SAS Institute TS: Hot Fixes for Additional SAS Products and Solutions

From: SAS Technical Support (
Date: Sun Aug 05 2007 - 09:11:57 EDT

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    New Hot Fixes are available on the Technical Support Hot Fix Web site for:

    SAS Drug Development 3.2
         Hot Fix: 32DRG02

    SAS Drug Development 3.3
         Hot Fix: 33DRG02

    SAS Foundation Services 9.1.3
         Hot Fix: 14JPS02*

    SAS Management Console 9.1.3
         Hot Fix: 913SMC04*

    SAS Activity-Based Management 6.3
         Hot Fixes: 63AB02, 63AB03, 63AB04

    SAS Web Olap Viewer 3.1
         Hot Fix: 31WEBOLAPVR06

    SAS Information Delivery Portal 9.1.3
         Hot Fix: 913WEBINFRAKIT07

    * Indicates that at least one new "ALERT" issue is addressed in this
      hot fix.

    A comprehensive list of all Hot Fixes is available at:

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Hot Fix download site,
    please send them to

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