Problem Corrections Notice for Release 8.2 (TS2M0) of the SAS System for Windows, NT & 2000

From: SAS Technical Support (LISTSERV@VM.SAS.COM)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 10:01:20 EDT

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    Problem Corrections Notice for Release 8.2 (TS2M0) of the SAS System
    for Windows, Windows NT, Windows 2000

    We have recently identified the following problem, which you will
    encounter in Release 8.2 (TS2M0) of the SAS System for Windows,
    Windows NT, Windows 2000. Circumvention for this problem is available
    and outlined below.

    Base SAS Software - System Install

    Installing Release 8.2 of the SAS System without first de-installing
    previous releases of Version 8 of the SAS System may prevent the
    Release 8.2 copy of the TMPLMST.SAS7BITM file in the SASHELP library
    from replacing the older copy of this file. The TMPLMST.SAS7BITM item
    store is the location for the default templates shipped with the SAS

    In Release 8.1, this problem will occur when you have RMB clicked on
    the Results node to bring up a template browser. When this method is
    used to bring up the template browser, the date of the
    TMPLMST.SAS7BITM file is modified incorrectly. If this method was
    used after January 30, 2001, the TMPLMST.SAS7BITM file from the
    previous release of the SAS System is not replaced because its date is
    then greater than the Release 8.2 copy of the TMPLMST.SAS7BITM file.

    This problem may also lead to data integrity issues. Any procedure or
    product that utilizes an SAS-supplied template may produce incorrect
    output as a result.

    The problem may also occur if PROC TEMPLATE has been used to alter the
    TMPLMST.SAS7BITM file in the SASHELP library. Modification of the
    file in this manner is unsupported. The preferred method is to store
    user-created or modified templates in an alternate library.

    To verify that you have the correct version of the TMPLMST.SAS7BITM
    file, go to the Results window, right click on the word Results, and
    choose Templates from the pull-down menu. In the Templates window,
    click on SASHELP.TMPLMST in the left-hand panel. The contents of
    SASHELP.TMPLMST should be displayed. If you see a folder called
    Tagsets, the Release 8.2 installation copied the item store correctly.
    If you do not see a folder called Tagsets, you are accessing the item
    store from a previous SAS release.

    SAS Note SN-004667
    documents this problem.

    Technical Support strongly suggests that you install hot fix 82BA01 to
    address this problem. Hot fix 82BA01 can be downloaded from:

    This hot fix must be applied to all Server and Personal (stand-alone)
    installations at your site. Client installations are not affected by
    this problem.

    Should you need assistance with the software, we ask that only the SAS
    Installation Representative or the SAS Support Consultant call our
    Technical Support Division. Sites in the U.S. and Canada may call
    (919) 677-8008, Monday through Friday.

    We regret any inconvenience these problems may have caused.
    Thank you for choosing the SAS System.

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