SAS Institute Alert Note SN-008611

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Date: Thu Nov 21 2002 - 09:01:12 EST

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    SN-008611 ***Alert Note***

    Haplotype frequencies and linkage disequilibrium measures in PROC ALLELE
    may be incorrectly reported

    Product: SAS/Genetics
    Component: ALLELE procedure
    Priority: ALERT

      When the HAPLO=EST option is specified in the PROC ALLELE statement
      along with at least one of the linkage disequilibrium measure options
      (CORRCOEFF, DELTA, DPRIME, PROPDIFF or YULESQ), estimates in the "LD
      Measures" table may be incorrect for a particular marker pair. This
      will be evident when at least one haplotype frequency for that marker
      pair is estimated to be greater than the frequency of either allele
      comprising that haplotype.

      There is no circumvention for this problem.

      sas genetics proc allele haplotype frequency linkage disequilibrium
      correlation coefficient lewontin d dprime delta yulesq propdiff incorr
      incorrect wrong greater one
      haplotype frequencies and linkage disequilibrium measures in proc allele
      may be incorrectly reported
      008611 8611

    SAS Note Revised On: Fri, 18 Oct 2002

    System Version Reported Version Fixed

    AIX 64 bit 8.2 TS2M0 9.1
    AIX/6000 8.2 TS2M0 9.1
    Compaq Tru64 UNIX 8.2 TS2M0 9.1
    HP-UX 64 bit 8.2 TS2M0 9.1
    Linux 8.2 TS2M0 9.1
    Solaris 8.2 TS2M0 9.1
    Solaris 64 bit 8.2 TS2M0 9.1
    Windows NT 8.2 TS2M0 9.1

    No Fixes Available

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