAS OpRisk Monitor 3.4 Issue is being populated with original target date341ORM01
SN-031034Originating User value is incorrect when adding losses or gains341ORM01
SN-031031Risk Instance detail gives "org.apache.jasper.JasperException", "java.lang.NumberFormatException"341ORM01
SN-030820Issues and Action Plans can be loaded as drafts instead of being automatically open341ORM01
SN-031032GUI screen does not display correctly when editing values for a risk instance341ORM01
SN-031030Unable to load Related Issues using SAS OpRisk Monitor dataload feature341ORM01
SN-031995Insufficient required privileges message, or item has been deleted message when adding, deleting, or editing recoveries after applying Hot Fix 2341ORM02
SN-031992Potential Loss Amount and Amount in EUR are not displaying in a consistent format341ORM02
SN-031133Unable to load Scenarios using the dataload feature341ORM02
SN-031136Unable to load completion date when using the dataload feature to load Issues 341ORM02
SN-031138Loading positions with SASŪ OpRisk Monitor's DATALOAD feature takes hours for only a few thousand records341ORM02
SN-031140Potential loss is not calculated when you click the Save button 341ORM02
SN-031706Unexpected loss event validation when working with losses, recoveries, and linking341ORM02
SN-031708Event is validated from the first work flow stage, even though the validator is at a later stage341ORM02
SN-031712Unable to hide business structure and financial tabs341ORM02
SN-031713NullPointerException when loading business structure 341ORM02
SN-031829Initial task list screen takes a long time to appear during logon341ORM03
SN-032912How to improve assessment performance using parameter monitor.riskAssesments.answerSheets.ignoreRoles341ORM04
SN-032875How to use the pre-compute and no-cache configuration options for performance improvements delivered with SASŪ OpRisk Monitor hot fix 4341ORM04
SN-032823SASŪ OpRisk monitor web application performs slowly341ORM04
SN-032848Scroll bar not sizing or scrolling correctly341ORM04
SN-032000Response time when using questionnaires in the SASŪ OpRisk Monitor web application is very slow341ORM04
SN-032846Insufficient privileges message when adding a recovery to a fully validated loss event341ORM04
SN-032847Action plan missing from task list341ORM04
SN-032845Out of memory errors occur when loading large volumes of data - possible data corruption341ORM04
SN-033298Some impact details are not loaded into SASŪ OpRisk VaR341ORM05
SN-033531Questionnaire Template and Questionnaires pages render incorrectly when editing an assessment341ORM05
SN-033303KRI's having multiple observations are loaded incorrectly when exporting data from SASŪ OpRisk Monitor into SASŪ OpRisk VaR341ORM05
SN-032850Text strings do not display in Russian, Polish or Ukrainian341ORM05
SN-033295Cannot enable customized (auxiliary) fields for assessments341ORM05
SN-033111Auxiliary option list is correctly populated for financial impacts and recoveries, but empty for the corresponding loss event 341ORM05
SN-033290Unable to configure email port setting341ORM05
SN-033304ALERT - KRI date is not correct when exporting files from SASŪ OpRisk Monitor to SASŪ OpRisk VaR341ORM05
SN-033302ALERT - KRI's not validated when exporting files from SASŪ OpRisk Monitor to SASŪ OpRisk VaR341ORM05
SN-033300Costs are marked as estimates instead of final cost when exporting files from SASŪ OpRisk Monitor to SASŪ OpRisk VaR341ORM05
SN-033297ALERT - Amounts for near misses are 0 for data loaded into SASŪ OpRisk VaR341ORM05
SN-033301Business line and risk category mapping data is missing when exporting files from SASŪ OpRisk Monitor to SASŪ OpRisk VaR341ORM05
SN-033292Target Completion Date must be on or after Action Plan Target Completion Date error incorrectly references deleted Action Plan341ORM05
SN-033502Resource, data corruption message when attempting to open Excel spreadsheet created from questionnaire export341ORM05
SN-033501Some Issue or Action Plan fields in the Web application are not long enough341ORM05
SN-033528NullPointerException when using adddata or addxlsdata341ORM05
SN-033750Database version error message occurs after running reinitDatabase.cmd or reinitDatabase.sh341ORM06
SN-034379An error message might occur when using the Define Thresholds screen from Risk Heatmap in SAS® OpRisk Monitor341ORM07
SN-034380Unable to filter a constrained financial impact for a loss event341ORM07
SN-034890Incorrect owners might appear on the user list when publishing an action plan in SASŪ OpRisk Monitor341ORM08
SN-036022An OpRiskFrameworkError exception occurs with the message "Not a Valid Number" when editing selected values on the Risk Instance screen341ORM09
SN-036270Cancel on Change Reason dialog gives ERROR [STDERR] no value for doneAsClose found on request 341ORM09
SN-033435Validators in workflow information list change stages of multi-stage work flow341ORM09
SN-036017ALERT - ERROR: "The assessment period is required" occurs when the Assessment Period is set as mandatory in validation.xml for a KRI observation341ORM09
SN-036018ALERT - A rejected workflow item does not go back to the originator341ORM09
SN-036019MESSAGE: "This page contains both secure and nonsecure items. Do you want to display the nonsecure items?" occurs when using the HTTPS protocol341ORM09
SN-036738ALERT - Financial impacts are not updated when using dataload feature341ORM10
SN-036718java.lang.IllegalArgumentException after trying to convert loss in auxiliary currency field341ORM10
SN-036739Unable to target specific workflow stage when loading loss events341ORM10
SN-035372The task list shows duplicate entries during a workflow assessment 341ORM11
SN-035717The MonitorAnswerSheets and ScenarioAnswerSheets data loaders take a long time to run341ORM11
SN-041702A "This item has been edited by another user." message appears when adding a loss to a fully validated loss event341ORM12
WindowsReleased: Dec 2010
Install Instructions: 341ORM12wn.pdf
Download: 341ORM12 for Windows   (file size: 80.2M)
Solaris 64bitReleased: Dec 2010
Install Instructions: 341ORM12s6.pdf
Download: 341ORM12 for Solaris 64bit   (file size: 102.6M)
AIX 64bitReleased: Dec 2010
Install Instructions: 341ORM12r6.pdf
Download: 341ORM12 for AIX 64bit   (file size: 111.6M)
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