SAS Note V6-IML-H005

From: SAS Technical Support (LISTSERV@VM.SAS.COM)
Date: Mon Mar 11 2002 - 07:58:44 EST

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    V6-IML-H005 ***Alert Note***

    CALL SVD, GINV and HOMOGEN functions may return incorrect results

    Product: IML
    Component: IML
    Priority: ALERT

      In some instances the results returned by CALL SVD and the GINV
      and HOMOGEN functions may be incorrect. To see if you are at risk for
      encountering this problem, use the following check:

         PROC IML;
            START SVDCHK(A,U,S,V);
               SSA=SSQ(A); SSS=SSQ(S);
               IF MAX(ABS(A-B)) > EPS * MAX(ABS(A))
                  | MAX(ABS(U`*U)-I(N)) > EPS
                  | MAX(ABS(V`*V)-I(N)) > EPS
                  | ABS(SSA-SSS) > EPS * MAX(SSA,SSS)
               THEN DO;
                  PRINT 'Problem Encountered', A;
               ELSE DO;
                  PRINT 'OK';
               END; RETURN;

      iml incorrout incorrstat call svd incorrect

    SAS Note Revised On: Fri, 8 Mar 2002

    System Release Reported Release Fixed

    AIX/6000 6.12 TS020
    HP-UX Operating Systems 6.12 TS020
    IBM OS/2 6.12 TS020
    Solaris 6.12 TS020
    OpenVMS Alpha 6.12 TS020
    Windows 3.11 6.12 TS020
    Windows NT 6.12 TS020
    Windows 95 6.12 TS020
    Compaq Tru64 Unix 6.12 TS040
    Macintosh 6.12 TS040

    No Fixes Available

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