The 2002 SASware Ballot is now available

From: SAS Technical Support (LISTSERV@VM.SAS.COM)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 10:37:26 EDT

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           *** IT'S SASware BALLOT TIME AGAIN! ***

                    LET THE VOTING BEGIN!

    The 2002 SASware Ballot is now available on the SAS Web

    Votes for the 2002 SASware Ballot must be received at SAS by
    January 4, 2002.

    The 2002 SASware Ballot survey is provided as a form. If your
    Web browser supports forms, you can complete the Ballot and
    submit it directly from there.

    If you are unable to submit your votes via a Web browser, you
    can either view or download the text version of the Ballot and
    the tally sheet, and email the completed tally sheet to:

    If you prefer not to respond electronically, you may print the
    tally sheet and send by standard post to:

       SAS Institute Inc.
       SASware Ballot Survey
       SAS Campus Drive
       Cary, NC 27513-2414

    Please remember your vote must be received at SAS Institute by
    January 4, 2002 in order for your votes to be counted. If you
    have questions concerning the SASware Ballot, contact the
    Technical Support Division at SAS from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    Eastern time at 919-677-8008. Please indicate that you have a
    question concerning the SASware Ballot.

    We value your opinions and ideas, and look forward to receiving
    your SASware Ballot entry each year! If you have suggestions
    for next year's ballot, we encourage you to submit your ideas
    by either calling SAS Technical Support at (919) 677-8008 or
    emailing your suggestions to:

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