SAS Institute TS: New Hot Fixes for SAS Release 8.2

From: SAS Technical Support (
Date: Fri Apr 01 2005 - 14:33:06 EST

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    BASE SAS Hot Fix Bundle 82BX09 is now available on the Technical
    Support Hot Fix Web site for SAS Release 8.2 (TS2M0).

    This latest bundle is an accumulation of previously released
    BASE SAS hot fixes and hot fix bundles. All fixes included in
    the bundle are also available for individual download.

    This bundle is NOT currently available for:
    Open/VMS Alpha (for Release 8.2 with Asian Language Support).
    We hope to have it available soon on these operating systems.

    For more information, please review the Release 8.2 (TS2M0) BASE SAS
    Hot Fix Bundle page:

    If you are running SAS with Asian Language Support (DBCS), please review
    the DBCS BASE SAS Hot Fix Bundle page:

    A comprehensive list of all Hot Fixes is available at:

    If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the Hot Fix download
    site, please send them to

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