SAS Institute Alert Note SN-014664

From: SAS Technical Support (
Date: Mon Feb 28 2005 - 10:31:40 EST

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     SAS Notes -- Copyright (c) 1991 - 2001 by SAS Institute Inc.

                            ***ALERT NOTE***

    SAS Note: SN-014664
    Product: ETS
    Component: DATASOURCE

    Calendar Date Field (Caldt) may be incorrect when using SASECRSP to access APERDES and QPERDES

    The Calendar Date Field (CALDT) may be incorrect when directly using the SASECRSP engine to access the Annual Period Descriptors Time Series
    (APERDES) and the Quarterly Period Descriptors Time Series (QPERDES) in the CRSP/COMPUSTAT Merged Database (CCM).

    In order to correctly access APERDES and QPERDES, always store the data in its own SAS data set by using the SAS DATA Step first. For example, if you want to perform a PROC PRINT on QPERDES for a specific company, you would use the following code. Note: gvkey=6066 identifies a specific company.

       /* Required. QPERDES data is only accessible as a SAS dataset */

       data qperdes_data;
         set libref.qperdes;

       /* Avoid using libref.qperdes or libref.aperdes directly */
       /* Use the SAS data set that was created */

       proc print data=qperdes_data;



    Reported Releases:
    +------------REPORTED------------+ +------FIXED-----+
    System Version Level Version Level

    Linux 9.1.3 SP2
    Solaris 9.1.3 SP2
    VMS/AXP 9.1.3 SP2
    WIN/NT 9.1.3 SP2
    Win2000DCServer 9.1.3 SP2
    Win2000Pro 9.1.3 SP2
    Win2000Server 9.1.3 SP2
    Win2003Server 9.1.3 SP2
    WinXP 9.1.3 SP2

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