SAS Institute TS: New Hot Fix Releases

From: SAS Technical Support (
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 12:24:43 EST

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    A New Hot Fix is available on the Technical Support Hot Fix Web
    site for SAS Release 8.2 (TS2M0).

    The latest SAS Release 8.2 (TS2M0) Hot Fix is for:

    SAS/GRAPH (Windows only)

    For more information, please review the Release 8.2 (TS2M0) Hot Fix
    "What's New" page:

    No Asian Language Support (DBCS) hot fixes were released this week.


    New SAS Release 8.2 (TS2M0) Hot Fix Bundles are also available for:


    For more information, please review the "Locate Hot Fix Bundles"
    section of:

    Please note - All hot fixes included in the bundles are available
    for individual download.


    A comprehensive list of all Hot Fixes is available at:

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